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Easter 2019: Easter Brunch Ideas

An activity packed weekend looms over many individuals in Lagos. Families and friend groups are getting ready for one of the busiest weekends in the year: Easter Weekend. Easter is the one time of year that has a way of bringing family and friends together in celebration. For practicing Christians, it’s a commemoration of the crucifixion and resurrection of our dear Lord, Jesus Christ and for everyone else, it’s a long weekend that poses the opportunity to party at every corner.

If you’re really on it, you probably already have your weekend planned by the hour. If you are still at a loss for what to do with all the free time so generously given, I’d like to let you know that I’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of activities and specials you can look into to get your holiday groove on:

Shiro Lagos

Landmark Centre, Water Corporation Road, Victoria Island, Lagos

It would not be Easter without an Easter brunch. Oh, and church. That’s important too. This Easter, surround yourself with delicious food while creating moments that will last a lifetime at Shiro Lagos.

Brunch will be hosted on the 21st of April and kicks off by 12:30 PM.


Nok by Alara

12 Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Nok by Alara promises a fun-filled and family focused weekend! It’s a family day out!

An all day brunch combined with children’s activities such as an Easter egg hunt, Egg painting classes and a sand pit make Nok by Alara the place to be this weekend.

The family day out will be held on the 21st of April from 12-6 PM.


Hard Rock Café

The Landmark Village, Water Corporation Road, Victoria Island, Lagos

It’s all about the kids at Hard Rock this weekend.

For N5000, your child can enjoy a meal and myriad of activities. These activities include a live bunny/rabbit pit, cookie making, a treasure hunt and an Easter egg making contest. Hard Rock promises giveaways to kids as well!

Kid’s day takes off at 12:30 PM on the 21st of April.


The Lagos Continental

Plot 52 Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Fancy brunch at an even fancier hotel? Yes, please!

The Lagos Continental will be hosting a special Easter brunch on the 21st of April. At N15000 per head, individuals can enjoy this special Sunday brunch. Kids enjoy a 50% discount on the brunch fee and get to partake in other exciting activities such face painting.


HSE Gourmet

25 Babatope Bejide Crescent, Lekki Phase I, Lagos

Chef Nkesi is at it again! From the 20th to the 22nd of April, Chef Nkesi will be sprinkling some fairy dust on the menu at HSE gourmet! A few specials will be introduced to celebrate the season!

House Café

12 Victoria Arobieke Street, Lekki I, Lagos

Enjoy a special Easter brunch at the House Café this weekend! This brunch is so special, the House Café is having their very own Easter bunnies draw up a special menu for it.


Sheraton Lagos

30 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos

It’s an Easter double bill at the Sheraton this weekend!

On Easter Sunday, a special Easter brunch will be held at the Pumpkin Leaf Italian restaurant. At N16500 per head, diners enjoy the special brunch and get 20% off vouchers for their next visit to the restaurant. Kids under the age of 12 get in at half-price. The cost per head includes welcome drinks and non-alcoholic beverages. There’s also a scheduled egg hunt in which cool prizes can be won

On Easter Monday, individuals are welcome to attend the Easter Monday BBQ. At N11000 per head, diners enjoy limitless amounts of food and music. Children under the age of 12 are admitted at half-price.


Bonus Treats

My Coffee Lagos

If serenity is all that appeals to your senses this weekend, My Coffee Lagos might be the place for you. From the 19th to the 22nd of April, enjoy 15% discounts on all My Coffee products. The discounts are available in their VI and Lekki stores.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme has two special doughnuts in town this weekend! From the 19th to the 22nd of April, for every dozen of special doughnuts purchased, buyers get a dozen Original Glazed or Bran & Honey doughnuts for free!

This offer is also available via Jumia Food!

More American-style BBQ at Brooklyn Bistro

NOSA: From Smoqshaq in greater Lekki to Rhodes in Alausa, American-stye barbecue has slowly found its way into Lagos. Even BBQ & Cravings has added slow cooked ribs to menu. This week, we checked out another entrant - Brooklyn Bistro.

