Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXXIV

Every Tuesday, we answer reader questions. Sometimes, they can be a bit demanding.

Subject: Wedding Dinner

Message: Hi guys,
So, I’m planning my wedding and my fiancee and I aren’t wedding people. Where on the mainland can we host about 60 people to a buffet on a budget of 300k? Thanks
— T.M

FOLLY: I ate at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Festal once and it was pretty good. This was last year and I remember it being < 6000 for the buffet. I think that would work well within your budget. 

Subject: Birthday Buffet Dinner

Message: Hi Guys! Need some recommendations on good spots for a surprise birthday buffet dinner for about 25 people. Budget is 8k (max inclusive of drinks) per head and location is the island...VI preferably.
Hotel options are welcome as well.
Also the ambiance should be relaxing with music to unwind as well.

— K.U

NOSA: Does it really have to be a buffet?

FOLLY: Honestly, buffets are a terrible idea, and especially since your budget is N8000, you can do a lot better. My suggestions are Craft Gourmet, Crust & Cream, and La Provence.

NOSA: BL Restaurant, for me.

FOLLY: If you insist on the buffet however, Hotel Bon Voyage and The Four Points got you.


Subject: Birthday dinner

Message: Hey, do you know any restaurants that have private rooms or anything like that for groups? Thanks!
— E.A

FOLLY: Spice Route

NOSA: Ginger Tapas has a private room, but it's pretty small. If you have a small group, maybe. Pattaya also has one



Message: Hello, really like your blog. Very entertaining,especially the freestyle banter. Would be nice if you can have a “location” category i.e Lekki, Victoria Island/Mainland/Apapa.

— P.A

FOLLY: Working on it. 

Subject: Birthday dinner

Message: So im back here again cos my question wasn’t answered to my satisfaction cos I didn’t give enough information. I need ideas for not too pricey restaurants in lekki /VI for a birthday dinner for 20people. Budget is 150k . So per head should be like 6k 7k . Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks
— R.I.

NOSA: Oh, I remember your question.

Try Angle Villa

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