The La Brioche Lunch Menu


FOLLY: La Brioche is one those EDL faves. All of our experiences there have been pretty good, and we also had an event there last year when they launched the bottomless mimosas brunch - you'd have to call to confirm that this still runs every Sunday because we didn't ask when we visited. 

I was at La Brioche with my cousins for a catchup lunch when I noticed they'd added a lunch menu thus prompting our revisit

NOSA: For the longest time, La Brioche has served a very breakfast-heavy menu and I've heard some complaints so it makes sense they've updated. 

FOLLY: The lunch menu hardly has any starters apart from soup which we weren't feeling so we agreed to get two sandwiches and if we weren't full, we'd split a pasta dish. 

NOSA: We ordered the Pesto Grilled Cheese and the Crab Cake BLT

Crab Cake BLT

Crab Cake BLT


FOLLY: It's La Brioche, so naturally,  the bread on the crab cake blt was solid. The crab cake was also good, it held together as I ate this and didn't become a crumbly mess - good on you La Brioche chef. 

Pesto Grilled Cheese

Pesto Grilled Cheese

NOSA: The chef fell his hand with the grilled cheese though. I definitely wasn't expecting an open face sandwich. In fact, when the waitress brought the grilled cheese, I thought she made a mistake. 

The grilled cheese could've done with a lot more cheese. I mean, the whole essence of sandwich is the cheese so why are we being stingy with it?

FOLLY: The crab cake BLT, on the other hand,  would have gone from a solid 7/10 to a 9/10 if it wasn't so dry.

NOSA: Too much bun and not enough bacon. That's my position on it. 

FOLLY: It desperately needed a garlic aioli or any mayonaise based dressing to complement the crab cake and prevent the sandwich from being dry and bland.

NOSA: On a side note, the fries that come with the BLT are absolutely excellent. 

For our pasta dish, we went with the Beef Stroganoff.

FOLLY: I don't like the plating of the Beef Stroganoff. It was lazy and unattractive.  

NOSA: It was a bit "anyhow". 

Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff

FOLLY: The beef stroganoff itself, was much different than any I've had and you could tell this was made for a NIgerian audience. It had more spices than the typical stroganoff recipe would call for as evidenced by the slightly red tint. 

NOSA: I actually liked the beef stroganoff. For a non-pasta place, I thought they did a pretty decent job. Either that or I'm the Nigerian audience that this was made for

FOLLY: I must add La Brioche is quite decently priced but they'll hit you with a 10% service charge and the 5% Lagos state consumption tax and you'll never have expected it.  



FOLLY: Their breakfast menu is still the winner but I love what they did with the lunch menu. There are a whole bunch of sandwiches to try so I'll be back. 

NOSA: That pesto grilled cheese is, however, pretty lazy so they need to fix that ASAP. 




Crab Cake BLT - N4300

Beef Stroganoff - N4800

Pesto Grilled Cheese - N4400



On a Sunday, you'd struggle for parking but we imagine it saner other days of the week