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A Disappointing Sunday Brunch at SAFI

NOSA: Deep down, I always felt that our SAFI review was a bit too soon. Their instagram, too, seemed to suggest this as well. The ideas seemed to be there on the menu, but the execution when we visited fell a bit short. When they announced their brunch menu, I felt like it was an opportunity to give them another shot. 

FOLLY: And another shot, we gave them. I was excited to visit again because their Instagram pictures of their brunch offering looked lit. There’s probably no correlation here but I also heard that Circa in Lekki has a very good full English,so I just imagined things were looking up for Lekki restaurants so I was eager to re-visit Safi.

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NOSA: Perhaps giving them another shot wasn’t the wisest decision either. No need to mince words here, but our entire brunch experience at SAFI was pitiful. From the breakfast burger not being available to the English Breakfast presented to us, the execution didn’t just fall short, it fell way off the mark.

FOLLY: I’m told the restaurant business in Lagos is very hard and the quality of the food at Safi is an indication of how hard it must be. The entire menu needs to be scrapped. We ordered 3 of 5 items and all three were “a damn shame”.

English Breakfast

English Breakfast

NOSA: I really had high hopes, but it was just so disappointing. This is the breakfast your cook from Togo makes. You shouldn’t have to leave your house, burn fuel and still have to pay legal tender for it. 

FOLLY: I was also going to order the French Toast and I was grateful that we didn’t because from the looks of things, it would have been an additional waste of money.



Churchill’s Pub

Churchill’s Pub

FOLLY: The bacon was basic and rubbery (as you can tell) and in the place of sausages what we received were wrinkly frankfurters.

NOSA: Why on earth do restaurants still do these “sausages” either? The Artisan Butchery can get you proper locally sourced sausages. You might say “Oh, it’s not expensive so allow”, but the Full English at Churchill’s Pub in Lekki is N700 cheaper and infinitely better. I honestly do not understand. Maybe restaurant owners can clue us in here because I’m sure there’s something I’m missing. When things feel so obvious, there are often hidden factors. So, please, I’m listening. 

Sweet Potato Hash

Sweet Potato Hash

NOSA: The sweet potato hash was the brightest spot on the menu. The rest of it was so bad that I’ll excuse the fact it was fried in old oil and you literally taste the last thing the fried with it. Yes, that’s how bad the experience was. 

SAFI Lagos Brunch0002.jpg
SAFI Lagos Brunch0005.jpg

NOSA: The chef, for some reason, left out the ham the menu promised in the Croissant Sandwich. I had to borrow a strip of bacon from the Full English. You can literally make this plate yourself in your house, down to the Kraft singles cheese. I got rained on driving to SAFI for this. But that wasn’t the worst part. That’s reserved for the pancakes. 

NOSA: The pancakes came out as basically pancake batter. We tasted it just to be sure we weren’t imagining things and when we sent it back, the chef insisted that’s how pancakes are made. 

SAFI Lagos Brunch0001.jpg
SAFI Lagos Brunch0004.jpg

FOLLY: I was appaled at that response. I could'n’t actually believe this soggy and uncooked mess was being defended as “this is how we make it”.

NOSA: I mean, no be my restaurant but in another country, this is a violation of some sort. Places get shut down for less. 



NOSA: All round bad. Waste of calories.

FOLLY: I think I was more by the waste of calories more so than the obvious waste of money.




Full English - N3800

Sweet Potato Hash - N1000

Croissant Sandwich - N3200



Narrow and a tight squeeze.

Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LI

There's only one question today, have y'all fallen out of love with us? *insert sad face* Let's get right to it though.

Subject: English Breakfast

Message: Hi Nosa & Folly :)

It’s a friend’s birthday in a bit & I’ll like to take her out for English breakfast (her fave!). What are the top 3 spots for that on the Island? À la carte. No hotel brunches, no buffet, no price constraint, not big on the ambience, just great food.

Thank you :)
— U.B

FOLLY: The place you're looking for is Churchill Pub.

NOSA: The Foundry has a good full English as well

Pub Brunches: Churchill Bar

Churchill Bar

4/6 Layi Yusuf Street, Lekki 1, Lagos

01 454 2345

NOSA: A "Pub Brunch" is like a "Hotel Brunch", but infinitely cheaper, a bit less fancier, and arguably better. For this episode, we checked Churchill Bar in Lekki.

FOLLY: Churchill is my new favourite place to eat in Lekki.  

We've always said on this blog that there's a dearth of good restaurants/places to eat in Lekki 1 but since then Road Chef, Urban Fuxion and Sao Cafe came along, and now we've also discovered Churchill. 

NOSA: I had no idea it was a pub tbh. When Oreka told us about it, I still thought it was some new restaurant in Lekki

FOLLY: What's funny is that we've always known of Churchill but thought it was in 'far Lekki' aka after the 3rd Roundabout, and never wanted to make the trip.

NOSA: When we were driving, I kept looking for for a sign or something, but nope, none. 


FOLLY: I almost didn't want to come to Churchill on this day, but as Nigerians like to say "God had other plans" because he led me here instead. I was set on going to Surulere but Nosa wasn't interested.

NOSA: One day, she'll tell you guys the rubbish thing she wanted to go do in Surulere.

FOLLY: Not today, but just know I like to be prepared. 


FOLLY: I started with this nameless smoothie because I wasn't interested in drinking water. I think the smoothie had pineapple, apple and banana in it. 

Heads up, Churchill has no drinks menu so you have you trust your waitress's memory of the fridge/store room. 

NOSA: I'll tell you this for free, if there's no drink menu at the bar, just order beer. Don't try any of that fancy stuff and fall your hand. Humbly ask for Star. 

