Catfish is Overrated

In honour of National Catfish Day, here’s how to maximize enjoyment while eating catfish.

Yes, “National Catfish Day” is an actual thing

So, you’ve just been served a plate of point and kill; here is a step by step way of making sure that you properly enjoy it.

  1. Carry the plate, hold it carefully to avoid spillage.

  2. Look for the nearest bin.

  3. Once you have sighted a bin, empty the contents of the plate into the bin.

I said what I said. Nobody should be eating anything as gross as catfish. Yes, I’m talking to you, Denise.

Before you vex, let me give you a list of fish that is actually consumable and won’t clog your blood vessels with too much Omega-6 fatty acids and cause problems in your body. Now, I’m not saying catfish is completely unhealthy, however, there are healthier options for a fishy diet if you insist.

Since, I’m obviously not biased, I'll tell you that catfish isn’t completely terrible. It’s quite affordable, contains minerals, vitamins like vitamin D which contains calcium, and we all know calcium turns bones into vibranium (science).

However, there are other species of edible fish that are way healthier (and tastier) than catfish. Health nuts and experts recommend:


I know you can’t exactly have mackerel in pepper soup, but it is a great substitute for catfish in other dishes. It is an oily fish, and oily fish has been associated with many health benefits like protection from cancer, lower risk of heart disease, and dementia. It has also been known to help with weight loss, as it (and other oily fish) contains omega 3 fatty acids which helps in reducing inflammation. It’s also very affordable, either fresh or canned.

So instead of going to the nearest point and kill joint, maybe grab a can of Geisha today to satiate that burning need.



Affordable, versatile and delicious, sardines pretty much share the same qualities as mackerel. They contain omega 3 acids, and we have already established the health benefits of fish that have that. Due to the fact that sardines only consume plankton, they do not contain the same amount of mercury that other fish do. Sardines are also a great source of vitamin B-12, which is really good news for the cardiovascular system and boosts energy to fight with your fellow Nigerians on the daily.



Though not as affordable as our previous takers, salmon is also an excellent source of protein, vitamin B, potassium (which helps in reducing the risk of stroke, and high blood pressure), and antioxidant astaxanthin - which is an agent in reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol, and many other health benefits. Not everyone can afford N5,000 for two fillets at Hubmart, so maybe save that for special occasions.



A personal favourite, croaker is absolutely delicious. From vitamin A to D, to B-2, and B-12 E, K, croaker has it all. Croaker is perfect, even for a protein diet. The nutrients it contains helps in boosting the immune system- due to the presence of vitamin B5, boosts energy- thanks to vitamin B1, promotes the digestive system, vitamin B9- helps in keeping the eyes, skin, kidney, hair. It also helps in balancing hormones, building muscle mass- due to the level of potassium in it. I could go on and on, but my point is, croaker is the greatest.

Did I also mention that it’s delicious?



Tuna is also a great choice containing amino acids, protein and our old friend, omega-3. The nutrients found in tuna fish helps to reduce the risk of cancer, strengthens bones, promotes weight loss, has the ability to boost the immune system, amongst other benefits.


So yeah, Catfish is not that great and believe me, there are plenty of substitutes. Let’s not forget that you could always opt out of the fish thing and go for other animals in the sea like octopus.

Finally, I’d like to reiterate: catfish belongs in the trash.

Sorry, not sorry.

Moët & Chandon Grand Day Returns to Lagos to Celebrate the Iconic Impérial!

Moët & Chandon is thrilled to announce its annual Moët & Chandon Grand Day, a day of sparkling celebrations around the globe where, for 24 hours, in 80 regions worldwide, friends and guests of the Champagne House will come together to raise their champagne glasses in a worldwide toast to the 150th anniversary of Moët Impérial, a global icon of celebration since 1869.


This year, the 4th  annual Moët & Chandon Grand Day, will continue its festive tradition with a grand lineup of events celebrating the epic journey of Moët Impérial which, from the world’s podiums to Hollywood’s red carpet, has marked personal & public milestones launching global celebratory traditions for 150 years. From day to evening and well into the night, Moët & Chandon will bring together over a million people from New York City to Ibiza and London to Tokyo, in a bubbling toast to its universal icon of celebration. 

