Work Lunches: Michelle's Cafe


FOLLY: Michelle’s Cafe, to my understanding, started off as a salad delivery company.

NOSA: They still deliver.

FOLLY: Now they also have a small cafe in Fourteen 36 Mall on Sanusi Fafunwa. 

NOSA: In the same space Wrap City used to be. I wonder what happened to those guys. I actually kinda liked them. They just disappeared. I think the location is a bit of a winner because there are lots of finance companies in the area. Finance is one of the better-paying gigs in Lagos so being around white collar guys with higher disposable incomes has to be a plus. 

FOLLY: Before we visited, I had this idea that Michelle’s Cafe was like a super healthy focused space like Plant Planet. They make salads, which are obviously healthy, but they also have regular meals that aren’t known for their health benefits like noodles. 

English Breakfast

English Breakfast

FOLLY: We visited on a weekend for a light breakfast. We ordered the Veggie Salad (takeaway), English Breakfast, and a Breakfast sandwich.  I had the breakfast sandwich while Nosa had the English Breakfast. 

NOSA: You get what you pay for at Michelle's and it's best to judge it within that context. The Full English is simple and it just gets right to it. I substituted the toast for some pancakes (cost a bit extra) and it was absolutely worth it because the pancakes were super delicious. All fluffy and everything. The bacon is bit struggle, but you'll live.

The bacon is bit struggle, but you'll live.

The bacon is bit struggle, but you'll live.

FOLLY: The Breakfast Sandwich wasn’t very memorable, to be honest. It was simple: bread, patty, fried egg and a piece of cheese. Simple and straight to the point.

NOSA: It's a no-frills breakfast slider and for what it costs you can almost let it slide. 

Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast Sandwich

FOLLY: Taking into consideration both of our meals, Michelle's Cafe is great value for money and delivers what is expected.



NOSA: It doesn't cost you a lot (view menu here) and for that alone, it's a "yes" from me. I'd never crave it or anything, but I'd definitely pick up breakfast there on my way to work and I'm sure other people think the same. 

FOLLY: I ordered a salad from Michelle's for a potluck and my friends thought it was overpriced for what it was, but I thought it was pretty good.  




Full English - N2000

Pancakes - N600

Vegetable Salad (L) - N3500 

Breakfast Sandwich - N1000



The mall has about 10 off street parking spots