Restaurant Horror Stories I

A couple of days ago, we were gisting with Chef Imoteda of Heels In The Kitchen and she suggested we come up with an anonymous thing for people to share their worst experiences in Lagos restaurants.

We thought it was genius. I mean, we've done a post about our personal experience before so why not hear yours. 

We've received a couple already so here we go: 

Chicken Republic

Dear EatDrinkLagos

Please help me tell Chicken Republic that delivery is not by force. If they cannot do it they should sit in their smoky outlets and wait for customers to saunter in at their leisure. For Christ’s sake! I have tried to order online about 4 times; twice it was successful at least in a manner of speaking. My sandwich came about 30 minutes later, stone cold. The other two times about 30 minutes after placing my order someone else calls me and tells me they cannot deliver to my location! ‘My location’ to be clear, is Ikeja. So what exactly is the problem? (I’m glad you asked.)

Apparently, when you order via their phone service - which is the only way you CAN order as no other method ensures a response- the customer service rep calls an outlet and places your order. The first time you order they take down your details so the next time they just ask if it is the same address you want it delivered to. Now, that said, rthe problem actually arises because someone is not smart enough to identify the location nearest me. They place the order at the Opebi location when they have another store just 10 minutes away in Alausa. Now this is where it gets interesting because instead of telling their customer service that they are too far from me these cretins CALL ME! So what am I supposed to do about it? What manner of fuckery is that?

Please someone needs to let them know to get their act right or just shut the hell up about delivery. And that includes those annoying emails and text messages they keep sending me.


Protea Hotel

My worst restaurant experience right now has got to be Protea hotels buffet / food in general.
It’s always RAW. I had pasta there once and I promise you some of it was boiled some wasn’t. Called the attention of the chef and they said it’ll be re-cook and I can try it again. Like I didn’t come to meet and greet your pasta I came to chow.

Also their drinks are not it, their food management really has to be looked at properly. And it’s the same for all the branches.

Any Lagos restaurant really TRIED it? Let us know.