The Ice Cream Factory Dessert Party

FOLLY: This is probably never, ever going to happen again because it’s kinda bat shit crazy but we’re organizing a FREE Lunch Club at Ice Cream Factory and we'll be trying EVERY dessert they have.

NOSA: So yeah, you'll need your sweet tooth for this one.

FOLLY: I’d like to take credits for coming up with this idea and honestly the only that’s going to hold me back on Saturday is my lactose intolerance, but luckily you’re not me and hopefully you’re not a fellow sufferer.

ICF Dessert Party.jpg

NOSA: To enter,

  1. Follow Ice Cream Factory on Instagram by following their account and,
  2. Post a picture of your favourite dessert with the #ICFDessertParty hashtag in the caption.


FOLLY: Here’s a pro-tip, instead of scouring the world wide web for a picture to share on Instagram. You can find many dessert pictures on the ICF Instagram that you can use. Genius

NOSA: We'll announce our winners on Wednesday. Here's a look at the stuff on the menu

Good luck!