5 Takeout Restaurants that Will Help You Netflix & Chill

FOLLY: Netflix announced yesterday that they were now in Nigeria and several other countries. So, now that often talked about "Netflix and Chill" date is finally a possibility in these parts. Of course there was always the option of Hard Drive & Chill or DStv & Chill Original, no copy is always better. 

NOSA: Real life, like actual living things, do "DStv & Chill"? Ay dios mio! What do you watch, premiership highlights?

FOLLY: There's Telemundo and AfMag Yoruba. Our struggle internet may not fully allow us to enjoy Netflix streaming though.

NOSA: If mandem can watch movies on putlocker, I'm sure there's a way.

FOLLY: So what else does it take to have a successful Netflix & Chill date ? You need food young one, food. You also need to have the food come to you, this way you're not forced to go out for food when one person is hungry. 

Heels in the Kitchen

FOLLY: Her chicken wings are the truth. We ordered them once in this post. Legend has it that a guy came from Abuja for the Eat.Drink.Festival to try her Chicken Wings and because they sold out in 30 minutes he couldn’t get any.

heels in the kitchen

Urban Fuxion

NOSA: Urban Fuxion has A+ ribs and the chicken wings aren't half bad either. Just stay away from the fries. Not worth it, mate. Just get wings & ribs and convince yourself you're on a caveman diet.  

urban fuxion ribs.jpg

Unfortunately, they don't do POS for deliveries so make sure bae has cash.

Small Chops

FOLLY: Lol I don’t know how this will work but Cocktaillville & Chops and they will try and make it happen.

small chops.jpg

NOSA: 12 Baskets delivers small chops on regular, I believe. I really want to start my own small chops joint. If any of you has access to plenty money and is willing to waste it, pls email me.

BBQ & Cravings

FOLLY: The Old Country Burger or their ribs. Please don’t be a Nigerian and get rice as your side, please don’t do it. Please try the potato wedges instead.

bbq cravings.jpg

NOSA: Don't let Folly get in the way of your happiness. Order that rice, buddy.

Chicken Republic

FOLLY: Double Chickwizz and you don’t even have to have cash to pay. You can pay with your card on delivery with these guys.


Spice Route

FOLLY: If you want something a bit more proper to eat, you can order dinner from Spice Route. I don’t think many people actually know that they offer delivery



FOLLY: Please if you really must do pizza, try Debonairs instead of the other guys. The really good pizza places don’t do delivery sadly.

NOSA: Never, and I repeat, never order Domino's. Domino's is trash and will forever be trash.

As usual, if that doesn't work...

There's rice at home.