EDL Taste Test: Meatpies Of Lagos

FOLLY: This was the taste test that inspired this series. 

NOSA: And yet it took so long to actually do it



eatdrinklagos mr biggs meat pie-1.jpg

FOLLY: Chicken Republic's is the most expensive of the three coming in at N350 following by Araba's at N300 and lastly Mr. Biggs at N270. 

NOSA: For all the noise,  people never talk about how sneakly expensive Mr. Biggs is. Everyone seems to think their meat pie is N150, but nope, it's not.



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FOLLY: Araba's has the most legit pastry crust. It's multilayered and flaky. 

NOSA: In another country, Araba's meat pie would probably have some fancy marketing name like "Artisanal Meat Pattie".

FOLLY: Chicken Republic has a mildly spiced crust which I really like. Mr. Biggs is the worst of the lot, in my opinion, as it's dense and tasteless. 

NOSA: I actually liked the Mr. Biggs crust. Chicken Republic was the bottom of the pile for me. 


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FOLLY: In addition to the dubious nature of Mr. Bigg's meat pie, the little filling that they did include was quite bland in contrast to Araba and Chicken Republic who actually seasoned the filling.

NOSA: Mr. Biggs is real fraudulent these days. I mean, look at all that "space". Such a scummy scam. Chicken Republic, on the other hand, was a bit boring for me.

NOSA: Again, Araba's meatpie is built like somebody actually gave a damn about the meatpie. 

FOLLY: Araba's also introduced potatoes and carrot, but the meat is dominant.

NOSA: Why do "they" put potatoes in meat pie anyway?



FOLLY: Both I and Nosa could identify each one in a blind taste test. 

NOSA: I'll be honest, I cheated a bit. I couldn't tell them apart per se, but it's pretty easy to tell the different crusts apart from the texture.  



FOLLY: Mr. Biggs has fallen off. It's a tie between Chicken Republic and Araba's for me. I'm greedy so I like that Araba's is big but I love the flavors in Chicken Republic's filling. 

NOSA: Araba's definitely has the best one, but I'll take Biggs over CR. It's fraudulent, but it still tastes as good as the old days.  

FOLLY: What did Chicken Republic ever do to you?

Best meatpie in Lagos
Mr. Biggs
Chicken Republic
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