FOLLY: For my meal, I chose the Full English Breakfast and Nosa had the 3 Egg Omelette. You see, Nosa would have preferred to have the Full English but since he didn't follow me to Surulere, I couldn't let him have it. 


NOSA: Negatives first, the hash browns were a little burnt as you can see.  The omelette was absolutely lovely, however. Wish they had sriracha because it would have been the perfect fit. For quite a bit less on the wallet, this omelette is better than the one you get at RSVP  brunch and you don't have to pay so much for the bacon on the side. 


FOLLY: Everything on my plate was perfect, with the exception of the hash browns which were a little charred as Nosa mentioned earlier. The bacon, mushrooms, eggs, and sausage were just awesome-sauce. 

NOSA: The sausage was very very good, like the cumberland one at Mansilla.


The sausage wasn't a hot dog, nor was the bacon goat meat. Sounds mad, but those two things actually happened at this one place and this other place

NOSA: The bacon was a little struggs. I'm a bacon expert, I know what I'm talking about.

FOLLY: He actually is. 


FOLLY: The last time I was this excited about finding a new restaurant was Crossroads.

NOSA: I really like this place. Compared to the other "pubs" in Lagos, the food is actually good and like the other pubs in Lagos, it's not expensive either. 

FOLLY: The breakfast at Churchill is all day so if you're craving a Full English in the evening in Lekki, these are your guys. 

NOSA: Speaking of evenings, like other Lagos "pubs", you will encounter ladies of the night at night. I mean, it has a huge expat crowd and it's in Lekki. If that's not your spec, don't go there in the evening. If it is, they offer rooms on request lol. 

FOLLY: I like to know things so I asked how much the rooms were. N18000, in case you were wondering too. 



Full English - N2500

Omelette - N2000

Side Bacon - N500

Smoothie - N900

5 Meals in Lagos for under N2000

FOLLY: So a couple of days ago, Nosa shared this article with me 5 Places to Eat in Lagos under N2000 , by Critic Chef for I liked it a lot so I wanted to write one but for 5 meals under N2000 because I, as much as you, love a good bargain. 

Turkey Gizzard Meal at BBQ Cravings - N2000

Turkey Gizzard BBQ Cravings.jpg

FOLLY: I remember Nosa really liked these when we went to BBQ Cravings. When we came we supersized ours to include ribs and an extra side because there were two of us. I'd also recommend the wedges over the fries. 

NOSA: I really like gizzards so obviously I'm a fan.

Chicken Pinky at Grill House @ Farmcity - N1500


FOLLY: This is a simple and delicious meal of grilled chicken and potatoes. In fact, it used to be N1000 but it's now N1500, the man at the grill said it's because of the exchange rate. Yeah, it makes no sense to me either. I still buy it at this new price though. 

NOSA: As far as I'm concerned, this is best value meal you'll get in Lagos. Ok, second best. Right after Olaiya "Rice & Stew with 2 meat".

Pizza at La Taverna - N2000

la taverna lagos pizza.JPG

FOLLY: Every Wednesday and Sunday night is Pizza night at La Taverna. This means every pizza on their menu is N2000. My favorites are the Parma Ham and the Lagos Street.

NOSA: Funny thing about La Taverna is how people look at it as "Rich Man Food", but will gladly spend double the amount on shitty Dominoes. Smh.


Mixed Shawarma + Sausage at Best Shawarma - N1000


NOSA: Arguably the best shawarma in Lagos. No need for any long story here.


Chicken & Waffle Special  at Mico's House of Chicken and Waffle - N2000


NOSA: I'm not a fan of the waffle, but the chicken is so excellent.

FOLLY: Mico's Chicken recipe is everything. What I love about it is that it's not just deep fried bland. They have a really good spice rub or something. It's not Nigerian spicy aka peppery, it has real flavour to it. 

NOSA: Always get it to go, by the way. The space is too small to eat in.


The Full English  at Pat's Bar - N2600

FOLLY: And if you have a lirru bit of extra cash. N2600 will get you an English Breakfast at Pat's Bar with real sausages and real bacon. The first time Nosa got it and I had ordered the Cottage Pie, I had the worst plate envy. 

Pats bar breakfast.JPG

Breakfast Around The World

The Foundry

0809 654 0409. 0809 654 0408

Plot 288B Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island. Lagos

NOSA: This time last year, I'd put good money on Foundry having the best Full English in Lagos. Infinitely better than that one place that puts boiled eggs in theirs and claims it was a simple error.

Now? Not so much.

the cockney

the cockney

FOLLY: If you've ever had the Whitehouse Breakfast at Casa Lydia, the Americana at Foundry is essentially the same thing. I've been eating both for a long time and have never been disappointed until today. 

the americana

the americana

NOSA: Maybe the chef is still out of the country. The mushrooms were tasteless. Like they just got them out of a can or something. The eggs seriously lacked salt. 

FOLLY: The mushroooms were just sad and they used to be proper fried with the onions. These might have gone from can  random container  microwave → our plates. 

The Cockney

The Cockney

FOLLY: Every other time I've ordered this I've gotten full size fluffy pancakes. Why change something that isn't broken ? These pancakes reminded me of the crepes at Four Points, which I hate. 

NOSA: The pancakes look like add-ons you get in those My First Kitchen playsets.

the americana

the americana

NOSA: And the bacon tasted like fried ham. Sigh. I really don't know what happened to Foundry. Fell off big time. 

FOLLY: The bacon was probably fried ham, but I liked it.  


NOSA: I mean, just look at how good The Cockney looked last year.


Damn, Foundry. Last year you was the man, homie

FOLLY: I don't believe this was their best showing, so I'll definitely go back and give 'em another chance.


The Cockney - N3,200

The Americana - N3,200