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Subject: Where to take a boy

Message: Hi Guys I love your blog so i’m looking to take my friend that is a boy for brunch I don’t think it’s necessarily a date but somewhere nice and cozy and affordable would be nice. Thank you so much ❤️
— L.J

NOSA: Are you trying to make this boy more than a friend? If yes, take him to La Brioche. If no, take him to Crust & Cream

FOLLY: Pizze-Riah is also on that same street and is very casual, he won't see through your plan. 

Subject: Dinner for my bestie

Message: Hi guys, first of you guys r doing a really great job well done .
So it’s my bestfriend’s birthday in a few and I was hoping to take her out to a nice dinner where we can just chill and have a good time .. Just us two . My budget is between 10-15k and I love if you recommend places around v.i/lekki/ikoyi axis. Thanks...
— E.J

NOSA: La Veranda. You can both get mains and split a bottle of wine.

FOLLY: Crust and Cream

Subject: Steak Ranking

Message: So I really like steak and wanted to make sure I have not missed out on any hidden spots. If you were ranking restaurants strictly on the basis of steak quality, what would be your top three? I have it as 1. RSVP 2. Talindos 3. Eko steakhouse/Velvet
— L.L

NOSA: For me, 

  1. 1415
  2. RSVP
  3. Talindo
  4. Vellvett

FOLLY: My ranking is:

  1. 1415
  2. Everything else.

Message: Hi guys, let me start by confessing my addiction to your blog. You guys rock! Now to business, I have developed a craving for Indian food; haven’t had it in a bit. Where on the island would you recommend? Also, can you recommend some good buka places? (also on the island) hopefully a place where the aunties don’t behave as if they’d rather throw the food at you.
— A.O

NOSA: For Indian, you have to check out Sherlaton for sure. For Bukas, there's Abe Igi in Lekki and that amala place in Marina. 

FOLLY: The "amala place" he's referring to is First Bank amala. I know a guy that swears on the buka near Igbosere roundabout. For Indian, Spice Route is still pretty good in my books. 

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