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More Than Ice-Cream: A Sweet Tooth’s Guide to Frozen Treats

Frozen treats — particularly ice cream — are for every emotion and every season. Whether it’s cold, you’re sad, it’s sunny or you’re mad, a frozen treat is sure to leave you happier than it met you.

Most of the time, when people think ‘frozen treats’, they think ‘ice cream’. At best, they’d think ‘frozen yogurt’. Contrary to popular convictions, there are a myriad of frozen treats available to tickle your taste buds at any given point in time.

Does ‘sorbet’ or ‘sherbet’ sound familiar? Does ‘gelato’ ring a bell? Here’s a guide to some of the most popular frozen treats the world of sweets has to offer:

Frozen Custard

Frozen Custard is a super creamy treat which bears a lot of semblance to Ice Cream — save for the fact that it has an egg yolk base. According to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), frozen custards have to contain at least 10 percent milkfat and 1.4 egg yolk solids per weight. These treats are commonly found in the Midwest or South of the USA

Froyo from Pinkberry

Froyo from Pinkberry

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yoghurt — often called ‘Fro-yo’ by annoying people — has become increasingly popular as the years have gone by. While there is no FDA-approved definition to frozen yogurt, these treats are notably lower in fat than classic ice cream. Their tart flavour sets them apart from many frozen treats. Sweet Kiwi and Pinkberry have carved a nice little niche for themselves with Frozen Yogurt.


Gelato means ‘ice cream’ in Italian. However, gelato, as we know it, is pretty different from what we recognise as ice cream. Just like ice cream, gelato has a custard base. It varies from ice cream in the sense that gelato is denser. This can be attributed to the fact that it has less air churned into it during the freezing process. Gelatos contain less milk fat and no egg yolk, as well. Also, gelato is traditionally served at temperatures warmer than ice cream. This gives it a softer, glossier texture. Hans & Rene serves gelato (and sorbet) not ice cream.

Gelato from Hans & Rene

Gelato from Hans & Rene

Ice Cream

A favourite across the globe, ice cream is pretty straightforward in definition. According to the FDA, any frozen treat that contains more than 10% milk fat is deemed ice cream. Milk fat percentage aside, the treat must also be churned during freezing and be sweet.

With ice cream, feel free to get adventurous with flavours, toppings and everything in between.


Sorbet is the perfect frozen treat for individuals who are either lactose intolerant or do not fancy dairy — vegetarians. Sorbet is made with water, fruits and sugar. The mix is churned in an ice cream machine, which gives it its unique texture but it contains no dairy whatsoever.

Ice Cream from Ice Cream Factory

Ice Cream from Ice Cream Factory

Sorbet is usually as a palette cleanser.


Sherbet is the lovechild of ice cream and sorbets. At the core, sherbet and sorbet are very similar. They are both made with fruit and sugar. Sherbet takes it up a notch by with the addition of milk milk. The milk fat percentage is kept at minimal levels — less than 3%.


Slushies — or however you choose to spell them — refer to frozen carbonated drinks. Think Coke or Fanta when it’s been kept in the fridge and it forms those little flavoured icicles.

Professionally, these are made by churning these beverages while frozen. The churning takes place in a machine that doubles as a dispenser.

Granita (Italian Ice)

Granita is very similar to sorbet. They contain the same ingredients — fruit base, sugas and water. The only difference between granita and sorbet is the texture. While sorbets is smooth, granita has a rough, loose texture, which leaves them looking like icy flakes.

Sweet Treats for a Sweet Girl at #EatDrinkAbuja

The EatDrinkFestival is an annual food festival proudly organized by the team. An ever-evolving event, the festival is aimed at connecting food vendors and celebrity chefs with aspiring chefs and individuals who simply have a fine taste for food. For most of its existence, the Festival had only been available to the residents of Lagos. Last weekend, however, things took a historical turn with the first ever #EatDrinkFestival hosted in Abuja!

