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Hunting For Lunch In Lekki

Olivia's Cafe (Nuts About Cakes)

33 Fola Osibo Street. Lekki Phase I, Lagos.

0803 415 6969. 0809 547 5209

FOLLY: Before we get into this post I feel like I need to say this, don't go to Lekki if you're hungry cause there's no food there. It took us three tries to find a place to eat.  

NOSA: Petit Paris? Closed. Otres? Didn't feel like Nigerian food. Ebeano? Fell off. Primi Piatti ? Overpriced.


FOLLY: The first thing I noticed when we got to Olivia's Cafe was that they had redecorated since I was last here. The cafe space is tighter, but I think they were going for cosy. Another change I noticed was that the space behind the cafe for their baking classes is bigger than the cafe itself. 

NOSA: I liked the space. Wish it had more natural light, but the space itself was cute. I got the Chicken Salad Panini. 


The chicken salad bit was excellent but the bread was soggy. A bit disappointing, but I liked it regardless. Can't win 'em all, my friend.


FOLLY: I got the Express English Breakfast which is a full english sauf the mushrooms and baked beans. 

NOSA: ...and tea/coffee/juice.

FOLLY: But I had tea though.


FOLLY: Our food took forever to arrive and when it finally did, I didn't feel any particular way about it. At that point, I was really like well, this is food so I guess I need to eat it. 

All the time we spent driving around drained me I guess. Nosa remarked that the eggs were sweet, I guess they were, once again it was food so I ate it.

NOSA: Tasted like the scrambled egg mix had a decent amount of milk in it. I've tried putting milk in scrambled eggs and I was pretty generous with the milk, but I've never tasted the milk in the end product. 

FOLLY: Did you use 2% milk or Peak milk ? There's a world of difference between the two, my friend. 

NOSA: Fair enough.

All in all, I actually didn't mind the eggs. Wish they took some time to heat it up, however. 


FOLLY: The sausage was the only thing on the plate that was warm, the "bacon" tasted like fried meat. 

NOSA: Goat meat, to be specific. Dude, what if it was like goat bacon? Plot twist!

FOLLY: But yeah, yay food!


FOLLY: There's a dearth of wait staff. 

NOSA: So they didn't have any Tiramisu and the waiter said they don't make them fresh. They get a batch for the week from some "place". 


Chicken Salad Panini - N2,100

Express Breakfast - N1,750

Lemonade (small) - N300

Green Tea - N400

Dating On An NYSC Budget

NOSA: Finding an affordable date location shouldn't be stressful. Being a corper is already enough stress, from that ugly khaki to CDS days.

FOLLY: First of all, Ray Charles to my old life. I always looked like struggle and strife everytime I'd don that ugly uniform.

Anyways, considering that how much one should spend on a date is often debated topic on Nigerian Twitter, we thought it our duty to compile this list for those who cannot afford $200 or -N- 37,000 on a single date (USD 1 = 185 NGN).

NOSA: This is short little list of places you can romance in Lagos without denting your Allawee too hard.

Petit Paris Cafe

27 Fola Osibo St. Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

NOSA: I've been to this a couple of times to do work on my off day. Solo rocks and ting. It's not the largest space but it's really cute space. If you come here, sit outside. Trust me. 

FOLLY: Nosa, do you mean on your *CD day ?

NOSA: You're rude.

I wasn't a big fan of the burger and the club sandwich had boiled egg in it, but the fries were amazing. The salmon is really good too.

FOLLY: They also have Crème brûlée here and it's super rare in Lagos. 

NOSA: Long and short of this, given budgetary constraints, this is a steal for a date spot. 


Pat's Bar

292C Ajose Adeogun, Victoria Island, Lagos.

FOLLY: If you and your companion are into sports, this could be a really fun one. Even if you're not, the vibe of this place is very relaxed so it'll be a "no pressure" date.

The drinks are well cheap and the food is decent. 

NOSA: Star is N550 and there's nothing over N3,000 on the menu. Also, the plating might be terrible but the hummus with the ground beef is delicious. 

FOLLY: Nosa had the shepherd's pie when we last went, I tasted it and it was pretty delish. 

The Long Bar

23 Tony Anegbode Street. Victoria Island, Lagos.

FOLLY: This might be my fave place on this list. You and your date can sit at a booth and be really cozy and "get to know each other".  It's also a great place to be "lowkey", if you don't want the whole of Lagos in your biz-ness.  

NOSA: The place is full of foreigns. Those guys don't know your gist. 

FOLLY: Their drinks are pretty strong so I'll take it slow if I were you, so you don't embarass yourself and start saying anything your sober self might not have said. 

PRO TIP: Pass on the crispy chicken wings (you can make it at home), the hot sticky wings on the other hand are EVERYTHING. 


13, Musa Yardua Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

FOLLY: The best pizza in Lagos and it's always consistent. Sit outside and it's a great day time spot.

NOSA: Or at night. Stare at the stars and whatnot. 

FOLLY: Also, you can't stunt with your black card here as Pizze-riah is cash only. You probably aren't interested in this list if you have a black card though; Izanagi is where you want to be. 

NOSA: Their most expensive pizza is N3,500 and a bottle wine should set you back like N2,000. That's N5,500 total. #ThankMeLater

FOLLY: I totes did pizza and wine in college (as opposed to beer and pizza) because I'm fake fancy like that

Olivia's Cafe

33 Fola Osibo Street. Lekki Phase I, Lagos

NOSA: Started coming here because it's the only place I know in Lekki with free wifi. The food isn't the greatest thing ever, but it's super affordable. I don't think Folly & I have gone over N5000 on any of our trips here. 

And their bacon tastes like goat meat. 

Mico's House of Chicken & Waffles

Samit Mall. Plot 69, Admiralty Way. Lekki Phase I, Lagos

NOSA: Not only will this be different, this won't blow your wallet up. The Chicken & Waffle plate is N2000 and it's the most expensive thing on the menu.