EDL Weekender: Plantain Fest at Workstation

NOSA: This week went by ridiculously fast or maybe it's just me. Anyway, here's this week's playlist.

Folly got my an Amazon Echo for my birthday and that more or less forced me into getting a Spotify account. Nobody brings it up, but Spotify is absolutely fantastic for music discovery. This week's playlist is littered with a couple of songs i stumbled on this week. 

As for what to get up to this weekend, here's a bunch of stuff to do this weekend:



The Plantain Fest

NOSA: As part of Folly & I's little mission to drive the culture of eating out in Lagos, we're always open to support any Lagos chefs hosting pop-ups. If you're doing a thing, just shoot us an email. 

Screenshot 2018-02-09 15.00.57.png

This week, we have a plantain pop-up by Rima Tahini of the Creole Kitchen at Workstation this evening. 


R.S.V.P Lagos 'Kitchen Takeover' by Chef Kwame

RSVP_Chef Kwame-02.jpg

NOSA: If you ever watched the American version of Top Chef, the face is probably familiar. If you never did, Kwame Onwuachi was a contestant on Top Chef some seasons past and he has done some pretty interesting stuff after Top Chef. He's in Lagos this week and he's taking over the RSVP kitchen tomorrow. 


New restaurant alert: The Grill by Delis

FOLLY: If the price of the meats in their butchery is anything to go by, I can imagine that the meats here will cost a mini fortune.



Dance Gathering Lagos 2018

EMEKA: Heyyy! Longest time. So I'm back to share some weekend vibes to look out for. Dance Gathering is back as well and they're taking the party to Broad Street!

The countdown is on Lagosians, this one is for you. From 22nd to 25th February, we are taking over Broad Street for you and for us to experience arts alternatively. Whether you are a fan of live music, DJ set, contemporary or urban dance forms, experimental theatrical performance, something challengingly intellectual, or simply hip to the idea of connecting performance to visual arts, design and creative writing. Dance Gathering isn’t just about dance and performance, it is an Anti-festival that designs a space where creative ideas network.

Anytime you can chill on a typically busy street and have a wonderful experience is always special!

  • Time: 4:00PM - 11:00PM
  • Fee: Open to All
  • Location: Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos 

See you out there! 

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 1.36.44 PM.png

The Film & Society Presents: Some Like it Hot

The Film and Wine Society Presents:
Some Like It Hot (A Film by Billy Wilder)

Starring: Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.

Join us for an amazing evening with a timeless classic, great wine and stirring conversation.

Tickets: N15,000 (Includes popcorn, canapes, a champagne intermission and unlimited* wine)
Payment information will be provided after registration.
— The Film and Wine Society
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Heels in the Kitchen and Chef Benedict Enter the #WorkLunch Business

FOLLY: Some of our faves are expanding into the lunch delivery space and we’re excited. This is important because usually Chef Imoteda and Benedict’s meals usually come with a hefty price tag so I personally love that they are doing this to make their food more accessible. 

NOSA: Imoteda has done this in the past, but I don't think it worked out as planned. Benedict, on the other hand, is giving this #WorkLunch thing a go for the first time. I wonder if this is the start of a larger trend for Lagos chefs. Maybe we'll get a Chef Fregz lunch service in the near future.

FOLLY: Unlikely but we can wish.  

NOSA: To me, it feels like the logical step before opening up a physical location in Lagos. Private dining is great, but daily lunches are fantastic for cash flow. 

NOSA: The best part of this is that both chefs are keeping their menus very accessible. Benedict, in particular, seems to be keeping things strictly with pasta.

FOLLY: It’s such a good idea for streamlining logistics which is where most businesses struggle. Ps. I can personally vouch for Benedict’s pesto pasta. 


NOSA: Smart move because #WorkLunch is whole different kettle of fish. I might be able experiment with weekend dinners and whatnot, but my regular lunches don't stray too far from the staples. A quick scan around my office suggests that other people do the same thing. 

 FOLLY: For Heels in the Kitchen menu, my recommendation is the Stout Molasses Ribs. Food aside, I do hope they have the logistics of delivery sorted to a T because having delicious food is only a fraction of the work. 

Make Burritos Great Again: We're Giving Out El Padrino Burritos

Leading up to the launch of their website, El Padrino is giving out a couple of burritos. By "a couple", we mean a HUNDRED.

From February 15th - March 1st, we will be giving away 100 free burritos for our “Lagos, What Is A Burrito” campaign.
— Uzo of El Padrino

The best part: Eat.Drink.Lagos is giving out 20 of those. We have not done a giveaway in over a year so when Uzo asked us if we'd like to be a part of this, naturally, we said of course!

