Heels in the Kitchen and Chef Benedict Enter the #WorkLunch Business

FOLLY: Some of our faves are expanding into the lunch delivery space and we’re excited. This is important because usually Chef Imoteda and Benedict’s meals usually come with a hefty price tag so I personally love that they are doing this to make their food more accessible. 

NOSA: Imoteda has done this in the past, but I don't think it worked out as planned. Benedict, on the other hand, is giving this #WorkLunch thing a go for the first time. I wonder if this is the start of a larger trend for Lagos chefs. Maybe we'll get a Chef Fregz lunch service in the near future.

FOLLY: Unlikely but we can wish.  

NOSA: To me, it feels like the logical step before opening up a physical location in Lagos. Private dining is great, but daily lunches are fantastic for cash flow. 

NOSA: The best part of this is that both chefs are keeping their menus very accessible. Benedict, in particular, seems to be keeping things strictly with pasta.

FOLLY: It’s such a good idea for streamlining logistics which is where most businesses struggle. Ps. I can personally vouch for Benedict’s pesto pasta. 


NOSA: Smart move because #WorkLunch is whole different kettle of fish. I might be able experiment with weekend dinners and whatnot, but my regular lunches don't stray too far from the staples. A quick scan around my office suggests that other people do the same thing. 

 FOLLY: For Heels in the Kitchen menu, my recommendation is the Stout Molasses Ribs. Food aside, I do hope they have the logistics of delivery sorted to a T because having delicious food is only a fraction of the work.