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The Other Hotel In Ikoyi

The George

30 Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi, Lagos

01 4663640

NOSA: It's a bit weird that I've only been to The George once prior to this visit. My mother's old apartment was a walking distance and I'd never once considered it as a place to go eat. Oh wait, I know why. It's goddamn expensive and the only time I went there, lunch was on the client I was working for at the time. 

FOLLY: This was my first time at The George and also my first time ever actually laying eyes on it. I knew it existed but it bewildered me cause I felt there was literally a hotel in Ikoyi hiding in plain sight as I'd heard about it but had never actually seen the structure. 

NOSA: For such a "big" hotel, it's weird how there's basically only one restaurant in it. There are multiple "dining areas", but the same menu runs everywhere. 

FOLLY: One restaurant with no name. 

eatdrinklagos the george hotel-2.jpg

I was so certain there was another restaurant that I left Nosa at the bar and went to the front desk to ask because I had seen it on their website. She clarified that what I had seen wasn't actually a second restaurant but was their private dining room. So, I scoffed and went back to find Nosa. 

NOSA: To start, we got the Fried Calamari, which came with the weirdest tasting tartar sauce. I still don't believe that thing was tartar sauce but the waiter insisted it was.

eatdrinklagos the george hotel-1.jpg

FOLLY: I'm 95% sure it wasn't tartar sauce. Tartar sauce is white/cream, this mystery substance was dark gray like tar. I'm also 95% sure that was some sort of paté.

NOSA: It had the strangest aftertaste and I couldn't stop myself from dipping in it. It's like when you know something is bad for you but you still do it and you can't explain why. This must be what it feels like when the devil uses you.

FOLLY: Yup, Nosa let the devil use him cause he kept eating that thing. I insisted on being pedestrian and asked for mayonnaise. Do you know it is considered bad etiquette to ask for ketchup at the dinner table if it's not served with the meal? 

NOSA: The calamari itself wasn't very good either. I'll leave it at that. Maybe Folly can be more descriptive. 

FOLLY: The batter itself was light but the calamari was a very dark color which would suggest one of two things. Either it was burnt or the oil was dirty. It wasn't burnt. 

eatdrinklagos the george hotel-5.jpg

NOSA: For my main, I ordered the rib eye. A very large rib eye, at that. And just like that time at The Wheatbaker, large =/= good. The quality of meat was really disappointing for an establishment of this stature. But hey, they gave me a big slab of meat so I should be grateful. 

eatdrinklagos the george hotel-4.jpg

FOLLY: I had the pork ribs. Unlike, that time at the Wheatbaker I didn't get the entire rack like Nosa did. However, just like that time at the Wheatbaker the ribs weren't very tender and at that price point I expect that you should take the time to cook it properly. 

NOSA: The rib eye was very tender and really chewy, but there wasn't a lot of flavor to it. It leaves you a little let down when you're done.

FOLLY: You know what it reminded me of? Slow cooked meat. The menu said it was flame grilled though and it tasted flame grilled, but the texture was that of slow cooked beef. You know what? They could have slow cooked it and then finished it off on the grill. 

eatdrinklagos the george hotel-6.jpg

NOSA: The mash was fantastic, however. Almost flew under the radar during our dinner. At the end of it, Folly looked at me and went, "that mash was really good, you know?".

FOLLY: Look at how pillowy it looks, almost looks like foam and clouds right?


NOSA: Overall, The George is passable. For how much you spend, you can get a lot better elsewhere.

FOLLY: Terrible value for money and I had heard they had good cocktails but I was thoroughly disappointed with my Caipirinha.

NOSA: It's perfect if you haven't got a shred of imagination when it comes to dinner date locations. 

FOLLY: Exactly, many a Lagos babe would be washed by dinner at The George, even more so than at Eko Hotel. 



Rib-eye - N9000

Pork Ribs - N8400

Caipirinha - N3500

Crispy Calamari - N4800





Yup, it's a hotel.

Lilygate Hotel For Post-Work Drinks?

Lilygate Hotel

2 Olubunmi Owa Street, Lekki Phase One, Lagos.

FOLLY: It's been a while since we did that whole drive around Lekki and look for somewhere to eat. 

NOSA: Which is always a hard task because Lekki has so much and yet so little to offer when it comes to food.

