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You guys are really cool.
Is Folly single? Food is really important to me right now.
— O


Hello there,

I have been surfing the internet trying to find the perfect restaurant that offers private dinning (dinner for 2) as one of their services.
and i came across your website.

i must say that i have been on it for the last 1hour and i have found a lot of helpful posts on here.

However i still am yet to find the perfect restaurant for my couple and i was hoping you could help.

I would really appreciate a response.

Thank you
— T

NOSA: Private dining? Like, nobody else in the restaurant Wilson Fisk style? I’ve thought about this one all week and I’ve been drawing blanks. I know Mansilla has the private room you can rent out. RSVP too, I was on Trip Advisor one time and I saw someone rented out the whole space, but that was for a party. If money is no issue, I’m pretty sure you can make it happen anywhere. 

FOLLY: The best thing might be to ask a restaurant that doesn't open on Mondays to rent out the space to you on that evening for a private dinner. Example of such are be RSVPSakura and Mansilla. Uptown Restaurant @ The Avenue Suites has the most wonderful view of Eko Atlantic, that'll also be really romantic.

NOSA: If any readers can help, drop a line in the comments. 


having a serious hitch for macaroons...any idea where to get like proper French standard
— D

FOLLY: Sugarcane Kitchen (check them out on Instagram here) make the most delicious macarons I've had in Lagos, but they only make in bulk quantities (100+). So you might have to throw a party so you can order these for dessert.

Or order 100 plus macarons and eat them all by yourself really. 

NOSA: Salt Lagos does too, I believe. Crust & Cream has those giant one that are a bit chewy on the inside. Whatever you do, avoid the Chocolat Royle one.

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