EDL Weekender: Picnic & Ribs

EAT - Honey BBQ Ribs @ BL Restaurant


NOSA: These might be the only ribs in Lagos as tender as Urban Fuxion. Maybe even more. HIGHLY recommend.

FOLLY: Tastes just as good as leftovers too cause if you're anything like me, you might not be able to eat it all in one sitting. (ps. the ribs are pork)


DRINK - Ogogoro Collins @ Nok

NOSA: I was at Nok for dinner last night and I got this.It’s not real Ogogoro (shouts to Mode for giving me the real experience), but it’s still one of the better cocktails they have.

FOLLY: I really like the Guavarita, but that's just me. 


LAGOS* - MovieNic (Get Outside)


EMEKA: For this October edition we're feeling halloween vibes and will be showing a scary movie. Bring a bottle & blanket. RSVP Closes Friday 21 2016 at 11:00PM.

Time: 5:00PM (Picnic), 7:15PM (Movie)
Fee: RSVP here or on the NTDIL app.  Entrance is N1,000 without RSVP.
Location: 19b Adeyemi Lawson, Ikoyi, Lagos


BONUS - Eat.Drink.Lagos x Jameson Brunch!

NOSA: Because we’re out here like that.

* Curated by NothingToDoInLagos.com

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