A few members of the team and I made our way to Nigeria’s capital city last weekend. While other team members were choked with organisational duties and the smooth running of festival activities, I was in Abuja for one simple mission; Eat, Drink, Repeat. I did exactly that.

Food festivals are glorious. Being surrounded by pleasant aromas, a myriad of flavours and people who are just excited about food as you are is absolutely uplifting for the spirits. At the festival, 20 food and drink vendors dished out their finest and as always, I picked a thing or two I’d like to write about. I visited as many vendors as I could and now, I will be telling you why I will either find their home addresses or erase them from my memory, Dumbledore style. Over the next couple days I’ll be telling you about my favorite vendors at the Festival.


Buttercream Abuja

Build Your Own Cupcake: Chocolate Cupcake, Maltesers, Caramel Popcorn and a Shot of Baileys


Buttercream Abuja happens to be the first vendor I tried at the festival. While everyone made a beeline to Cocktailville n Chops, I decided to start off sweet. One of the things that drew me to Buttercream’s stand was the giant pink balloon arch. It was so cute!

The owners were especially friendly, offering me a bit of their Nutella Banana Bread as a sample. It was absolutely delicious. That’s a lot coming from me because I would usually never put banana bread in my mouth.

I had the option of having a regular cupcake and building my own personalised treat. I decided to go with the latter. A chocolate cupcake, Maltesers, Caramel popcorn and shot of Baileys later, I was in my happy place.

Biting into the cupcake, I felt like I was biting into a fresh cloud. It was fluffy, moist and its sweetness was thoroughly balanced. The creaminess of the Baileys complimented the taste of the chocolate so well while the Maltesers and Caramel popcorn added a bit of crunch to the smooth, fluffy texture. Overall, this was a win.


I absolutely loved them! Between their amazing customer service and the even more amazing cupcake, I can’t decide what got me the most. Would recommend to everyone I’ve ever met.


Cookies and Cream Yoghurt, Cashews and Cookies (Toppings)


I visited the Yogurberry stand a bit late, so they’d run out of a couple of froyo flavours. Bummer! I feel like the vendor understood my pain because he looked sadder than I was telling me they only had a few flavours left. Of the ones available, the Cookies & Cream caught my fancy so I decided to try that out. For the toppings, I went with cashew nuts and chocolate chip cookies. The game was set.

The yoghurt was a flavour overload! The cashews provided a twist to the sweetness of the yoghurt and cookies. I have a sweet tooth but I don’t particularly fancy overwhelmingly sweet treats. This frozen treat kept its sugar levels friendly. On the matter of texture, the yoghurt was smooth and silky. I really enjoyed eating this.


Yogurberry is doing an amazing job with frozen yoghurts. Unfortunately, they don’t have branches in Lagos so I can’t pop in at will.


Waffle Stop

Waffle Pops – Waffles with chocolate and caramel syrup, coconut flakes and crushed Oreos


Taking a walk through the festival, my nose picked up on the most delightful thing and I absolutely had to trace the scent. That’s how I found myself at Waffle Pops. Waffles are a personal favourite so I took no time in ordering.


The vendor at the Waffle Pops stand had to be one of the bubbliest people I’ve ever met. I loved her energy. The base dish was the waffle which could then be topped with an assortment of syrups and candies. I decided to go for chocolate syrup, coconut flakes and crushed Oreos. The bubbly lady was nice enough to drizzle on some extra caramel syrup and that made me pretty happy.

Let me tell you when I bit into this waffle, I caught a glimpse of paradise. It was warm, super soft and fluffy! It’s almost as if the waffle melted in my mouth. I can’t put into words the joy I felt eating this waffle. It was perfect. While making notes on all the things I’d tried, the only reaction I could muster on this was a ‘whoa!’ That’s exactly how I felt. That is still how I feel. I’m still shook!


I want to be adopted by the owner of waffle pops and fed waffles everyday in an air-conditioned room while watching Rick and Morty. If my waistline breaks up with me because of these waffles I won’t even be mad. Transitioning from an hour-glass to a blob shouldn’t be too hard. Round is a shape, right?

