Because Jesus Loves Us, Hans & Rene Just Launched Their Gelato Delivery Service

Easily the most exciting news today, Hans & Rene got an app. Even more important, H&R got delivery (VI/Ikoyi, for now). Super quick delivery if you’re in the delivery radius too.

There’s a serious conversation to be had about disruption and Ice Cream Factory, but I’m a bit too excited to think.

The app is on Android and iOS (the rest of you are razz and don’t deserve this goodness, jk jk). When you download the app, you input some basic, but super important info.

Ordering is pretty intuitive. To start, you select the category of deliciousness you want. I went with gelato because I wasn’t thinking too straight because of excitement. You select your flavour, number of scoops, and most importantly, you pay.

Yup, you pay within the app. Shouts to the guys at Paystack.

And the best part of all of this, I got my gelato in < 10 minutes.