Local Legendary Burgers From Around the World are Coming to Hard Rock Cafe Lagos

When Hard Rock Cafe opens shop in a new country, it creates a burger with a local flavor and they add it to their collection of Hard Rock Local Legendary© Burgers. The chefs at the various Hard Rock locations are given the freedom to create a unique burger that captures the essence of their location. The one in Dubai apparently has dates in it, which is umm… interesting.

These burgers were usually only available in their region of origin until a few years ago when Hard Rock Cafe created the “World Burger Tour” menu, a limited-run menu featuring Hard Rock Local Legendary© Burgers from different locations. The World Burger Tour is a yearly event at participating Hard Rock Cafe locations worldwide, and this year, Lagos is getting in on the fun  as well.

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It’s incredible we’re able to showcase Hard Rock’s Local Legendary© Burger collection and the authentic ingredients that makeup each burger for the fourth year in a row. For a limited time, guests can enjoy the signature flavors from some of the world’s most eclectic cities like Brussels and Memphis at their local Hard Rock
— Dhiren Pawar, Regional General Manger - Hard Rock Cafe, Lagos.

It started on May 2 and it is running until June 29, the World Burger Tour menu at Hard Rock Cafe Lagos will feature eight local burgers selected by the Hard Rock culinary team.

Fun Fact: May is National Burger Month and the Nigerian Local Legendary Burger is the Suya Burger (Juicy chicken patty-wedged between pickle onions, fresh cilantro pesto with a dash of the local favourite suya spice and loaded with cheese).

The burgers are:

  • Chamorro Burger (Guam, South Pacific) – Signature burger patty rubbed with a tangy blend of island-inspired spices layered with pepper jack cheese, house-made Chamorro glaze and chili paste topped with crisp lettuce and vine-ripened tomatoes served with fries
  • Tennessee BBQ Burger (Tennessee, United States) – Like a good country ballad, this beef burger brings happy tears with BBQ dry rubbed patty topped with pickle slices, Memphis slaw, pulled pork, tangy BBQ sauce, crispy onions and cheddar cheese served with seasoned fries
  • Whiskey Bacon Burger (Brussels, Belgium) – A whiskey marinated burger patty, stacked with bacon slices, crispy fried red onion, melted cheddar and jack cheeses, garlic aioli, sliced tomato and arugula served with seasoned fries
  • Katsu Burger (Japan) - Golden Panko crusted chicken burger, laced with tonkatsu BBQ sauce, samba mayo, seven spice slaw. Served with seasoned fries.

Yeah, that’s four burgers and not eight. Hold tight, the other four burgers will be revealed in June.

That Katsu Burger definitely looks like one we’d like to order. The Chamorro one is interesting as well. We’re clearly biased to the Asian influences.

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As part of the World Burger Tour menu, Hard Rock Cafes will also showcase the brand’s popular beverage menu made up of refreshing cocktails and non-alcoholic options too!

For more information on the World Burger Tour, visit hardrock.com/cafes/lagos