A Game of Cones: Winter Finally Came

Going into Game of Thrones, I’m not sure what I expected. I’d previously glimpsed a few scenes while visiting my friend Lawrence but the series never really stuck. If I remember correctly, the first scene I ever watched was the beheading of Ned Stark and I was beyond shook! What a way to begin!

Sometime during my third year in university, I decided to give Game of Thrones a try. Everyone around me seemed to be watching the series at the time and curiosity had finally gotten the better of me. I wanted to understand why people were calling themselves Khaleesi’s, why the whole world seemed to have a fit when this dude named Jon Snow died and why the phrase ‘winter is coming’ meant so much to people. I mean, winter would come inadvertently right? It’s a season and they come every now and then. Oh, I was so naïve.

Game of Thrones broke my neck. I’d been told it was a whirlwind of a series – and frankly speaking, I’d seen the beheading of a character previously – but I did not expect up to half of what I was beholding. It’s a story so masterfully written, full of wicked twists and turns, sprinkled with politics, fantasy and best of all, vengeance. I wish someone had told me not to pick a favourite character!

As season 7 drew to a close, a little bird whispered to me. This bird did not have good news. I had just found out I would have to wait two years to watch the season finale of the series. I wanted to fight. Two full years? Do you know how much can change in two years? I could finally join the Fit Fam, I could decide to go Buddhist again or I could even be dead in that time. Not to be dramatic or anything but even worse still, I could be married! The years – as expected – flew by and when Game of Thrones returned to prime time television, I was beyond ecstatic.

The return of Game of Thrones to television sparked a movement for many commercial scale businesses. Almost everywhere you look, you’re sure to find something that’s on theme or inspired by the series.

Game of Thrones Mountain Dew? Yes

Game of Thrones Oreos? Yup, we got that too

White Walker by Johnnie Walker? Most definitely

Lagos got in on the Game of Merch action too Hans & Rene had a selection of Game of Thrones themed treats, it was too good an opportunity to pass up. I immediately knew I had to swing by. Winter was finally here and it clearly came for my taste buds. Take a look:  


Petyr Baelish

Petyr Baelish – or Littlefinger as he was commonly called – has to be the craftiest man in the seven kingdoms. Creating a flavour to capture the diverse personas Lord Baelish portrays is no easy feat.

Petyr Baelish is a berry salted butter caramel. The combination of these flavours is true to who Lord Baelish was. Sweet in words, salty in actions and ready to butter you up for the slaughter.

Personally, I don’t enjoy caramel but the unique blend of sweet and salty gave the treat an unexpected kick.


Ser Brienne of Tarth

A blond chocolate gelato for our blond knight. Ser Brienne of Tarth is a blond chocolate gelato infused with intense biscuit flavours and caramelised milk. Akin to the series, Ser Brienne of Tarth is Hans and Rene’s first ever blond chocolate gelato. Three cheers for Brienne, the bringer of beginnings!

I enjoyed many things about this flavour but my favourite thing would have to be the texture. I absolutely love how creamy gelatos are. It had a thickness that wasn’t overwhelming. Its sweetness was delicate and enjoyable.



Putting a flavour to Cersei must’ve posed a challenge for Hans and Rene. How do you create a sweet treat inspired by pure evil? The connoisseurs of the sweet life did not disappoint with Cersei.

Cersei is a mint ice cream decorated with shards of chocolate. If you ask me, the mint ice cream is the real evil here.

Mint ice cream is a bit of an acquired taste for me. The sharp taste of the mint was balanced out by the sweetness offered by the chocolate. It didn’t taste like sweetened toothpaste – like some mint flavours I’ve come across in the past. Honestly, I could say I enjoyed it just a little.


Lord Varys

I love Lord Varys. Varys is easily one of my favourite characters from the series. He has all the tea in Westeros and beyond and is truly dedicated to the good of the realm. What’s not to love? This flavour, that’s what.

Lord Varys is a banana gelato with layers of banana bread topped with caramel. I’m very sure this flavour would have been a hit if it could pass my throat. On my list of forbidden fruits, bananas have to be top 3. It’s one of those things I wouldn’t put in my mouth no matter the circumstance. They make me sick. Literally.

