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EDL Taste Test: Meatpies Of Lagos

FOLLY: This was the taste test that inspired this series. 

NOSA: And yet it took so long to actually do it



eatdrinklagos mr biggs meat pie-1.jpg

FOLLY: Chicken Republic's is the most expensive of the three coming in at N350 following by Araba's at N300 and lastly Mr. Biggs at N270. 

NOSA: For all the noise,  people never talk about how sneakly expensive Mr. Biggs is. Everyone seems to think their meat pie is N150, but nope, it's not.



eatdrinklagos mr biggs meat pie-3.jpg

FOLLY: Araba's has the most legit pastry crust. It's multilayered and flaky. 

NOSA: In another country, Araba's meat pie would probably have some fancy marketing name like "Artisanal Meat Pattie".

FOLLY: Chicken Republic has a mildly spiced crust which I really like. Mr. Biggs is the worst of the lot, in my opinion, as it's dense and tasteless. 

NOSA: I actually liked the Mr. Biggs crust. Chicken Republic was the bottom of the pile for me. 


eatdrinklagos mr biggs meat pie-5.jpg

FOLLY: In addition to the dubious nature of Mr. Bigg's meat pie, the little filling that they did include was quite bland in contrast to Araba and Chicken Republic who actually seasoned the filling.

NOSA: Mr. Biggs is real fraudulent these days. I mean, look at all that "space". Such a scummy scam. Chicken Republic, on the other hand, was a bit boring for me.

NOSA: Again, Araba's meatpie is built like somebody actually gave a damn about the meatpie. 

FOLLY: Araba's also introduced potatoes and carrot, but the meat is dominant.

NOSA: Why do "they" put potatoes in meat pie anyway?



FOLLY: Both I and Nosa could identify each one in a blind taste test. 

NOSA: I'll be honest, I cheated a bit. I couldn't tell them apart per se, but it's pretty easy to tell the different crusts apart from the texture.  



FOLLY: Mr. Biggs has fallen off. It's a tie between Chicken Republic and Araba's for me. I'm greedy so I like that Araba's is big but I love the flavors in Chicken Republic's filling. 

NOSA: Araba's definitely has the best one, but I'll take Biggs over CR. It's fraudulent, but it still tastes as good as the old days.  

FOLLY: What did Chicken Republic ever do to you?

Best meatpie in Lagos
Mr. Biggs
Chicken Republic
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EDL Taste Test: Chicken Republic vs. KFC

Since KFC came to Nigeria, it appears their strategy has been to open up shop beside every Chicken Republic or at least in very close proximity to one. An indirect consequence of this is that two are often compared, and so we decided to do the needful and compare them. 


FOLLY: It's pretty established that KFC costs more than Chicken Republic. We got the 2 piece chicken at each place. The KFC set cost N1100 while the Chicken Republic pair cost N1000.

Left: KFC; Right: Chicken Republic

Left: KFC; Right: Chicken Republic

FOLLY: The KFC chicken was actually fleshier so maybe that's one reason. 

NOSA: Actually, they both cost 1000, but KFC doesn't include Tinubu tax in their listed price. It just surprises you like usual when you see your receipt. 



eatdrinklagos kfc chicken republic-1.jpg

NOSA: The KFC chicken is a lot better quality than the Chicken Republic one. Take out all the breading and other senrenre, KFC reigns supreme. Maybe I’m biased, but I lean more to white chicken, which is what KFC uses. 



FOLLY: KFC chicken is hella oily fam. The ororo is way too much and they need to cut it. 

NOSA: Chicken Republic’s is a lot spicier and was definitely made for the Nigerian palate. KFC has a spicy option, but that's not their default chicken. The default spiciness of CR probably explains why they’re making more money. Their chicken is perfect for Jollof rice. 

eatdrinklagos kfc chicken republic-10.jpg

FOLLY: Or Rice & Beans. I know this isn't a review on Chicken Republic but allow their fried rice. 

NOSA: Never actually tried their fried rice. Is that a thing that people actually order?



Chicken Republic

Chicken Republic

NOSA: Chicken Republic’s isn’t as thick as KFC’s. More like a spice rub.

Right, Folly?

FOLLY: Yeah, Chicken Republic isn't going for crispy chicken per say like KFC is, it's just spicy fried chicken. 

NOSA: True, they do have another chicken on the menu called the "Crunchy Chicken", but it's a lot less popular.



NOSA: I liked the KFC one too. I’ll admit, the oil in it is ridiculous and close to unacceptable. It’s not as “crunchy” as it should be as a result.

FOLLY: It ended up soggy as a result, and I didn't like the KFC one. You know all the ridges you see in the pictures of KFC chicken to depict the crunchiness? In reality, Ze.



NOSA: I could easily tell these two apart. My partner, here, needed some time. 

FOLLY: I could distinguish between the two but Nosa is absolutely terrible at administering taste tests. He mixes them up and forgets what he handed you. Obviously, I can't prove it cause my eyes were closed but I know it. 

