The Great Orange Juice Debate: Pulp or No Pulp?

Welcome to our first-ever Orange Juice Week powered by 5Alive Pulpy. At "breakfast time" everyday this week, we'll be sharing something about Orange Juice.

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As far as food debates go, there aren’t many more divisive topics like the presence of pulp in orange juice. The closest thing we can think of is “pineapple on pizza”. 

As far as the science goes, pulp in orange juice is good for you. Pulp contains something called flavonoids, which is apparently really good for the body.

Flavonoids are a diverse group of phytonutrients (plant chemicals) found in almost all fruits and vegetables. Along with carotenoids, they are responsible for the vivid colors in fruits and vegetables.
— Live Science

The flavonoids stimulate the body's excretion systems, which falls in line with everything we learnt about fruits in Home Economics class.

The fiber in oranges is another major contributor to heart health. Citrus fruit (especially tangerines) are one of the richest sources of high-quality pectin—a type of dietary fiber.
— SuperFoodsRx

All that stuff is great, but is anyone really thinking about dietary benefits when drinking a glass of OJ. I mean, we invented mimosas for a reason.

Before you vote, though, we tossed the debate in our EDL group chat:


NOSA: Pulp or no pulp?



CHUKA: No pulp, abeg. If I’m gonna drink fake fresh orange juice then I rather skip the fake pulp. However, if it’s really freshly squeezed then I don’t mind the bits

NOSA: I honestly can’t stand pulp. It feels like something getting in the way. Like it’s not meant to be there. 


FOLLY: Pulp gives you some texture to the liquid.

CHUKA: Let’s not lie and act like the first time we drank OJ with pulp we loved it. 

FOLLY: I liked it, please

CHUKA: It’s just designed to give it that freshly squeezed feel.

NOSA: Actually, I think I hate pulp because my first introduction to OJ was pulp-less

FOLLY: I like pulp because the drink always felt heavier with it. I am mentally predisposed to thinking Orange Juice should be a thick drink so without pulp I think it’s way too thin.

CHETA: Without pulp, it just tastes like flavored water, tbh.

Where do you stand in the great debate? Pulp or no pulp?

The good thing is that Five Alive has great options, whatever side of the debate you fall on.