Searching For The Best Shawarma in Lagos: Charcoal


Food Court, The Palms Shopping Mall. Lekki, Lagos

0809 909 0900

FOLLY: So this sharwarma came highly recommended from the friends of the blog on Twitter.

In fact, one twitter user described his experience as seeing Jesus and a few Cherubs. 

You lying fam, how dare you use the Lord's name in vain?

NOSA: Charcoal also came HIGHLY recommended by our friend Jollz.  


FOLLY: What I liked about it: it was super slim and not messy at all, and so very easy to eat.

NOSA: I agree. My fat ass wasn't a fan of it being slim for obvious reasons. I respect the whole lack of messiness. Very often you find poorly constructed shawarmas that just fall apart as soon as you open your mouth. This one was different. Like a neat JSS1 boy. Very RVRE (did I use that correctly ?)


NOSA: I was a bit disappointed that they didn't have any chicken ready, but I think the suya meat was genius. They put things I love in one beautiful marriage. #SuyaAndShawarma2015.

FOLLY: I'd never have ordered a beef shawarma but I did so for one, science and two, because this was a quick lunch time shawarma. The man who took my order said it would be an hour for the chicken to be ready and aint nobody gat time for that

NOSA: I thought this was infinitely better than the shawarma at Murphis. Not even close. The sauce on this was really good. Like, really really good.

FOLLY: OMG Nosa, that's a lie and you know it!


I also liked the sauce. The meat (suya meat) was a bit hard, I'd liken it to kilishi that hadn't been fully cured. There was too much cabbage but hey it was crunchy cabbage so I guess it's a plus.

Shawarma not salad, okay I'm whining. 

NOSA: That's why you get sausage in your shawarma. What did you expect that space to be filled with? Miracles?

FOLLY: A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. 



FOLLY: Maybe we went on an off day but man I really expected more because this shawarma came highly recommended.

NOSA: I liked it the first time, but I went back to get the mixed shawarma...I love it. 

It'll never top Ebeano in their prime, but it's really close. Speaking of Ebeano...



Beef Shawarma - N1200

Beef Shawarma with Sausage - N1300

Mixed Shawarma with Sausage - N1400