Easter 2019: Easter Brunch Ideas

An activity packed weekend looms over many individuals in Lagos. Families and friend groups are getting ready for one of the busiest weekends in the year: Easter Weekend. Easter is the one time of year that has a way of bringing family and friends together in celebration. For practicing Christians, it’s a commemoration of the crucifixion and resurrection of our dear Lord, Jesus Christ and for everyone else, it’s a long weekend that poses the opportunity to party at every corner.

If you’re really on it, you probably already have your weekend planned by the hour. If you are still at a loss for what to do with all the free time so generously given, I’d like to let you know that I’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of activities and specials you can look into to get your holiday groove on:

Shiro Lagos

Landmark Centre, Water Corporation Road, Victoria Island, Lagos

It would not be Easter without an Easter brunch. Oh, and church. That’s important too. This Easter, surround yourself with delicious food while creating moments that will last a lifetime at Shiro Lagos.

Brunch will be hosted on the 21st of April and kicks off by 12:30 PM.


Nok by Alara

12 Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Nok by Alara promises a fun-filled and family focused weekend! It’s a family day out!

An all day brunch combined with children’s activities such as an Easter egg hunt, Egg painting classes and a sand pit make Nok by Alara the place to be this weekend.

The family day out will be held on the 21st of April from 12-6 PM.


Hard Rock Café

The Landmark Village, Water Corporation Road, Victoria Island, Lagos

It’s all about the kids at Hard Rock this weekend.

For N5000, your child can enjoy a meal and myriad of activities. These activities include a live bunny/rabbit pit, cookie making, a treasure hunt and an Easter egg making contest. Hard Rock promises giveaways to kids as well!

Kid’s day takes off at 12:30 PM on the 21st of April.


The Lagos Continental

Plot 52 Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Fancy brunch at an even fancier hotel? Yes, please!

The Lagos Continental will be hosting a special Easter brunch on the 21st of April. At N15000 per head, individuals can enjoy this special Sunday brunch. Kids enjoy a 50% discount on the brunch fee and get to partake in other exciting activities such face painting.


HSE Gourmet

25 Babatope Bejide Crescent, Lekki Phase I, Lagos

Chef Nkesi is at it again! From the 20th to the 22nd of April, Chef Nkesi will be sprinkling some fairy dust on the menu at HSE gourmet! A few specials will be introduced to celebrate the season!

House Café

12 Victoria Arobieke Street, Lekki I, Lagos

Enjoy a special Easter brunch at the House Café this weekend! This brunch is so special, the House Café is having their very own Easter bunnies draw up a special menu for it.


Sheraton Lagos

30 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos

It’s an Easter double bill at the Sheraton this weekend!

On Easter Sunday, a special Easter brunch will be held at the Pumpkin Leaf Italian restaurant. At N16500 per head, diners enjoy the special brunch and get 20% off vouchers for their next visit to the restaurant. Kids under the age of 12 get in at half-price. The cost per head includes welcome drinks and non-alcoholic beverages. There’s also a scheduled egg hunt in which cool prizes can be won

On Easter Monday, individuals are welcome to attend the Easter Monday BBQ. At N11000 per head, diners enjoy limitless amounts of food and music. Children under the age of 12 are admitted at half-price.


Bonus Treats

My Coffee Lagos

If serenity is all that appeals to your senses this weekend, My Coffee Lagos might be the place for you. From the 19th to the 22nd of April, enjoy 15% discounts on all My Coffee products. The discounts are available in their VI and Lekki stores.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme has two special doughnuts in town this weekend! From the 19th to the 22nd of April, for every dozen of special doughnuts purchased, buyers get a dozen Original Glazed or Bran & Honey doughnuts for free!

This offer is also available via Jumia Food!

EDL Weekender: A Long Easter Weekend

We finally get a long weekend.


GidiFest is back this weekend also.



New playlist for the weekend!


A Seat at the Table

On Saturday, April 20, we are grabbing A Seat at the Table for our third culinary experience titled “The Last Supper.” Our honorary guest of the day is @officialarole and we are breaking bread at the table of brotherhood (and sisterhood) to discuss societal issues on religion.

*This 4-course menu is open to open to all, for all!
— The Yellow of Lagos

A Seat at the Table is a unique culinary experience for millennials in Lagos to bond over culture, communion, and conversation.

  • Chef: Chef Bobsy Umah, in partnership with Hans and Rene

  • Music: DJ Vvadaa

  • When: April 20, 2019 @ 2pm  

  • How Much: N20,000


Fregz A Porter Launch

Chef Fregz’ “affordable” line if officially official

For the last two years I have been thinking, testing and sometimes afraid to do this but this Easter Fregz A Porter is officially rolling out! Fregz A Porter is simply a delicious offering from the kitchen of Chef Fregz without delving too deep in your pockets to enjoy good food!
— Chef Fregz

What is Fregz A Porter?

Fregz A Porter is straight to the point delicious food using proper local to asian flavours. Fregz A Porter is here to deliver flavour, joy and happiness from our kitchen to your mouth and ultimately your soul!



