Preparing for #EatDrinkAbuja: Meet the Vendors 2

We’re drawing close to the end of the month and I’m excited, not just because of payday but because EatDrinkFestival Abuja is closer as well (it’s holding on Saturday June 8, 2019 in case you didn’t know) - although payday comes a close second.

To help prepare and make you as geared up as I am to witness this foodie festival happening for the first time in Abuja, here is our usual vendor list, along with what sounds the most delicious or fun in each menu. Enjoy!

Melo’s Kitchen

Instagram Handle: @MelosKitchen

Melo_s Kitchen.png

What to Expect: Melo’s kitchen will be specializing in mini dishes, which I think is genius, especially if you (like me) want to have enough tummy space to try other delicious treats at the festival.

What Would OluwaTobi Get? (WWOG): I have to say what sounds like the most fun in this menu is the mini lasagna. Although, I am a sucker for fries and maybe I’d just pig out and get all of it- the combo deal of mini burgers, wings and fries and the lasagna, all for 3,000. Sweet deal right? Absolutely.


Ette’s Barbecue

Instagram Handle: @Chef8tte

Ette_s Barbecue.png

What to Expect: I love grilled foods this vendor is king of the grill. Seriously, who doesn’t like boli?

What Would OluwaTobi Get? (WWOG): What looks the most interesting to me on this menu is definitely the Famous turkey and plantain/sweet potato. It has to be pretty epic for it to be called famous right? Am I right?


Crazype0ple Cocktails

Instagram Handle: @crazype0ple_cocktails

Crazype0ple Cocktails.png

What to Expect: Everyone loves cocktails amirite? Yes! Anyway, if you couldn’t already tell by the name of this vendor, their cocktails are, for lack of a better word, crazy.

What Would OluwaTobi Get? (WWOG): Definitely the Screaming Orgasm, 100%


Lily’s Hands

Instagram Handle: bylilyshands

Lily_s Hands.png

What to Expect: If you do not eat animal produce, fear not! Vegans and Muslims will not be left out of the fun because this particular vendor has some options that are vegan and halal.

What Would OluwaTobi Get? (WWOG): Deep Fried Seitan Cutlets which sound amazing and definitely what I’d be having as I’ve never had that before and I’m all for adventure.


Waffle Stop

Instagram Handle: - @wafflestopabuja

Waffle Stop.png

What to Expect: As the vendor name implies, Waffle stop would be selling waffles, all day! It’s just one item on their menu - I stan a focused team.

What Would OluwaTobi Get? (WWOG): The Waffle pop, obviously. It’s simple a waffle on a stick, covered with nuts, syrup and fruit! Sounds yummy right? Absolutely.

While you’re getting excited for the Festival, we’d like to remind you that EatDrinkAbuja is a completely cashless event so skip the queues and buy your event ticket online (N1000). This allows you to have access to the dedicated online ticket queue to pick up your wristband at the festival.

What Does a Cashless Event Mean?

Eat Drink Festival Day 1 -0053.JPG
  1. Buy your event ticket and you get given a wristband that has a special RFID chip in it.

  2. You can load your festival wristband with money (pay with cash or debit card) at the front desk or any of the top up stations around the festival.

  3. The RFID chip in the wristband can be read by the special tablet device given to all vendors.

  4. Once you have loaded funds onto your wristband, you can visit any of the food or drink vendors on-site. Let them know what you would like to purchase, they will tap the products on their device, and then scan your wristband in order to deduct the correct amount - and then it's time to enjoy your purchase! 

  5. It’s very fast and very easy. There are no issues with not having change or the POS network being down.


You can simply ask any vendor or top-up staff member to scan your wristband to see how much credit you have remaining. After each transaction, the vendor will also show you the balance you have remaining.