A New Dessert Café In Lekki

Update: This establishment has shut down.

Sweet Cravings Dessert Café

7B Hakeem Dickson Street, Lekki Phase I, Lagos.

0809 740 5050. 0803 336 0261

FOLLY: I feel this is going to be one of those reviews that the owner's friends fight me in the comments. This is because the owner is a wedding vendor, and so she probably knows a lot of people. 

NOSA: I don't know what she's talking about. This was a lovely visit. Sweet Cravings is in an adorable space. It's really the boy's quarters of a building but it's been set up so nicely that you don't even notice.

sweet cravings cafe lagos

FOLLY: We got invited here when they first opened but we couldn't honor the invitation as EDL doesn't accept complimentary food for review. We gave them some time to get established and then decided to pop in for our review. 

NOSA: On a related note, we can't accept complimentary food for review for obvious reasons. It makes things weird if we review. If the place is actually good, our readers might accuse us of bias. If the place is terrible, the owners might storm the comments and demand their free food back. I wrote our amazing Ethics Statement just because.

sweet cravings dessert cafe lekki

FOLLY: On our way here, I had planned to get the plain carrot cake but on arrival I didn't see it in the display case so I opted for a New York Cheesecake.

 NOSA: The cheesecake wasn't the best. It's like those ones you get at weddings. Like it's been made in bulk and kept in like a cheesecake warehouse. In other words, the cheesecake was shit.

sweet cravings desserts lagos

FOLLY: The cheesecake was very dry and crumbly which I think is a sign of an overdone cheesecake. I've had a lot of cheesecakes in Nigeria and beyond, so I think my tastebuds are qualified to make that call. The base wasn't bad though, so I separated it from the actual cheesecake and just ate that when I got tired. 

On the better cheesecakes I've had in Lagos, I had a really good one the other day at the restaurant where we will be having our next Lunch Club, shhh I can't say the name yet. Ice Cream Factory also has an amazing New York Cheesecake, it's very smooth. 

sweet cravings dessert caterer

FOLLY: When Nosa said he was getting the donut I just knew it was just one of those things that he just wanted to test their hands. 

 NOSA: Yeah, this wasn't my best idea. The donut tasted like glazed bread and I'll leave it at that.

FOLLY: If you remember Big Treat bread from back in the day, this tastes exactly like that. Perhaps someone in their kitchen brought with him/her,  their "transferable skill set". 

NOSA: To be fair, the Tiramisu ice cream was fantastic. I'd actually go back for that because I don't think there's any place in Lekki with Tiramisu ice cream. 


FOLLY: This is really a case of 'you get what you pay for'. It's at a discount to Ice Cream Factory and Hans & René, and both of those places pride themselves on using the highest quality ingredients, so yeah I see the alternative now. 

NOSA: Just go to ICF. It's not worth the calories.  




Donut - N300

Cheesecake - N1200

Ice Cream (scoop) - N400



Very limited, however, it's unlikely that it ever gets very busy that it becomes insufficient.