Lanzerac Wine Tasting at La Pointe

If you’re up for some free wine and cheese this weekend, there’ll be a wine tasting at La Pointe supermarket on Saturday. It’s completely free and all you have to do is show up on time - 6pm.


Happy Hour @ Lagos Irish Pub


The NATIVE Presents…ROOTS Volume 1: “Rock, War & Funk”

This is the first in the a series of audiovisual showcases on West African music history. “Rock, War & Funk” will be an interactive timeline of Nigeria’s pre and post-wartime music and The NATIVE will be displaying licensed works and rare original showcases.

We’ve started the series as a direct answer to the increasing popularity of modern Nigerian music. As our sounds continue to travel, it’s so important to pay respects to those before us. For us to truly make progress and crystallise the genre, we have to remember our history, and present it to the new generation – it’s something that’s done very regularly and to a high level in Country Music and especially Hip-Hop, which explains their longevity. We want this to be like entering into a vault from the time period, and for young Nigerians to truly immerse themselves in our rich musical history
— Seni Saraki (Founder, The NATIVE)

Silent House Party by Silent Disco Lagos



Coachella, but for Lagos?


That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!

On Halal and Eating Out in Lagos

For a very religious country, you would think Nigerians - almost half of whose population is Muslim - would pay more attention to food that is halal and food that is haram right?

In case you were wondering what that means; Halal is an Arabic word for ‘permissible’ and as a concept applies to the life choices of practicing Muslims but is mostly used to describe certain food and drinks that the Islamic religion according to the Qu’ran deems consumable.

Haram, on the other hand, means ‘not permissible’. Haram food (amongst other things) includes certain meats that do not meet a certain requirement when being prepared; or some things that are just plain forbidden like alcohol and pork.

In countries like Australia and the UK, halal certification for food items and restaurants is imperative, which I think is a really good thing because a significant number of the population practices Islam. In Nigeria, however, halal certification is not a thing; but I think it should be.

Unfortunately, many things in Nigeria are not as they should be.

Think about it, as of 2017, 46% of Nigeria’s population is Muslim. I’m sure it’s a higher number now because of course: babies;  but I digress. Nigerian restauranteurs paying closer attention to what food is haram or halal could literally mean more profit for them…right?

And it would definitely help in making our Muslim brothers and sisters feel more included in our society.

Or maybe these restaurants do pay attention and I just haven’t noticed. I’m not Muslim, so I don’t exactly have to go around asking waiters if the chicken in my chicken and waffles is halal. I did hear that the Muslim community takes it upon themselves to investigate abattoirs to make sure that the method in which they slaughter animals is halal, so I guess someone’s paying attention.

Until recently, my knowledge of what is haram/ halal was limited to knowing that pork is haram (I know, no excuse). But as Ramadan creeps closer, I decided to expand my knowledge on haram and halal food,  and also (most importantly) find restaurants around Lagos that are halal, for our Muslim peeps who might be looking out for restaurants where they can have Iftar ( breaking of the Ramadan fast after sunset).

After I did some research, I kind of noticed that most of them are owned by Asian residents and it’s *maybe* another piece of evidence to show that Nigerians have not clocked this angle of increasing their profit margin- at least when it comes to Muslims living in Lagos.


Anyway, I promised you a list of a few Halal restaurants near you and so I’m going to get into it now.

I’ll start with Gurunar’s Viceroy located in Victoria Island. Viceroy is owned by Indians, and they offer both Indian (obviously) and Nigerian food. They have meat options for meat-eaters like me,  vegetarian options, as well as the famous Indian curry.

Also in VI, open from 11 am till midnight is Al Diwan; a restaurant which specialises in Lebanese, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean dishes.

Arabesque is another place on the Island where you can get not-too-pricey Middle Eastern halal food. I like how the decor of the place plays along with the type of food that is available there.

If you’ve been, you’d know that it is decorated like an Arabian boudoir. Salma’s, on Ozumba Mbadiwe, is another Middle Eastern restaurant that serves a halal menu. During Ramadan last year, they also had a couple Iftar specials.

If you live in Lekki/ Ajah environs, there are a few options there as well like Peppercorn Avenue which is off Admiralty Way in Phase 1. Peppercorn Avenue offers Thai and Indian food; see what I said about most of these places being owned by Asians?

For my mainland people who know that crossing the bridge is stress and don’t want to after fasting all day; to find a halal restaurant when there’s even rice at home, Bungalow is another option. Located in Ikeja GRA and Victoria Island, and specializing in international cuisine like Japanese and Mexican food, Bungalow is a great place to have iftar.

All in all, even if we’ve not hacked halal certification in Nigeria, for inclusion sake; I think there should be halal menu options in every restaurant, to make sure that Muslim patrons and customers are made to feel welcome and are not put off completely.

If you know any other Halal restaurants in Lagos, drop a line in the comments.

Eat.Drink.Travel: Il Buco, Sorrento (Italy)

I had a very ambitious trip to Italy - I visited four major cities and over 8 villages during my short 6 day tour. During my 48-hour Sorrento stop, I ate at two restaurants in the lemon-infused city: L’Antica Trattoria and Il Buco. Both were Michelin recommendations and Il Buco had an actual star. I preferred L’Antica Trattoria though.