NOSA: This is a lie.



NOSA: This is probably one of the harder Taste Tests we’ve done because I like both. If I had a gun to my head, however, I’d go with Chicken Republic.

FOLLY: Chicken Republic. Now, yesterday, and tomorrow. 

Chicken Republic vs KFC
Chicken Republic
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Restaurant Horror Stories I

A couple of days ago, we were gisting with Chef Imoteda of Heels In The Kitchen and she suggested we come up with an anonymous thing for people to share their worst experiences in Lagos restaurants.

We thought it was genius. I mean, we've done a post about our personal experience before so why not hear yours. 

We've received a couple already so here we go: 

Chicken Republic

Dear EatDrinkLagos

Please help me tell Chicken Republic that delivery is not by force. If they cannot do it they should sit in their smoky outlets and wait for customers to saunter in at their leisure. For Christ’s sake! I have tried to order online about 4 times; twice it was successful at least in a manner of speaking. My sandwich came about 30 minutes later, stone cold. The other two times about 30 minutes after placing my order someone else calls me and tells me they cannot deliver to my location! ‘My location’ to be clear, is Ikeja. So what exactly is the problem? (I’m glad you asked.)

Apparently, when you order via their phone service - which is the only way you CAN order as no other method ensures a response- the customer service rep calls an outlet and places your order. The first time you order they take down your details so the next time they just ask if it is the same address you want it delivered to. Now, that said, rthe problem actually arises because someone is not smart enough to identify the location nearest me. They place the order at the Opebi location when they have another store just 10 minutes away in Alausa. Now this is where it gets interesting because instead of telling their customer service that they are too far from me these cretins CALL ME! So what am I supposed to do about it? What manner of fuckery is that?

Please someone needs to let them know to get their act right or just shut the hell up about delivery. And that includes those annoying emails and text messages they keep sending me.


Protea Hotel

My worst restaurant experience right now has got to be Protea hotels buffet / food in general.
It’s always RAW. I had pasta there once and I promise you some of it was boiled some wasn’t. Called the attention of the chef and they said it’ll be re-cook and I can try it again. Like I didn’t come to meet and greet your pasta I came to chow.

Also their drinks are not it, their food management really has to be looked at properly. And it’s the same for all the branches.

Any Lagos restaurant really TRIED it? Let us know.

5 Takeout Restaurants that Will Help You Netflix & Chill

FOLLY: Netflix announced yesterday that they were now in Nigeria and several other countries. So, now that often talked about "Netflix and Chill" date is finally a possibility in these parts. Of course there was always the option of Hard Drive & Chill or DStv & Chill Original, no copy is always better. 

NOSA: Real life, like actual living things, do "DStv & Chill"? Ay dios mio! What do you watch, premiership highlights?

FOLLY: There's Telemundo and AfMag Yoruba. Our struggle internet may not fully allow us to enjoy Netflix streaming though.

NOSA: If mandem can watch movies on putlocker, I'm sure there's a way.

FOLLY: So what else does it take to have a successful Netflix & Chill date ? You need food young one, food. You also need to have the food come to you, this way you're not forced to go out for food when one person is hungry. 

Heels in the Kitchen

FOLLY: Her chicken wings are the truth. We ordered them once in this post. Legend has it that a guy came from Abuja for the Eat.Drink.Festival to try her Chicken Wings and because they sold out in 30 minutes he couldn’t get any.

heels in the kitchen

Urban Fuxion

NOSA: Urban Fuxion has A+ ribs and the chicken wings aren't half bad either. Just stay away from the fries. Not worth it, mate. Just get wings & ribs and convince yourself you're on a caveman diet.  

urban fuxion ribs.jpg

Unfortunately, they don't do POS for deliveries so make sure bae has cash.

Small Chops

FOLLY: Lol I don’t know how this will work but Cocktaillville & Chops and they will try and make it happen.

small chops.jpg

NOSA: 12 Baskets delivers small chops on regular, I believe. I really want to start my own small chops joint. If any of you has access to plenty money and is willing to waste it, pls email me.

BBQ & Cravings

FOLLY: The Old Country Burger or their ribs. Please don’t be a Nigerian and get rice as your side, please don’t do it. Please try the potato wedges instead.

bbq cravings.jpg

NOSA: Don't let Folly get in the way of your happiness. Order that rice, buddy.

Chicken Republic

FOLLY: Double Chickwizz and you don’t even have to have cash to pay. You can pay with your card on delivery with these guys.


Spice Route

FOLLY: If you want something a bit more proper to eat, you can order dinner from Spice Route. I don’t think many people actually know that they offer delivery



FOLLY: Please if you really must do pizza, try Debonairs instead of the other guys. The really good pizza places don’t do delivery sadly.

NOSA: Never, and I repeat, never order Domino's. Domino's is trash and will forever be trash.

As usual, if that doesn't work...

There's rice at home.