A Little Gem in Freedom Park

The Grill Station

Freedom Park, Lagos Island, Lagos

0809 246 0000

NOSA: If you're hip to Afropolitan Vibes, you're definitely hip to The Grill Station. If you aren't hip to Afropolitan Vibes, I just want you to know you're missing out on the best Alté rocks Lagos has to offer. If SXSW or Coachella or Glastonbury or V Festival was ever your thing, you'll love Afropolitan.

This month's edition is going to have Shina Peters. Lit. 

This isn't an Afropolitan proselytizing session though. This post is about of one of Lagos' hidden gems - The Grill Station at Freedom Park.  

FOLLY: Unlike most people, I don't really like Afropolitan Vibes. However, I'm weird so feel free to ignore me on this one. 

NOSA: I got the quarter chicken with a side of yam chips. The chicken was very very good. I was actually shocked by how good it was. The first time I had it, I wasn't really paying attention. I was like 3 Orijins in and I just wanted to put something in my mouth. But this weekend, I actually sat down to fully appreciate the chicken. 

quarter chicken grill station lagos

FOLLY: I had the South African Straight Ribs although I ordered the South African Shorty. I ordered the shorty cause it was cheaper so when the bill came and I saw the price for the straight, I wasn't happy. She said it was because they didn't have the straight. I'm going to start saying "no substitutions please". 

food at freedom park marina

Despite the mix up, I thought the ribs were pretty good. They came as soon as we ordered so common sense tells me they were already made before I ordered. I'd have  preferred it if the cook flipped the ribs over on the grill for a minute or two cause I like warm food. 

grill station freedom park lagos

NOSA: I really liked Folly's ribs as well. It wasn't the most tender but it wasn't like goat meat either. The marinade was perfect too. 

FOLLY: I was still hungry after cause it didn't come with a side and I didn't order one. 


NOSA: If you're at Afropolitan, you have to try it. The flies during the day aren't the move sha.

FOLLY: Hesitant to call it good value for money because at N3000, the ribs should come with at least one side like at Urban Fuxion or BBQ & Cravings



Freedom Park Entry Fee - N200

South African Straight RIbs - N3500

Quarter Chicken - N900

Yam Chips - N500