EDL Taste Test: Chicken Republic vs. KFC

Since KFC came to Nigeria, it appears their strategy has been to open up shop beside every Chicken Republic or at least in very close proximity to one. An indirect consequence of this is that two are often compared, and so we decided to do the needful and compare them. 


FOLLY: It's pretty established that KFC costs more than Chicken Republic. We got the 2 piece chicken at each place. The KFC set cost N1100 while the Chicken Republic pair cost N1000.

Left: KFC; Right: Chicken Republic

Left: KFC; Right: Chicken Republic

FOLLY: The KFC chicken was actually fleshier so maybe that's one reason. 

NOSA: Actually, they both cost 1000, but KFC doesn't include Tinubu tax in their listed price. It just surprises you like usual when you see your receipt. 



eatdrinklagos kfc chicken republic-1.jpg

NOSA: The KFC chicken is a lot better quality than the Chicken Republic one. Take out all the breading and other senrenre, KFC reigns supreme. Maybe I’m biased, but I lean more to white chicken, which is what KFC uses. 



FOLLY: KFC chicken is hella oily fam. The ororo is way too much and they need to cut it. 

NOSA: Chicken Republic’s is a lot spicier and was definitely made for the Nigerian palate. KFC has a spicy option, but that's not their default chicken. The default spiciness of CR probably explains why they’re making more money. Their chicken is perfect for Jollof rice. 

eatdrinklagos kfc chicken republic-10.jpg

FOLLY: Or Rice & Beans. I know this isn't a review on Chicken Republic but allow their fried rice. 

NOSA: Never actually tried their fried rice. Is that a thing that people actually order?



Chicken Republic

Chicken Republic

NOSA: Chicken Republic’s isn’t as thick as KFC’s. More like a spice rub.

Right, Folly?

FOLLY: Yeah, Chicken Republic isn't going for crispy chicken per say like KFC is, it's just spicy fried chicken. 

NOSA: True, they do have another chicken on the menu called the "Crunchy Chicken", but it's a lot less popular.



NOSA: I liked the KFC one too. I’ll admit, the oil in it is ridiculous and close to unacceptable. It’s not as “crunchy” as it should be as a result.

FOLLY: It ended up soggy as a result, and I didn't like the KFC one. You know all the ridges you see in the pictures of KFC chicken to depict the crunchiness? In reality, Ze.



NOSA: I could easily tell these two apart. My partner, here, needed some time. 

FOLLY: I could distinguish between the two but Nosa is absolutely terrible at administering taste tests. He mixes them up and forgets what he handed you. Obviously, I can't prove it cause my eyes were closed but I know it. 

NOSA: This is a lie.



NOSA: This is probably one of the harder Taste Tests we’ve done because I like both. If I had a gun to my head, however, I’d go with Chicken Republic.

FOLLY: Chicken Republic. Now, yesterday, and tomorrow. 

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