FOLLY: We ended up at the Lilygate cause I was hungry. 

restaurant at lilygate hotel lekki

FOLLY: The initial plan was to get the African Platter to share and then split a main. On one hand, the African platter did sound like it'll be a lot of food and at the same time, the Lilygate is expensive as hell. Like Abuja prices in the middle of Lekki, I don't get it fam. 

NOSA: Do people actually stay at the hotel? Tbh, do people stay in any Lagos hotels?

FOLLY: Contents of the platter: asun, beef suya, puff-puff, chicken wings, and peppered snall. 

lilygate hotel african platter

FOLLY: Let me start by saying, I think this platter is great value for money. N8000 and three people could comfortably share this. 

NOSA: Yeah, thats about the only thing that's value for money. The drinks are outright robbery, but we'll get to that part in a bit. 

FOLLY: Nigerian food is very spicy so every single item in this with the exception of the puff-puff was extremely spicy especially the chicken.

suya lilygate hotel lekki food review

NOSA:  The puff puff was definitely my favorite thing in the platter. It reminded me of “buns” in Loyola.

FOLLY: The beef suya tasted more like mystery meat than beef and the suya spice wasn't the real deal and the snails, they were tender but could have been a little bit more soft. 

NOSA:  It was beef, just not suya. As “Not-Suya”, I thought this was pretty good. As suya, not so much. It’s like ordering rice but getting delicious risotto. The risotto is delicious, but you were expecting rice. That’s what this is like. 

food at lilygate hotel lekki

NOSA: Keeping the theme of things not being what you expect, the asun was DEFINITELY not baby goat. I’m not knocking it, but this is definitely from an adult goat. I know adult goat when I taste adult goat.

FOLLY: The asun was delicious, however, and was surprisingly the least spicy of the lot.

NOSA:  The wings are pretty weak and I really don’t want to talk about it any more.

Now, about the drinks. The cheapest drink on the menu costs 3000 Nigerian naira. Real naira, not Dasuki naira or anything. Lilygate must think they’re Churasco. 

FOLLY: The cocktails? Not worth it. For N3500 > per cocktail you should be using Mexican lemons, passionfruit etc. This was a scam of medicinal strawberry syrup and sugar. 

lilygate hotel cocktails

NOSA: I got the Long Island Iced Tea, which costs roughly about 4 shawarmas. 3ish, if you add sausage. I’d let this slide if this was a good Long Island or decent, at the very least. But nah, this just tasted like straight alcohol with a dash of coke in it. Actually, maybe that’s what they were going for. Either way, I’m not the target market. 


FOLLY: If you're already in Lekki, sure why not. If you aren't, I wouldn't travel for this. 

NOSA:  The platter is not bad on the whole, but bloody hell, the drinks are expensive. That, alone, kills this as a potential post-work drinking spot. Their happy hour doesn’t even shave off enough of the price.  



Daiquiri - N3000

Long Island - N4000

African Platter - N8000



It's a hotel, of course there's parking. 



Hotel Brunches: The Wheatbaker

The Wheatbaker

4 Lawrence Road. Ikoyi, Lagos

01 277 3560

NOSA: Over the weekend, I got hit with the worst food poisoning. At like 3am on Saturday, I was convinced I was going to die in my own vom.

FOLLY: That's actually TMI. 

NOSA: All signs point to the Crust & Cream pizza I had for dinner. Imagine getting food poisoning from a shit pizza. Not only did I not enjoy it, I got sick. 

FOLLY: Poor boy looked so sick that his eyes were slanty. 

NOSA: Meanwhile, how do women handle cramps. I thought I was about to die when my stomach cramps started.


NOSA: We've been here for the blog before. Well, I was. Didn't pay for the meal either so it was definitely due a revisit. 


FOLLY: I wanted us to go to the Grillroom but Nosa needed food quickly so we did the buffet instead.

That bread roll you see above was at least 576 emoji flames. The bible says man cannot live by bread alone but I could probably live on that bread alone...until I start craving cake, which is a type of bread tbh. 

NOSA: Because I was barely hanging on for my life, I played it safe with the buffet. Normally, I’d start with my usual peppersoup, but not on this day. They had oxtail peppersoup and I wasn’t trying to take any risks with dodgy meat.

NOSA: Considering how stale the pita bread was, the croissant was surprisingly fresh. The potato salad wasn’t half bad either. 