Located right in the middle of Fola Osibo, Brooklyn Bistro is a cute (read: small) restaurant

FOLLY: Brooklyn Bistro is a very humble space so it’s advisable not to go in expecting a fancy restaurant or the full works (at least I didn’t) or you’d be mighty disappointed. The entire restaurant has about 3 tables and the bar so it’s very small.

NOSA: Fitting ten people in there might stretch its limits. That’s how small, I mean “cute”, it is. I know that reads like shade, but I actually like the spirit of the place. It’s certain character to it. It has that “my first business” vibe and in this economy, it’s something I rate very highly. 

Brooklyn Bistro0011.jpg

The menu isn’t particularly extensive, your barbecue choices are confined to chicken wings, ribs (beef or pork) and brisket. After our visit, they revamped the menu a bit however. Added a couple new wing flavors and combos, but nothing particularly significant so we aren’t dated lol.

FOLLY: We got right into it and ordered an item each from the three sections of the menu: meats, wings and sandwiches

The sandwich was the most disappointing of the lot and I’d rather not dwell on it.

NOSA: It looked like Chickwhizz

Brooklyn Bistro0012.jpg

FOLLY: The pulled meat was way too tough to be called brisket and the bread, well, that was a soggy mess. The bottom slice had completely disintegrated by the heaviness of the sauce and couldn't; be picked up.

NOSA: I liked the brisket, but they went with the wrong bread type. I’d have gone with a burger bun and not regular toast. And if I went with toast, I’d lean towards something thicker like Texas toast. The coleslaw and brisket are way too moist for the bottom slice to survive.

Brooklyn Bistro0006.jpg
Brooklyn Bistro0004.jpg

FOLLY: The wings were good. The meat was very tender and the flesh slid of the bone without jerking and tearing. I was not adequately whelmed by the sauce. It tasted like a bottled barbecue sauce that had been upgraded with Cameroon pepper.

NOSA: Same sentiment on the wings, but we’ll get into the sauce when we talk about the ribs.

FOLLY: The soggy fries were disappointing and the Mac N Cheese, I prefer not to speak because I’m not supposed to be eating dairy. However, if I must speak on it, it was macaroni combined with cheese.

NOSA: The Mac n Cheese was more of a Penne Alfredo to be honest. Very “moist” for lack of better word. 

Brooklyn Bistro0009.jpg

FOLLY: Moving on to the ribs. Again, grade A on tenderness as every bone pulled out clean.

NOSA: This is exactly how all ribs in Lagos should work.

FOLLY: However, the cut wasn’t great because it was a lot more fat than meats in parts but nothing I’d really complain about for more than a sentence.

Brooklyn Bistro0008.jpg

NOSA: The ribs are bit interesting. The technique on it was great, but it tasted a like it was marinated with something from a bottle. A bit too sweet at points.  

FOLLY: Again the artificial taste in the sauce reared it’s head. It tasted really artificially sweet and at the same time quite acidic. So I concluded that it was either one of two things, they simply used a bottle barbecue with Cameroon pepper for the heat or they attempted to make theirs and they was just way too much ketchup and vinegar in their recipe.


NOSA: The food at Brooklyn Bistro was good, but not great. Like, imagine a friend’s mother that’s a really good cook. You love her food, but you’d never think of eating her dinners at a restaurant. That’s what Brooklyn Bistro feels like.

FOLLY: Honestly wasn’t one of the better barbecue experiences that I’ve had in Lagos.

NOSA: There’s definitely room for growth and I’m a bit optimistic because there’s just something about the place that I like.




 Brooklyn Wings - N2000

Half Rack Pork Ribs - N5000

Brisket Sandwich - N2800



Yeah… allow it, mate. 

The Dining Room Serves a Brunch Feast

FOLLY: First things first, the brunch at the Dining Room was a lot of food .

