Eat.Drink.Lagos Ethics Statement


Eat.Drink.Lagos will not accept any free meals from restaurants or their representatives unless these are items that are given to regular guests. Eat.Drink.Lagos will always strive for anonymity when reviewing restaurants. While a restaurant is under review, the Eat.Drink.Lagos team will refrain from revealing themselves to either chefs or restaurant owners. Eat.Drink.Lagos may attend media events and press previews, but will never accept compensation during the course of a regular restaurant meal.



Eat.Drink.Lagos will have advertisers on the site as they are a primary source of revenue. Eat Drink Lagos has an advertising team responsible for selling ad space on Eat.Drink.Lagos.  The editorial team at Eat.Drink.Lagos will not accept money or perks from any restaurant for a review, favorable or not. All content on Eat.Drink.Lagos is based on the editorial team’s discretion, not on the desire of the any company, advertiser, or PR firm. Eat.Drink.Lagos may publish sponsored content in the form of advertorials, but this content will be clearly labeled as sponsored.



The Eat.Drink.Lagos team may make appearances in a professional capacity at media events, but these appearances do not constitute an endorsement.