The Lunch Club: RSVP

Lagos is known for a lot of things, but "eating out" is definitely not one of them. A bit of a shame because a city as wonderful as ours deserves a dining culture to match. 

A couple weeks ago, we kinda-sorta launched our attempt at an intimate little supper club, The Lunch Club. You can read all about it here

Readers had been asking us out to lunch on our Twitter so we figured it would be a fantastic idea to take a group out to a restaurant that we liked, our very own "restaurant of the month". If you'd like join us at our next shindig, please sign up to get notified.

Last Saturday, we invited ten EatDrinkLagos readers to have lunch with us at RSVP... 


...and we took some pretty pictures too.


Although the premise of the event is good food and good conversation, at the start of the lunch we all agreed to ban a certain conversation topics - politics and religion. Politics and religion tend to be very polarizing so for obvious reasons they were taken off the table.


The general consensus at the end of the meal was #foodcoma. It was A LOT of food. 

Photography by Bolaji Sadare