The ICF Dessert Party

FOLLY: This has come up a number of times Nosa is scared of little children. Well, not so much scared it's actually more like dislike. 

NOSA: “Hate” is the right word.

FOLLY: Ice Cream Factory on a Saturday is little kid central in fact there was a particular one that kept trying to charm him. 

NOSA: If you know me in real life, you know how I can’t stand badly behaved kids. Only ones I can tolerate are the ones related to me my blood. They get a pass, but the rest, nah. I think bad kids are a reflection of their parents. I see a kid running about yelling and causing ruckus, I automatically assume their parents are the adult version of that. I can comfortably say this because I was a great kid, ask my mum. 

FOLLY: Now that we have your attention, this past Saturday was our ICF Dessert Party or The Lunch Club XI. It was absolutely free to the guests and all we requested in exchange was their honest opinions of everything they were about to eat. 

ICF Menu.png

Yup, it was A LOT and only two people made it through the entire menu. Clearly they were born for this. 

NOSA: The real troopers. Shouts to them.

FOLLY: A big thank you to the owners of Ice Cream Factory who were absolutely gracious in hosting our group. Here's what everyone thought:


Apple Crumble

SB: The apple crumble never disappoints. I love the fact that there is a generous amount

M.O.O: Love the cinnamon thingy. It felt like I was taking granola with apple and ice cream


CUO: The crumble was fantastic. I like that is was crisp. I would have liked a little more apple and less sugar in the topping.

A.O: The apple was my favorite part. It had a lot of flavor. The crumble was a bit dry for me, could have used something extra in addition to the ice-cream.


OMA: The apple crumble was great. Good balance of apple, spices and granola. However, it lacked in presentation. It could have done with a drizzle of caramel sauce to finish, to make it look more inviting.

Caramel Crunch


CUO: I could take it or leave it

E.O: Really liked the crunchiness

Strawberry Sunrise

OMA: Good presentation, good ice-cream. Good all round really.

ANON: Looked pretty good and tastes good too! I liked the white chocolate flakes in it, it made it more interesting.


Cookie Monster


A: Loved this. Though I tasted a bit of salt, not sure why.


M.O.O: Tasted something salty in it and put me off. It looked very good though.

SB: The ice cream was really nice, but I wasn’t a fan of the biscuit and the whipped cream made it slightly overwhelming.


The Classic Waffle

M.O.O: I totally loved it. Maybe reduce the sugar in it a bit. Other than that it was awesome.

D.O.E: The waffle was sort of sugary, but the ice cream was alright.


CUO: I haven’t had a waffle in years. It was ok

A.O: No complaints here. I’ve been a fan of [ICF] waffles since the first time I came here.

Butter Pecan Waffle

CUO: The butter pecan is my go-to at ICF so I wasn’t disappointed.

E.O: Waffles were also too sweet and doughy.

A.O: First time having the butter pecan and love it! Some might find it too sweet but I actually like that.


A: The ice cream topping was nice. Loved the infusion of pecan

ANON: The butter pecan ice-cream was really nice but the waffle cost it some points.

Caramel Waffle Dream

SB: The ice cream was lovely. I really don’t like the waffles. At all. It’s too thick, like they used too much dough.



SB: I really liked the tiramisu.

A.O: Although I’m not a fan of tiramisu this was really good.


OMA: I was impressed with the tiramisu. Good layers and I like the chocolate shavings on the top. Mine was served a bit warm though. Should always be served chilled but besides that, I can’t fault it.

Red Velvet Cheesecake

M.O.O: Loved that the cheesecake was very moist. 8/10

A: 10/10

A.O: This was so good! I’ve had it a couple of time here and it never disappoints.


SB: The red velvet doesn’t taste like red velvet at all. I wasn’t a fan.

New York Cheesecake

M.O.O: Tastes heavenly; totally love it. 10/10

SB: I didn’t like it. It wasn’t bad, just not great.


A.O: One of the best I’ve ever had. Very Rich and decadent. Very impressed, would order again.

OMA: The cheesecake wasn’t bad at all. The cheese mix could be made a little sweeter though.

Strawberry Crepe

M.O.O: I loved it! Loved the presentation

A: Loved the plating! The crepe tasted sorta bland but the strawberry syrup made it better.


Chocolate Heaven



OMA: I’m usually not a fan of chocolate cakes but this was DIVINE. Kudos.

ANON: This totally blew my mind. SOO SOO GOOD. Definitely enjoyed this to most!


Now if you want to make your own opinions on any of these desserts, the Ice Cream Factory has two locations. One at Admiralty Way in Lekki Phase One and another at Circle Mall at Jakande Fifth Roundabout Lekki. Leave your review in the comments lol :)