FOLLY: Nah, the pita bread was like cabin biscuit and the hummus was average. 


NOSA: The main is always the hardest part when you hit the buffet floor. I always want to try everything so here’s a little tip from me to you: try everything.

NOSA: The pasta was weaksauce, but the teriyaki chicken was a zillion flame emojis. Shoutout to The Wheatbaker for that. I got their other potato salad too. This one wasn’t very good.

FOLLY: I don't know what Nosa is talking about but the frozen teriyaki chicken my dad used to buy from the overseas is better. I preferred the lamb dish which is on the left in the picture below. 


FOLLY: I hadn't eaten rice in a week on Sunday so I decided to break my rice fast. The fried rice was very meh - it lacked salt and the veggies in it were of varying levels of crunchiness.

My mixed vegetables had all those imported vegetables like zucchini, butternut squash and broccoli. While all you #BuyNaijatogrowtheNaira activists will not be impressed, I liked it.


NOSA: Considering how much you pay, The Wheatbaker’s brunch buffet is pretty poor. Just carry yourself to Southern Sun. 

FOLLY: It's way too much. I wanted to give them back the food when I saw the bill. They also charged separately for water and juice, that was not okay.



Brunch Buffet - N9900



We Went To 1415 AGAIN


1415 Eko Signature 

1415 Adetokunbo Ademola St. Victoria Island, Lagos. (Eko Hotel)

01 277 2700-25

NOSA: We were here for my birthday last year. They've revised their menu in the time since and as a result, it warranted another visit. 

FOLLY: The service at 1415 is a dream. You know how big companies send their new hires to off site training schools, I'm pretty sure 1415 does something similar because the waiters are well trained and it shows. 

NOSA: I think it's cute how they "announce" your order when they bring your food.  

"The Beef Fillet Surprise for you, sir!"


FOLLY: Last time we were here, we were being cheap so we got some weird starter called "double puff". This time we decided to embrace a you have one life to live ethos and got the Golden Fried Calamari and Prawns. It cost N6200 but YOLO. 


FOLLY: The prawn was excellent. It was very white on the inside and also really soft. When prawn is over cooked it tends to become dense and chewy, thankfully this prawn bore no similarity to Robot

NOSA: I've had better calamari but the shrimp was absolutely fantastic. 

FOLLY: I thought the prawn > calamari but the calamari was good nonetheless. I find it difficult to chew calamari sometimes when it's really thick so I appreciated that these were thin rings. 

NOSA: Meanwhile, what on earth is the difference between prawn and shrimp? I always thought prawns were larger, but these are smaller so why does 1415 call them "prawn"


FOLLY: Continuing with our let's spend this money ethos, I got the Lamb Encrusted with Fresh Herbs as my main, while Nosa got the Beef Fillet Surprise

NOSA:  The Beef Fillet Surprise is a beef fillet stuffed with cheese, wrapped in parma ham, and drizzled in mushroom sauce. Yeah, all of that, mate.


As far as the actual quality of beef goes, this is the best steak I've had in Lagos.  That said, I thought the mushroom sauce tasted a little burnt

Back to the fillet though, I got it medium rare like usual. Unlike usual, I wasn't disappointed. Just look at all this pink...

Meanwhile, that white thing in the middle is cheese. That's the "surprise" in the Beef Fillet Surprise. 


FOLLY: When the waiter asked me how I wanted my lamb rack cooked, I won't lie I was surprised because I thought ribs were always cooked well done. Pardon my ignorance.

NOSA:  Before you continue, peep how they write "1415" on the plate with their funky sauce thing.

NOSA: Plating game on a 💯

FOLLY: Definitely cute, but back to the lamb I asked for it to be medium and Nosa's steak was to be medium rare. 


The lamb on my plate was bleating and about to wake up, that's how pink the meat was. 

NOSA: A shame I forgot to save that snapchat picture, because that one lamb rack was literally still alive.

FOLLY: The herb crust was incredibly tasty, but the red wine reduction was really just red wine. 


FOLLY: I really wanted to save room for dessert but we asked for extra bread like rookies so we were stuffed. I also can't remember what my cocktail tasted like but it was called the Planters Punch and Nosa's was a low sugar mojito. 


NOSA: Pro-Tip - A low sugar mojito is an absolutely stupid idea.