The dress code is gold and glam for this event and it is is invite-only. However, a few tickets are set aside for purchase on Nairabox.

Wherever you live, wherever you travel, on June 22nd, you are likely to find a Moët Grand Day event, so seize the #MoetMoment and join the global movement!

Be sure to catch up with the #MoetGrandDay festivities!


Also, Uber is offering a 50% discount for the trips TO and FROM the event at #EkoPearlTowers. So guests should ensure to take advantage of that by simply applying the code: MOETGRANDDAYNG.


Founded in 1743, Moët & Chandon contributed to introduce champagne to the world by offering a range of unique wines for every occasion. From iconic Moët Impérial to the Grand Vintage Collection, from the extroverted Moët Rosé Impérial to the innovative Moët Ice Impérial, each champagne dazzles and delights with bright fruitiness, an enticing palate and an elegant maturity.
Moët & Chandon celebrates the thrill of living. With a bottle of its champagne opened every second around the globe, Moët & Chandon knows that every second is an experience, and every experience is a #moetmoment to live now.

Please drink responsibly


EDL Weekender: Godaif, Ethiopia and Moet

This honestly felt like the longest week of my life and I am very glad its over.



Here’s your playlist for the weekend


Godaif Village

Our big review for the week was Godaif Village and we had plenty good things to say about it. You should definitely check it out this weekend.

Highly recommend for the cheesecake. I can’t wait to try it again soon.
— Folly

Memories of Ethiopia at La Taverna

The Ethiopian pop up is back again this month and they’ll be at La Taverna.


Moet Grand Day

The French champagne house celebrates its 150th anniversary this weekend. If you have the Nairabox app, you can score a ticket.

Moët &Chandon is thrilled to announce its annual Moët &Chandon Grand Day, a day of sparkling celebrations around the globe where, for 24 hours, in 80 regions worldwide, friends and guests of the Champagne House will come together to raise their champagne glasses in a worldwide toast to the 150th anniversary of Moët Impérial, a global icon of celebration since 1869.

This year, the 4th annual Moët &Chandon Grand Day, will continue its festive tradition with a grand lineup of events celebrating the epic journey of Moët Impérial which, from the world’s podiums to Hollywood’s red carpet, has marked personal & public milestones launching global celebratory traditions for 150 years.From day to evening and well into the night, Moët &Chandon will bring together over a million people from New York City to Ibiza and London to Tokyo, in a bubbling toast to its universal icon of celebration.
— Moet PR

That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!

Tulip Bistro: An Abuja Institution

NOSA: Of all the Abuja restaurants we got tipped on, Tulip Bistro was perhaps the one we wanted to visit the most. We followed them on Instagram in the early EDL days and we’ve since longed for that Louisiana chicken pasta.

FOLLY: Longed!

I’ve tried to convince Nosa many times that EDL needed to pay for trips to Abuja to check out restaurants. The same way he always sends me a message after every Apple keynote to ask whether a new iPhone is a business expense. I digress.

NOSA: The space is a lot smaller than we expected it to be, but it added to the charm. It felt…cozy.

FOLLY: The clientele of Tulip Bistro is a reflection of the ownership (You can find out who that is from their Instagram page).

Nosa and I were outwardly different.

I was coming from one of our pre-festival meetings at the venue so my fitted t-shirt, palazzo pants, TOMS, and a backpack was in jarring contrast to many perfectly tailored up and downs, chiffon scarfs, and perfectly beat faces - I was a bit shy. Likewise, amongst the male guests, who were extremely few, Nosa and the waiters were the only men not wearing jallabiyas - including children. Nosa was wearing his typical shorts too. In hindsight, LOL.

I think our distinct otherness contributed to the service we eventually received.

NOSA: The menu looked like it hadn’t been updated in forever. Wait, what am I saying? It hasn’t been updated in ages. And I’m not talking about “wear and tear” on the actual menu. The items are exactly what I found on a Trip Advisor post from years ago.

FOLLY: And almost everyone in the restaurant was still ordering the same thing namely the Philly Cheese Steak Rolls and the Louisiana Chicken Pasta so who were we not to oblige…

To be honest, we wanted to order a couple more starters but of the four options on the appetiser menu, nothing else other than the Philly Cheese Steak Rolls was available. I really liked the Philly cheese steak rolls and would order it again assuming that the extreme saltiness was a big accident.


