Hunting For Lunch In Lekki

Olivia's Cafe (Nuts About Cakes)

33 Fola Osibo Street. Lekki Phase I, Lagos.

0803 415 6969. 0809 547 5209

FOLLY: Before we get into this post I feel like I need to say this, don't go to Lekki if you're hungry cause there's no food there. It took us three tries to find a place to eat.  

NOSA: Petit Paris? Closed. Otres? Didn't feel like Nigerian food. Ebeano? Fell off. Primi Piatti ? Overpriced.


FOLLY: The first thing I noticed when we got to Olivia's Cafe was that they had redecorated since I was last here. The cafe space is tighter, but I think they were going for cosy. Another change I noticed was that the space behind the cafe for their baking classes is bigger than the cafe itself. 

NOSA: I liked the space. Wish it had more natural light, but the space itself was cute. I got the Chicken Salad Panini. 


The chicken salad bit was excellent but the bread was soggy. A bit disappointing, but I liked it regardless. Can't win 'em all, my friend.


FOLLY: I got the Express English Breakfast which is a full english sauf the mushrooms and baked beans. 

NOSA: ...and tea/coffee/juice.

FOLLY: But I had tea though.


FOLLY: Our food took forever to arrive and when it finally did, I didn't feel any particular way about it. At that point, I was really like well, this is food so I guess I need to eat it. 

All the time we spent driving around drained me I guess. Nosa remarked that the eggs were sweet, I guess they were, once again it was food so I ate it.

NOSA: Tasted like the scrambled egg mix had a decent amount of milk in it. I've tried putting milk in scrambled eggs and I was pretty generous with the milk, but I've never tasted the milk in the end product. 

FOLLY: Did you use 2% milk or Peak milk ? There's a world of difference between the two, my friend. 

NOSA: Fair enough.

All in all, I actually didn't mind the eggs. Wish they took some time to heat it up, however. 


FOLLY: The sausage was the only thing on the plate that was warm, the "bacon" tasted like fried meat. 

NOSA: Goat meat, to be specific. Dude, what if it was like goat bacon? Plot twist!

FOLLY: But yeah, yay food!


FOLLY: There's a dearth of wait staff. 

NOSA: So they didn't have any Tiramisu and the waiter said they don't make them fresh. They get a batch for the week from some "place". 


Chicken Salad Panini - N2,100

Express Breakfast - N1,750

Lemonade (small) - N300

Green Tea - N400