Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos 104: Eastern European Food in Lagos

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Welcome back to Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos, our Lagos dining advice column. As usual, for the simpler questions, ask the bot. But, for life's tougher questions, you're more than welcome to email us.

We took a little hiatus from this because we got a bit better with responding to emails/DMs. Old habits have kicked in and we're back to the normal routine. Ask your questions all week and on Tuesday, we'll table your matter. That should work for everyone.

Subject: Reunion

Message: Hello, my school alumni wants old their reunion at Tivoli Garden Rstaurant, have you been here? What do you think of the service. Thanks a lot.
— Chu A

We've heard about it, but haven't really got round to checking it out. Chalk it up to procrastination. The space looks really nice so if food is an afterthought, you should give it a shot. 

Subject: Birthday dilemma

Message: Hi I’m going to be turning 17 and I don’t want to do anything out of the top. My birthday is on a Friday but I was thinking of celebrating it on Saturday w my closest friends, What do you think? I’m on a budget and my friend advised me to just have like a birthday lunch or dinner. Max we could be 5 in number or less. Nothing too fancy where do you suggest and at what price could you estimate
— Sonia

Happy birthday, young one!

For 17, I'm assuming you aren't drinking. Well, at least legally. So my recommendation would be Syrian Club. It's pocket friendly

I don't know your budget, but if it's in the 5-7k/head range, maybe you can give Backyard a shot

Subject: East European food

Message: Hi . Are there any restaurants in Lagos that serve
Russian or Ukrainian cuisine?
— Sachin

I don't know about Russian, but My Coffee is owned by Ukrainians and BL Restaurant is Bulgarian.


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