NOSA: The food took forever and when it finally came out, the waiter messed up the order. I ordered a steak and they brought me a chicken kebab.

FOLLY: Then he took it back and brought the chicken kebab again after 15 minutes. He then went again and came back like 20 minutes later with the correct item Nosa ordered and our starter (finally).

NOSA: People make mistakes so I guess we could've let that slide but the guy told us Folly’s pasta was ready and proceeded to not bring it for like another 30 minutes after I eventually got my correct main. Yes, my fixed order came before Folly’s pasta. Apparently, they decided to make her main again instead of bringing it out like promised.

FOLLY: Or gave it to one of the groups that arrived after us and got handed their Louisiana chicken pasta promptly.

NOSA: All of this would’ve been forgivable if the pasta was the best thing in the world, but it was just decent. Not great, just decent.

FOLLY: A bit salty too, just like the Philly cheese steak rolls. I see why some people can be purists on appropriate pasta shapes for different dishes. For me, ziti should be baked and not boiled and tossed in a sauce. When it’s baked it can stick to other pieces with the sauce and cheese for some chunky goodness. When it’s boiled it’s very smooth and a heavy sauce like the one used here just slides right off. The ridges in penne would have captured the sauce and helped it stick.


NOSA: Ordering the steak was definitely a big mistake on my part. As soon as I said I wanted it cooked “medium” and the waitress said they “don’t do sizes”, I should have aborted my mission at that very juncture. But, did I? No, I did not.

FOLLY: It was a very good laugh.


NOSA: The steak wasn’t a disaster but it was such a waste of money. They might have overdosed on the salt, but it tasted better than it looked. This is something that the cook you imported from the Benin Republic can make in your house. Definitely didn’t sit right with my spirit that I had to pay legal tender for it.


NOSA: It’s cheap and the pasta is good enough. Don’t order any steaks and there’s no alcohol on the menu.

FOLLY: The sandwiched looked decent.




T-bone steak - N9000

Philly Cheese Steak Roll - N2500

Louisiana Chicken Pasta - N5500

Corn, her children and all her grandchildren

In my family, legend has it that all my mother ate when she was pregnant with me was corn. That explains my fierce love for corn in all its forms and all the other things that can be derived from it.

Versatility is a quality I admire, even more so in food and corn hits a solid 90 on the scale of varied foods. From cornflakes to popcorn, to our locally made snack called Kokoro, this is an ode to corn in all her glory or Zea Mays according to binomial nomenclature (Yes, I was a biology nerd in secondary school).


Like most grains, corn is healthy; packed with vitamins, nutrients and fibre and antioxidants.

Corn can be prepared and enjoyed in many ways and a personal favourite is by roasting. The flavour of roasted corn has a distinct earthiness to it, which is quite different from its taste when it is boiled


Next, Popcorn. Popcorn is made from a particular variety of corn known as Zea Mays Everta; the only variety whose kernels has the ability to pop. it is made when the kernels are exposed to heat, which causes them to expand and pop into a delicious snack. It tastes much much better with butter, sugar or salt (shaking my head at anyone who eats popcorn with salt) but popcorn is apparently healthier when air-popped and unenhanced with sugar or/butter, but where’s the fun in that?

Another gem that corn has provided for us is a breakfast special in many Nigerian homes is pap. Pap has the consistency of custard and can be eaten much the same way - with milk, sugar or honey, like any other breakfast cereal. The process of making pap is a long, arduous one that includes soaking the corn kernels, leaving them to ferment, grinding them at a mill and sieving. It’s stressful

Ed Note: Folly has tried to make pap before, failed woefully.

Eko is a variation of pap, but it is usually made with white corn and is traditionally wrapped in leaves and eaten cold, unlike pap which is prepared with hot water.

Cornflakes is another offspring of corn was originally created by John Harvey Kellogg in 1894. As the name implies, kernels of corn are toasted to create this delightful (but honestly, boring) breakfast cereal.

Finally, one of my favourites snacks ever (outside of corn itself) is kokoro, a locally made crunchy snack made from frying corn flour.

I could go on and on, but corn  is undefeated and that is facts!