We Visited XO Bakery and Ordered EVERYTHING

FOLLY: So my greedy ass wanted to go to the new XO Bakery in Victoria but I needed to justify how we could use it to write a piece for the blog. We felt it'd be odd to like review a croissant or a piece of bread. 

NOSA: "The bread was soft. It'll be nice to dip in tea"

FOLLY: I came up with the brilliant idea to go in there and just order everything on the menu and rank them from our fave to least fave. 

NOSA: We tried *almost* everything. Hit a wall in the final stretch. 

FOLLY: My favorite thing is actually not pictured but it was the Hokkaido Milk Bread. It was the softest and fluffiest roll I've ever eaten.


Almond Croissant & Pain au Chocolat


FOLLY: The almond croissant was my second fave followed closely by the pain au chocolat. 

NOSA: The almond croissant was my favorite thing by miles. It's not as flaky as your regular croissant. You can actually eat this solo with nothing extra added on. In fact, adding anything extra will ruin it.

FOLLY: It really helped that both were fresh out of the oven and into our plates. You should always go to a bakery in the morning. 




FOLLY: If I wasn't lactose intolerant, this would have been my favorite thing I had at XO bakery. In fact, it was my favorite thing but it's just a shame the profiterole doesn't like me back. 

NOSA: Chef Alex said his favorite thing is watching people try to navigate the gooey-ness of the profiterole. It's the most delicious logistical nightmare ever. 


Nutella Donut


FOLLY: I like my donuts warm or at least room temperature, this was just a bit too cold for me and the nutella wasn't enough (I already told you I was greedy).

NOSA: At this point, I'd tapped out. The donuts are great, but they're not the best ones I've had in Lagos. Chocolat Royale holds that title. It's at that Hans & Rene level. Miles better than the one from the duplex that sells bread with yaji in Lekki.


Apple Tart


FOLLY: This is low on my list because I preferred the crust to the filling. 

NOSA: A shock because I'm usually the hater of fruits.


Raisin Muffin Loaf


FOLLY: I think I was full by the time we got to this one so I was mentally checked out. 

NOSA: I've completely forgotten how this tasted so I'm going to talk about the baguette. The baguette might destroy the roof of your mouth, but it makes a mean sandwich.