Hans & René After Dark

You all know how much we love Hans & René. Like, Folly is lactose intolerant and we make it work somehow.  That's how much we love them. So when Niyi hit us up about Gelato Night, there was only one possible answer. 

Originally, we wanted to make a s'mores gelato with Bailey's but unfortunately that wasn't possible. Our liquor options were down to vodka, rum, and Kahlua. Vodka doesn't freeze (Absolut does, apparently) so that option was a no-go for us. We weren't really interested in making an awkward gelato-cocktail float. This left us with rum and/or kahlua, and guess what cocktail contains both rum AND Kahlua? A White Cuban. Perfect, yanno. 

Oh, we actually "made" the gelato. Well, Pablo did all the prep work and the fancy machines did the hard work, but yeah, we did stuff too. 

This whole thing was ridiculous fun. You guys have no idea. Big thank you to everyone who came out and Hans & René for having us over. We should start a petition to get Hans & René to make the EDL White Cuban is regular-ish thing at the gelataria.