Il Buco means hole in the wall. Right in the centre of Sorrento, the restaurant sits inside a cellars of a former monastery. Considering how the majority of Nigerian christians shun alcohol, I could never imagine wine cellars in a Nigerian monastery.

I digress.

Sitting there beneath the complete stone ceilings, reminded me of dining in Ali Baba’s Cave restaurant in Diani beach - that’s a restaurant that sits inside a natural cave. The restaurant is everything you’d expect from a restaurant with one Michelin star - cooking to a high standard, exceptional plating and creative dishes with distinct and bold flavours.

Whether or not you like the flavour is a different matter.

Simple, unfussy cuisine with a blend of traditional and modern influences, an excellent wine list of around 1 000 different labels, and service that manages to be efficient yet friendly and informal at the same time. Housed in the cellars of an old monastery in the heart of Sorrento, this restaurant offers gourmet dining in a homely ambience.
— MICHELIN guide inspectors

I wanted the full experience of dining in such an upscale restaurant so I went for the “Mi fido di Te” menu, meaning “I trust you” aka the blind tasting menu. I asked for my service to lean more towards the land because I’d had what I considered to be my fair share of seafood over the past two days.

The menus are shaped by the seasons in traditional gastronomy based on the products that are available at different times of the year. A precise orientation that is distinguished by intuition, inspiration, creativity and also by the whims of those who must combine, transform and balance these ingredients. So trust becomes a challenge. But there are no chances to be taken, it is a winning bet

All that said, after entrusting my hunger to the chef, here’s what he surprised me with:

Legume foam and prawns

I didn’t expect it but I was pleasantly surprised by the beans I found hidden in the foam. The prawns were cooked to perfection not a second longer than they should have been, I didn’t expect anything less so this was not a surprise.

Legume foam and prawns

Legume foam and prawns

Fried beef, buffalo carpaccio, walnut ricotta, peas

The buffalo carpaccio is the two deep red rounds (north and south) with the pink in the middle (ricotta). The cubes are actually fried beef as per like sallah meat but actually moist and chewable. The rest of is is an apple cake with celery and walnuts.

Fried beef, buffalo carpaccio, walnut ricotta, peas

Fried beef, buffalo carpaccio, walnut ricotta, peas

My pasta dish was the Homemade ravioli with smoked mozzarella which was incredible. It was served with a Neapolitan ragu which literally melted in my mouth. All their meats are locally reared - I asked.


Course five and probably my least favourite was cubes of pork slow cooked in honey, served on polenta with vegetables (carrots) in dusted in cacao. As you’d probably expect, the flavours in this were a lot more intense than anything I’d been served all along,


I forgot to tell the server I didn’t like chocolate so the first dessert they brought me was an overwhelming chocolate dish but when the server sensed that my spirit had sunk, he whisked that plate back to the kitchen and brought me something new, incredibly quickly - I must add


Sorrento is an absolutely lemon infused town. They really do make the best lemon everything like this dessert. Just like at L’Antica Trattoria, the chef went for a double whammy with lemon two ways. The top was a limoncello foam and then underneath was a lemon mousse. At the base was a crumble. The entire thing together? Just wonderful.

Without a doubt, the “I trust you” tasting menu met all my expectations - in terms of the quality of the ingredients and the skill with which everything was prepared. It felt like I was eating art. The only thing that could have taken my experience to the next level was if I had gone for the wine pairing option. That wasn’t a let down though, because our server recommended a fantastic Falanghina from the Amalfi coast.

The damage in case you’re wondering was 85 Euro each for this menu alone. The cover at Il Buco is an affordable 3 Euro and I really cannot recommend it enough.

Il Buco is at 2ª Rampa Marina Piccola, 5 (Piazza S.Antonino), 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy. Reservations are highly recommended.

Calling All Abuja Vendors, Join Us at EatDrinkAbuja
save the date.png

It’s still a little bit unbelievable for us, but EatDrinkAbuja is happening. For our Abuja edition, we aren’t trying fix what isn’t broken so we’ll be retaining the festival’s original format. Like with Lagos, the first few festivals were a single day so we’ll keep to one day only - at least for this first one.

We will be keeping some recent changes, however. First of such is the “Artisan” category. The slots will be very limited but we’re looking for vendors independent crafters who create homemade, locally sourced, specialty products. Things like granola, tiger nut drinks or local chocolate are what we have in mind with this category.

Another thing we’re retaining is “cashless”. The festival is going to be completely cashless. We had great success in December so we’re sticking to this for all our events going forward. The festival will have its own currency and each vendor will get an RFID device to accept payments while guests will have wristbands. Our system will work seamlessly both on and offline, so sales will never be disrupted by “POS is not working”.

If you’re an Abuja food vendor (chef, restaurants, home cook, bartender, mixologist etc) and you are interested in joining the Abuja spin off or Lagos’ FAVORITEST food festival, click here to learn more and apply.

We take applications on a rolling basis and stop accepting applications once we’ve reached our targets for vendors. It’s a maiden edition so we’re keeping the vendor numbers to an even twenty. If you have any questions please email festival @ eatdrinklagos.com