Hotel Brunches: Sheraton Lagos

The Crockpot @ Sheraton Lagos

30 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos

01 280 0100 EXT.6743

NOSA: The original plan on this day was to check out Curry’s - a new spot in Ikeja. Well, we get to Curry’s and find out it’s a pastry shop, which kinda violates our Whole30 thing this month. Shit out of luck, we decided to try one of the hotel brunches in the area. 

FOLLY: Not before trying to going to Orchid Bistro first. I was feeling very very thrifty this particular Sunday so I opted to order à la carte instead of doing the buffet. The menu prices on the left side of the menu aka the cheaper side looked hella attractive,  so I knew for sure I didn’t need no buffet. 

NOSA: Because I couldn’t make up my mind on anything on the the menu, I decided to opt for the buffet. Now, my decision making process was in no way aided by the “live band” positioned right beside us. Homeboy butchering a medley of your favorite songs kinda threw me off my game a bit. 


FOLLY: I got a 3 Egg Omelette with mushrooms, onions and tomatoes. If you’ve read this blog long enough, you’ll know mushrooms are bae. 

NOSA: The buffet spread was more lunch-y than brunch-y tbh.

FOLLY: Exactly how I knew I didn’t need that negativity in my life. I actually took a walk around to check out the selection before making my final decision.

NOSA: Anyway, like any red blooded Nigerian, I started with the pepper soup. Gizzard Pepper Soup, to be specific. The thing was mighty delicious, but I’m not the best judge of Nigerian food so don’t take my word for it. 

FOLLY: The menu said my omelette will be served with a veal sausage, and it probably was because it tasted like no other sausage Nosa and I have ever known.


I was also pretty impressed that I got three sausages all included in the price (N2500). See it’s important to note this because I was at RSVP for brunch the other day and I ordered a side of bacon with my eggs and I got two squirmy looking pieces of bacon for N1000.

NOSA: For my second plate, I assembled a plate of almost every meat I could find in the place.  The chicken suya tasted like Mr. Biggs chicken, but the lamb was actual lamb unlike Freshly Ground that served ram and called it lamb. The beef suya was proper scraps so they should probably invest in a proper Mai Suya and ditch their fancy chef. 

FOLLY: It’s funny cause Nosa gave me the chicken thing to taste, and it conjured up the memory of my last visit to Mr. Biggs during my NYSC passing out period. My words to Nosa were exactly “this thing tastes like Mr. Biggs Chicken”. 

FOLLY:  The waitress had tried to convince me that I should get fries with my eggs because the potatoes will 'take time to come'. I politely declined and told her I was patient (I actually didn’t tell her that but I was prepared to be).

In the end it turned out to be the best decision because the potatoes > sausages > eggs. Trust me the potatoes look very humble and unassuming but they tasted like everything.  




NOSA: I liked the buffet. It’s not brunch, but they have a real expansive selection.  And a Mongolian grill too. 

FOLLY: When the waitress brought my meal she said to me “You will enjoy it”.

When she came to clean up our table she asked “Did you enjoy it?” to which I responded “Yes”, and then she said “I told you”.

 My meal was definitely great value for money. 

NOSA: For the price (of the buffet), I expected bottomless mimosas though. Or maybe one glass at least.

FOLLY: Pretty sure I saw a sign about a complimentary glass of Martini, but no one offered Nosa anything and I didn't see any glasses on the other tables either. 



Buffet - N7500

Three Egg Omlette - N2500