NOSA: Yeah, just gauge the menu.

The Dining Room is a super not-really-secret underground dining experience. The location isn’t put out publicly and to get it, you must be making a reservation. It’s such an interesting concept that’s a bit rare in these parts.

Oh, and it’s only open on the Thursdays, Fridays and weekends.

Anyway, they kicked off their brunch menu and we took our group of friends to go feast.

FOLLY: Nosa completely skipped the “starter course” because he’s not about that life.

NOSA: Yeah, all that fruit stuff is really not for me. The only fruit I can stand is in a juice or smoothie.

FOLLY: To start, we were served thick greek yoghurt and a variety of toppings. I personally don’t like citrus fruits on yoghurt so I ate the pineapples on their own.

FOLLY: The coconut on the granola was by far my favourite topping.

NOSA: Yeah, the granola was great, but I skipped out on this one so I can’t comment lol. Our friends liked it and got the extra to go if that counts. Greek Yogurt is kuku expensive in Lagos so get it how you live.

What I really liked, though, was the second course - breakfast.

NOSA: I expected individual plates and what came out was a proper feast. This is exactly how Sunday brunch should be. All that was missing was bottomless mimosas.

FOLLY: Overall, the breakfast course i.e. first course was great. The egg cups and the mushrooms stood our for me in the spread.

NOSA: Everything was great. The mushrooms weren’t from a can (Thank God!) and they were sautéed with some cilantro in there. The sausages weren’t struggle either. Someone needs to bring the guys from SAFI here and show them how it’s done.

FOLLY: I particularly enjoyed the mushrooms because 1) I love mushrooms 2) I love cilantro and the mushrooms we sautéed in cilantro. I cannot believe I never thought of combining my two faves in such a simple way. Mushrooms are also naturally so flavourful that you don’t need to do much to them for it to taste delicious, a little butter and olive oil in a pan and most of the mushrooms natural flavours would be released.


FOLLY: The eggs cups surprised me on two fronts simply, because it wasn’t on the initial menu and the second surprise was when I cut into it and all the peppers and vegetables that were stuffed in popped out. It tasted delicious too, the most prominent flavour though were the spring onions.

NOSA: If this was the entire brunch, I’d have no complaints. 12k for all of this is fair value for money. You’d take that anywhere else in Lagos. But was that all?

Nope. A third spread came out.

FOLLY: My standouts in the final course was the sweet and sour fish and rice. I didn’t eat a lot of the rice but I picked out a lot of the fish from the top. Loved that the tanginess that the sauce had and that the thin sliced vegetables still retained their crunchiness after cooking. The avocado salad was also very well received because I’m a basic millennial who loves avocados.

NOSA: I think I was super stuffed from the first round so I limped my way to the finish line. The calamari was built with the Nigerian palate in mind - spicy and bountiful. That said, the fish was definitely a standout with the egg plant dish coming a close second.

FOLLY: Grilled vegetables.


NOSA: The ribs, however, were utterly disappointing.

FOLLY: I was really bummed by the beef ribs because, although they tasted good, they missed the mark on texture because of how tough it was. The struggle.

NOSA: Everything was going well until the ribs. I really don’t get why she had do spoil everything with the ribs. It was like slicing through the toughest goat meat you can imagine. We definitely should’ve eaten the chicken before the ribs


FOLLY: The BBQ chicken was okay - the chef stuffed garlic under the skin which really helped ensure flavour all round. I think I was getting full at this point so I couldn’t eat that much chicken even though I liked it.

NOSA: Should’ve taken it away and made sandwiches with it. What a missed opportunity.


FOLLY: For the amount of food that it is, the brunch at Dining Room is sooo worth it. I’m still struggling to reconcile the amount we paid and the quantity and quality of the food

NOSA: This is exactly how you should do brunch. Everything else is second rate.




Brunch - N12,000



Decent. 6-7 cars.  