FOLLY: I love 1415, it's the best restaurant in Lagos. It's very expensive so most people will never visit  so that's why no one knows it's the best restaurant in Lagos.

NOSA: It's not as expensive as RSVP and people (read: us) want to die there so I really don't know what gives. 

FOLLY: We would have had a lunch club here eons ago, if only they'd open for lunch. 

NOSA: Special late night Lunch Club?



Golden Fried Calamari and Prawns - N6200

Lamb Encrusted with Fresh Herbs - N7500

Beef Fillet Surprise - N6800

Mojito - N2900

Planters Punch - N2900

Hotel Brunches: Four Points by Sheraton

Four Points by Sheraton

Plot 9/10 Block 2, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos.

01 448 9444

NOSA: I'll start this by saying I hate Four Points off GP. Hate their security. Hate their no-outlet lobby. Hate Oniru. Hate their waiters too. Hate everything. 

FOLLY: I'm more forgiving than Nosa so I have a love-hate relationship with Four Points. Their security is the goddamn worst though, and the receptionist in the spa is rude af.

NOSA: Now that we've gotten that out the way, we checked out the Four Points brunch last Sunday.

NOSA: Pepper soup is a major brunch buffet key. ALWAYS start with pepper soup to prepare yourself for the inevitable face stuffing that's about to happen. The goat meat pepper soup at Four Points was a solid 6, so not bad at all. Too bad their waiters are terrible and you literally have to beg them to serve you the complimentary Martini Rose you're supposed to get with your meal.

FOLLY: Lowkey nearly died the last time I had pepper soup so I'm going off it for a while. Update the records as I'm now both pepper and lactose intolerant.

NOSA: Anyway, your next move should be the salad. I got a medley of almost everything at the salad section. On the whole, the salads are a bit flat, but the prosciutto was great though.

FOLLY: I decided to go Greek, well with my salad.

I think one of my biggest regrets from my University days is not actually going Greek. Nope, there is no way I would have coped as a Delta or AKA so I would have rushed one of the 'white' ones. I really think I'd have made a perfect TriDelt or AChiO or even a KKG but defs couldn't have been a Theta. Segue aside, I quite enjoyed the Greek salad.

NOSA: wyd, mate?

FOLLY: The hummus was also pretty good but sadly, the bread rivaled Cabin biscuit in hardness. 

NOSA: The pita bread was very stale. VERY.

Greek Salad.jpg

FOLLY: Honourable mention to the samosa and spring roll in the starters area. I didn't get a picture but Four Points has all the hands. The spring roll was actually crunchy unlike some people *coughChinaTowncough*.

pasta bar four points.jpg

NOSA: My favorite thing, by far, was the the pasta bar and the chef manning the joint. Real nice guy.

FOLLY: He was also funny because I asked him not to put pepper in my pasta and he said "ah why, are you not Yoruba?".  I was wearing Iro and Buba but is Yoruba stamped on my forehead?

NOSA: I got me  farfalle + Cream + tomato sauce + seafood mix + pepper + bacon + ham. A little greedy with the extras, you see. The mix was excellent if I do say so. Well, I kinda made it so it had to be excellent. 

FOLLY: While I got myself a meat medley. The ground beef + bacon + ham + mushrooms (I think). My mix was also excellent, probably more excellent than Nosa's was.

pasta bar.jpg

The chef poured all the rodo (pepper) that I didn't allow him to put in mine in Nosa's pasta so his pasta was spicier than mine. Mine had loads of garlic and parsley - authentic stuffs.   


FOLLY: I went to get dessert for both of us only to return with that loaded plate and for Nosa to say he's full. As in how do you get full from pepper soup + salad + pasta? He's clearly not a buffet champion.

NOSA: The dessert looked like shit tbh.

FOLLY: As with most buffet places, the dessert was a bit disappointing. I wish they put the apple crumble in a warm dish cause cold apple crumble is no bueno. The tiramisu was really good. Don't take my word for it though, Nosa is the real tiramisu champion in this duo. 


NOSA: The buffet wasn't bad, but I'm back to boycotting Four Points. I still hate the place. 

FOLLY: If they start giving more than one glass of champagne with the buffet, Four Points could be my new wave. Especially since unlike Southern Sun, at Four Points you're not going to run into your uncle, your boss, and your ex's family. 



Lunch Buffet - N7500