I’m particularly sad because this treat was created after a character I love and now, I’ll never be able to know what it tastes like. Tears.


Tyrion Lannister

The Lannisters love their wine. It’s no surprise that a flavour fashioned after our beloved Tyrion infuses the biggest part of Lannister culture in the seven kingdoms.

Tyrion Lannister is a Zobo Sorbet infused with red wine and cherries. Simply put, this flavour was divine. Red wine and sweet treats aren’t something which would usually come to mind. The balance between the sweet sorbet, slight tang of the cherries and red wine created an exotic blend of flavours.

In my opinion, this flavour should sit on the iron throne.


Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen is a fior de latte infused with pistachio and raspberry. ‘Fior di latte’ means ‘flower of milk’ or ‘milk flower’ as the case may be. It’s the purest form of gelato possible – all cream, no flavours or additives. Just sweetened pure cream.

The mother of dragons kept it sweet with the pistachios but packed a punch with the raspberries. Creating that balance between both flavours kept true to Daenerys’s nature. She’ll break your chains but she could burn you alive, you know.

Between its texture and sweetness, I’m still undecided on what I love best about this flavour. It’s lit.


The Night King

I’d come across the Night King at GT Food and Drink when I reviewed some sweet treats. The Night King is hands down one of the best flavours inspired by the series.


The Night King is a fior di latte gelato – just like Daenerys Targaryen. The Night King kept it sweet and smooth with its cloud like texture. If this is what the actual Night King was bringing to Westeros, I don’t think there would’ve been a war.

We Visited XO Bakery and Ordered EVERYTHING

FOLLY: So my greedy ass wanted to go to the new XO Bakery in Victoria but I needed to justify how we could use it to write a piece for the blog. We felt it'd be odd to like review a croissant or a piece of bread. 

NOSA: "The bread was soft. It'll be nice to dip in tea"

FOLLY: I came up with the brilliant idea to go in there and just order everything on the menu and rank them from our fave to least fave. 

NOSA: We tried *almost* everything. Hit a wall in the final stretch. 

FOLLY: My favorite thing is actually not pictured but it was the Hokkaido Milk Bread. It was the softest and fluffiest roll I've ever eaten.


Almond Croissant & Pain au Chocolat


FOLLY: The almond croissant was my second fave followed closely by the pain au chocolat. 

NOSA: The almond croissant was my favorite thing by miles. It's not as flaky as your regular croissant. You can actually eat this solo with nothing extra added on. In fact, adding anything extra will ruin it.

FOLLY: It really helped that both were fresh out of the oven and into our plates. You should always go to a bakery in the morning. 




FOLLY: If I wasn't lactose intolerant, this would have been my favorite thing I had at XO bakery. In fact, it was my favorite thing but it's just a shame the profiterole doesn't like me back. 

NOSA: Chef Alex said his favorite thing is watching people try to navigate the gooey-ness of the profiterole. It's the most delicious logistical nightmare ever. 


Nutella Donut


FOLLY: I like my donuts warm or at least room temperature, this was just a bit too cold for me and the nutella wasn't enough (I already told you I was greedy).

NOSA: At this point, I'd tapped out. The donuts are great, but they're not the best ones I've had in Lagos. Chocolat Royale holds that title. It's at that Hans & Rene level. Miles better than the one from the duplex that sells bread with yaji in Lekki.


Apple Tart


FOLLY: This is low on my list because I preferred the crust to the filling. 

NOSA: A shock because I'm usually the hater of fruits.


Raisin Muffin Loaf


FOLLY: I think I was full by the time we got to this one so I was mentally checked out. 

NOSA: I've completely forgotten how this tasted so I'm going to talk about the baguette. The baguette might destroy the roof of your mouth, but it makes a mean sandwich.

Eat.Drink.Lagos is Three!

To celebrate Eat.Drink.Lagos turning 3, we have a little gift for you guys:


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