A Disappointing Sunday Brunch at SAFI

NOSA: Deep down, I always felt that our SAFI review was a bit too soon. Their instagram, too, seemed to suggest this as well. The ideas seemed to be there on the menu, but the execution when we visited fell a bit short. When they announced their brunch menu, I felt like it was an opportunity to give them another shot. 

FOLLY: And another shot, we gave them. I was excited to visit again because their Instagram pictures of their brunch offering looked lit. There’s probably no correlation here but I also heard that Circa in Lekki has a very good full English,so I just imagined things were looking up for Lekki restaurants so I was eager to re-visit Safi.

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Now serving breakfast all day....#safilagos

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NOSA: Perhaps giving them another shot wasn’t the wisest decision either. No need to mince words here, but our entire brunch experience at SAFI was pitiful. From the breakfast burger not being available to the English Breakfast presented to us, the execution didn’t just fall short, it fell way off the mark.

FOLLY: I’m told the restaurant business in Lagos is very hard and the quality of the food at Safi is an indication of how hard it must be. The entire menu needs to be scrapped. We ordered 3 of 5 items and all three were “a damn shame”.

English Breakfast

English Breakfast

NOSA: I really had high hopes, but it was just so disappointing. This is the breakfast your cook from Togo makes. You shouldn’t have to leave your house, burn fuel and still have to pay legal tender for it. 

FOLLY: I was also going to order the French Toast and I was grateful that we didn’t because from the looks of things, it would have been an additional waste of money.



Churchill’s Pub

Churchill’s Pub

FOLLY: The bacon was basic and rubbery (as you can tell) and in the place of sausages what we received were wrinkly frankfurters.

NOSA: Why on earth do restaurants still do these “sausages” either? The Artisan Butchery can get you proper locally sourced sausages. You might say “Oh, it’s not expensive so allow”, but the Full English at Churchill’s Pub in Lekki is N700 cheaper and infinitely better. I honestly do not understand. Maybe restaurant owners can clue us in here because I’m sure there’s something I’m missing. When things feel so obvious, there are often hidden factors. So, please, I’m listening. 

Sweet Potato Hash

Sweet Potato Hash

NOSA: The sweet potato hash was the brightest spot on the menu. The rest of it was so bad that I’ll excuse the fact it was fried in old oil and you literally taste the last thing the fried with it. Yes, that’s how bad the experience was. 

SAFI Lagos Brunch0002.jpg
SAFI Lagos Brunch0005.jpg

NOSA: The chef, for some reason, left out the ham the menu promised in the Croissant Sandwich. I had to borrow a strip of bacon from the Full English. You can literally make this plate yourself in your house, down to the Kraft singles cheese. I got rained on driving to SAFI for this. But that wasn’t the worst part. That’s reserved for the pancakes. 

NOSA: The pancakes came out as basically pancake batter. We tasted it just to be sure we weren’t imagining things and when we sent it back, the chef insisted that’s how pancakes are made. 

SAFI Lagos Brunch0001.jpg
SAFI Lagos Brunch0004.jpg

FOLLY: I was appaled at that response. I could'n’t actually believe this soggy and uncooked mess was being defended as “this is how we make it”.

NOSA: I mean, no be my restaurant but in another country, this is a violation of some sort. Places get shut down for less. 



NOSA: All round bad. Waste of calories.

FOLLY: I think I was more by the waste of calories more so than the obvious waste of money.




Full English - N3800

Sweet Potato Hash - N1000

Croissant Sandwich - N3200



Narrow and a tight squeeze.

In Pictures: Limitless by Heels in the Kitchen

Yesterday, Heels in the Kitchen finally gave us the bottomless brunch we’ve been begging for and, honestly, we wish this happened more frequently.

Eggs, Sausage & Bacon


with Salted Caramel and Berry Coulis

Chicken & Waffles

with Whiskey Caramel and Pepper Sauce

Mac & Cheese

with Bacon Crumble