To win one, just follow the following steps:

  1. Sign up on www.elpadrino.ng
  2. Write the last four digits of your phone number (for verification that you signed up) and your social media (Twitter or Instagram) username in the comment section so we can contact you if you win. 
What Is A Burrito.png

Entries will close on Thursday at 5 pm. May the burrito odds ever be in your favor. 

Lebanese Cuisine In Lagos Expands With Salma's

FOLLY: If you'd asked me before we checked out Salma's if I liked Lebanese food, I'd have said yes. If you asked me after Salma's, I'd have said no.

NOSA: Salmas is located in one of those “If you know, you know” hotels in VI. The same “compound” as Cactus and they even share a parking lot. 

FOLLY: By the number of Lebanese people in the restaurant, I'm left with two conclusions that it's pretty legit or Nigerian-Lebanese will always support their own. 

NOSA: I really like the space at Salma's. There’s just something I can’t quite put my finger on, but it’s just so lovely. 

FOLLY: It's floor to ceiling marble too. 


FOLLY: We started with the usual - special hummus. The menu had about four different variations including one with boiled and unmashed chickpeas. Nosa veto-d that on sight. 

NOSA: The hummus was pretty meh. It fell a bit flat and I’ve honestly had better at a lot of places in Lagos. 


FOLLY: I had to allow the hummus at a point because it was too tangy - which is also the reason why I felt that I didn't like the experience at Salma's was that everything was overwhelmed by lemon and was unnecessarily tangy. 


FOLLY: Falafel hasn't been my thing maybe it's because I'm basic and that I like the more Westernized untraditional Lebanese.

NOSA: I don’t know why I keep ordering falafel because, at this point, I’ve completely forgotten what the one I ordered in New York tasted like. I was pretty drunk and I’ll probably never get that feeling back. This falafel didn’t taste like akara, if that says anything. 

For our mains, we go the Samke Harra, Batata Harra, and the Soujok Sandwich.


NOSA: The Samke Harra wasn’t what we were expecting. Thought we could explain it by our innate razzness so we decided to google it. According to the internet, this isn’t something that’s served cold, but according to the manager that’s how they do theirs.

Folly wasn’t too pleased. 

FOLLY: It was disappointing because the menu didn't state that it will be served cold. See I have really sensitive teeth so when I bite into something expecting that it is warm, but it's cold it really affects me. 

NOSA: We got comped calamari, which was great. 

FOLLY: The one dish that I enjoyed was the potatoes - even though overwhelming lemon-y. I did like it. 


NOSA: The potatoes were really lemon-y, but I liked them. There’s something about Lebanese food that really fascinates me. Their position on “spice” is something of an acquired taste. Acquired because it’s very different from what Nigerians come to expect. These potatoes were perfect explanation of it. I liked them, but I can see how a lot of people might not like it. 

The soujok sandwich wasn't particularly spectacular. Just imagine a shawarma, but with sujok inside. 



FOLLY: Nice restaurant but not for me. Popular with the Lebanese crowd, though. 

NOSA: If you really like Lebanese food, you'll like it




Falafel - N3300

Samke Harra - N4900

Special Hummus - N4400

Batata Harra - N3300

Soujok Sandwich - N2750



Limited parking in the Maroko Bayshore area, but you can park in the Cactus lot. 


NESCAFÉ is Bringing Their Monster Truck Cafe to Lekki Tomorrow

NESCAFÉ is driving the coffee agenda this year

This year, Nescafe wants to make drinking coffee cool and a part of Nigerian culture by providing different ways to enjoy coffee. We began with Coffee. Food. Music last year, and got young, ambitious trendies to come together to make new connections, play games, taste coffee-infused cocktails, mocktails, desserts and food. This year, we are stepping things up by bringing our Pop-Up Cafes to your neighbourhood. We will begin with our Monster Truck Cafe. 

FYI, Monster Truck is quite literal because the Nescafe coffee truck is a monstrosity. The one that was present at the #EatDrinkFestival in December was the baby version...


What is Monster Truck Cafe? 

Monster Truck Cafe is a monthly themed event by NESCAFÉ. The whole idea is to flip coffee drinking on its head and change conventional thought on coffee consumption. So, think stuff like coffee cocktails and mocktails. 

When is Monster Truck Cafe?

Tomorrow. Saturday, February 18 at 12 pm. 

Where is it?

BICS Garden, Wole Olateju, Lekki

What can you expect?

Like Coffee.Food.Music last year, you can expect lots of food and coffee based drinks. There'll be a few vendors from #EatDrinkFestival present and Sweet Kiwi will be in the house too. There'll obviously be lots of free coffee-based drinks and some loud music.


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