Living The Sweet Life With Vanilla Bakehouse


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NOSA: Last Independence Day, VanillaBakeHouse had this special holiday offer on their Instagram.  

NOSA: Folly had been plotting on their donuts for a while now so I ordered them. 

FOLLY: Their pink boxes and Instagram pictures fully had me washed. 

NOSA: Since we didn't order off their regular menu, I did some sleuthing and got the full price list.

You're welcome.

FOLLY: It's not sleuthing because if you ask for it, they'll send it. 

NOSA: Smh, this guy

NOSA: The donuts don’t really travel well, i.e. it doesn’t look as good as it does on their Instagram. 

That said, it was passable.


FOLLY: I was very ehhh on the donuts. Too dense and a tad soggy (the cinnamon one). 

NOSA: A bit like a Mr. Biggs donut with fancy icing. Definitely not like that other place that sells you a loaf of bread with icing on it. 

FOLLY: The cupcakes and the cinnamon rolls, on the other hand, were awesome. Red Velvet, Vanilla, and Chocolate in that order. The chocolate cupcakes are in last place cause it wasn't a very rich type of chocolate cake. 


NOSA:The real star for me were the cinnamon rolls. They needed some heating up, but my God, they were so delicious when warm. I’ve had a couple cinnamon rolls in Lagos and these are easily the best I’ve had here. For like 2 minutes, I swore I was in front of a Cinnabon. 


FOLLY: The pictures definitely do not do the cinnamon rolls justice. 


NOSA: The cupcakes too were a fave. I’ll put this up there with The Sweetspot. Honey’s Cupcakes appears to have packed up so VanillaBakeHouse is a worthy replacement for me. 

FOLLY: I told you Honey's Cupcakes is on break, she'll come back soon. 


NOSA: I'm a fan. Not so much of the donuts, but definitely of cinnamon rolls and the cupcakes. So yeah, VanillaBakeHouse is my new jam.

FOLLY: Their cupcakes are really good and at a slight discount to most Lagos bakers, so it's a yes from me. 



Independence Day Offer - N6500



Yes,  they deliver. N1000