Scotch Bonnet is Just Another Yellow Chili Clone


NOSA: It is very important, when evaluating restaurants in Lagos, to factor in context, i.e. we’re in Nigeria and Nigeria always happens.  Things like our road networks and power issues have far-reaching effects on a lot of things. Understanding this keeps you being disappointed every time you eat out and, more importantly, it helps you appreciate local restaurants for what they are.

FOLLY: And there are times when the management is just lazy about things and it makes you question why they are even in business in the first place or if it's just an elaborate money laundering front.  

NOSA: There are times, however, where the disappointment transcends the context. Like, it’s even disappointing by Lagos standards. 

And this brings me to Scotch Bonnet.

The menu is all over the place like your typical Nigerian restaurant, but it’s clear that Nigerian food is their forte. 

FOLLY: That's why I ordered the pounded yam and seafood okro because it seems like they'd be good at that. 


NOSA: I ordered a drink and it took damn near forever before it came out. At some point, I had to go ask the bartender why a double shot of Hennessy was taking so long.  
“…the guy with the key hasn’t resumed so there’s no ice. We’re trying to buy ice now”

At 1 pm. 

Peak lunch hours. 


FOLLY: We ordered the Finger Food Platter to start.

NOSA: Per the menu: “Prawns and mayonnaise spring rolls, moneybags, sugarcane chicken, fantail prawns, beef balls, vegetable spring rolls, crab claws, chicken bites, and potato chips”

Batter unidentifiable items and fry them. Yay! 


Snark aside, the platter was decent. These types are hard to mess up. Like, you’d have to be intentional about it and even then, it’s still a bit of a challenge. 

FOLLY: Exactly! Scotch Bonnet also tried to make their platter exciting with the addition of the crab claw, prawn and mayonnaise spring rolls, and the moneybags. 


NOSA: For my main, I went with the the BBQ Ribs. These were surprisingly tender. The marinade wasn’t much to write home about, but the ribs were as tender as you’d find in Lagos. Shouts to them for that. I even forgave them for frying the fries in old oil. 


FOLLY: I'm not quite sure what I was served was pounded yam or even poundo. It was cold, clumpy and tasted nothing like either one of those two things. The seafood okro was as good as it gets and I'd definitely recommend it.


The Okro was cut chunky (as you can see from the picture so this is a warning in case you prefer yours cut more finely. It was also pretty soupy i.e. lots of liquid, that I didn't like.


NOSA: Scotch Bonnet isn’t bad, but it could be so much better. It takes no risks and brings nothing new to the table. Just limited in ambition and underwhelming.  It’s like a Yellow Chili ripoff. 




Finger Food Platter - N5000

BBQ Ribs - N4400

Seafood Okra w/ Pounded Yam - N4400



Doesn't seem like it from the outside, but can take a good 6-7 cars.