Searching For The Best Shawarma in Lagos III: The Mainland

So I had a bit of an adventure on my shawarma haunt in the mainland. When I originally came up with this idea, I googled shawarma spots in Ikeja and this place called ‘Waves Shawarma’ came up so I decided to start from there.

Lol, BIG mistake.

I took a cab and the map started directing us towards Agege Dopemu.  I was so confused, asking myself questions like “how is this Ikeja?”. We passed the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway, I kid you not. Anyway, when we finally arrived much later, the place was literally a dirty kiosk on the side of the road, with a few tired doughnuts on the shelf.

The best part? There was no shawarma available! Lesson? Don’t google, just ask the locals abeg.


The Farm

Isheri Road, Ojodu Berger

After my last trip almost took me to Abeokuta, my Uber recommended a spot in Ojodu. The drive was long and infuriating and the traffic was infuriating. But it gets worse, the shawarma was not worth it.


Maybe the locals don’t know any better either.

I had the regular shawarma with double sausage. The first bite was a mouthful of salty sausage. The wrap wasn’t assembled evenly and so each bite had a different taste. It was not great.

No, scratch that. It was terrible. 

There was barely any chicken and the little I tasted sorely lacked flavor. That saltiness I mentioned earlier was constant and it’s a taste I was not too thrilled with. At a point, all I could taste was mayo and I just gave up after that. 

Do not recommend, don’t do it guys.


Chicken Shawarma with Double Sausage - N700




BEST Shawarma 

Randle Avenue, Surulere

Two other things I liked about Best: the price and the cleanliness. The place looked much cleaner than many other shawarma places and it wasn’t swarming with flies. Secondly, N900 for a mixed shawarma ? I fux with that.
— Folly, on BEST Shawarma in 2015

So after the first post, a couple of comments suggested this place, so I decided to check it out.

I’m glad I listened to y’all coz that was the best shawarma I had. I know the picture doesn’t look like much, but it was really good. The right level of spice, evenly distributed sauce, really great textures.


It was just as good as the Best Shawarma in Agungi, maybe even better. I’m not sure it is run by the same company. Can anyone confirm?


Chicken Shawarma with Double Sausage - N1300





01 Shawarma 

Akerele Street, Surulere

This place is pretty close to Best Shawarma. I had the beef shawarma with sausage and it wasn’t too shabby. But the fact that it was either made with goat or ram meat put me off a bit. I identified the gamey-ness immediately.

Otherwise, it was well made, the right level of flavor, evenly distributed sauce, really great texture. I shouldn’t have been surprised because the 01 in Lekki is pretty decent as well. So we *maybe* can say they are a consistent brand. 

7/10 just cause it *tasted* like goat meat.

Something I didn’t quite like was the fact that they all used paper wraps, because like I said in the previous post, I think foil should be the go-to packaging for shawarma because paper gets soggy and unwraps and spills sauce and stuff on you. 


Beef Shawarma with Sausage - N1050