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Subject: 23rd birthday lunch

Hey, you guys are hilarious, I love reading you guys blog anyways my friends birthday is coming up in a months time and ever since we have been friends she really hasn’t done anything like party, lunch or dinner she is always at home depressed but she spoke out and said she wants to have lunch with 10 people but she doesn’t want something expensive pls, help out with a nice restaurant. Thank you
— T.M

FOLLY: Hey! Happy Birthday to your friend!

Have you ever been to La Taverna ? It’s not too expensive, and the food is really good. You could also try going in ahead of the event to work out a special price / head with the owner. He’s usually very receptive to that. My second recommendation would be BBQ Cravings, it’s an outdoors restaurant but it’s absolutely chilled and food is pretty good. 

NOSA: I'd pick Basillico. Folly has noted how I always subconsciously recommend this, but I actually really like it. First time I ever got dinner with Folly, we went there. Maybe that's the birthplace of Eat.Drink.Lagos.

Subject: Cookout

Roadster Burger VS BBQ your opinion what’s the better option to go with
— D.I

FOLLY: I’ve never eaten at Roadster’s so I cannot say. I’ve been there before, however and I prefer the BBQ Cravings space, it feels ....cleaner. 

NOSA: Not related but that Grind Grill Cafe place is filthy. There was un-flushed shit in the toilet and the whole place was just grimy. Ugg.

Roadster burgers look decent on Instagram, might fall in one of these days.

Subject: Dinner Date Suggestion

First things first, love the style of this blog. From the simple minimalist style of the blog to the great banter.

I like the writing, often times when I read Nigerian writing I cringe but with you guys I get the feeling that I’m reading something off Gawker.

Okay lets get to it, I promised a friend of mine (whom I also “like like”) that i’d take her on a very fancy date if I got a promotion. The next day I went to work and boom, I got a promotion. Thing is I hyped the date up when i was telling her about it not knowing I was a few hours away from getting it. Told her it would be so fancy that she’d have to wear a dinner dress and i’d have to wear a blazer at least (I don’t even own a blazer).

Please I need suggestions for a nice place to take her, like I said I like her so I also wanna impress her and show her something pleasantly different. I’m on a budget so something affordable would be great. Ideally I’d like somewhere Asian or European.

Once again keep up the great work.
— L.N

NOSA: Congrats on your promotion!

FOLLY: You’re cute. As I started reading your email, I was so ready to suggest 1415 and then I got to the part where you said you were on a budget. But you said you got a promotion though, so spend this money now….

NOSA: Stop pinching the money!

FOLLY: That said, for Asian I’d recommend Sakura. For European, I’d recommend Mansilla – it’s not budget but it’ll be pleasantly different and you can certainly dress up.

NOSA: I'd actually go with Izanagi tbh. Sushi is Asian, no? 

FOLLY: Or how about you split the date into two, go somewhere for food first then follow up with Winehouse for wine and conversation. I bet she'll love that.

NOSA: Actually scratch everything I said. If you really really like this girl, take her to Winehouse. It's low-key and cute. It's not overly romantic or anything, but it's just about right. If you're shooting your shot, it's nice to shoot at a rim with a backboard, yanno? 

FOLLY: Thank you for reading and for your kind words. And the Gawker comparison? You’ve made Nosa’s week! 

NOSA: You really have. Now, I'm taking an interest in this dinner. I hope you're not washing the car for another man to drive o!

Subject: - Hi

Message: Hi so my friends and I are looking for somewhere we can chill, have nice drinks, good food(most likely finger food) with a good ambience. Somewhere w shisha too.

But can’t seem to think of any. Please can you suggest somewhere
Preferably on a Friday night on the island

- thanks a lot
— T.N.

NOSA: Off the top of my head, I'll say either Posh Cafe or BBQ R' Us

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