A Bar in a Barbershop


Cinnamon Gardens, Victoria Arobieke Street, Lekki 1, Lagos

NOSA: This thing is such a genius idea. Can't believe no one did this before.

A bar in a barbershop. Each haircut comes with a free cocktail. So simple. So genius.

FOLLY: The process of getting your done as a girl is so unattractive. For example, getting a perm, weave, or braids. Look even something as simple as a blow out can be unattractive because by the time they clip away the parts they aren't working on you look like a cow with horns.

NOSA: Abeg, don't babes have those "champagne & nails" spots?

FOLLY: I mean like random people coming in. I don't need anyone seeing me in my struggle. 

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 It's funny cause it's not really the same case for guys. I've been into Kayz Place in Lekki a couple of times and it's all manner of fine boys getting their hair done. 

NOSA: That's why it's my new barbershop

FOLLY: Sadly, when I met Nosa at Bar Bar there were no fine boys getting their hair cut. It was only Nosa in the shop, so I just went to the lounge area to wait for him. 

NOSA: Again, why barbar is my new barbershop.

FOLLY: Their menu has just a few things on it - suya, sliders, gizzard, chicken and prawns. They didn't have the ribs so they don't count as being on the menu.

After Nosa's suya incident I knew that these people were not trying to fill me up with one portion of anything so I ordered three things because = makes sense. 

I ordered the Grilled Chicken, Spicy Gizzards and Prawns (again because no ribs). 


NOSA: As you can see, that's a maaaaaaad tiny portion. Like, is this a sampling menu? Do I get a toy with my Happy Meal?

FOLLY: We drank water as opposed to cocktails cause #Whole30. For guys, you get a free cocktail with your hair cut. 

FOLLY: The chicken was a solid 7/10. It tasted exactly like that grilled blackened chicken that's in small chops packs. 

NOSA: I really liked the chicken. Easily the best of the lot too. I don't think you can mess up chicken suya tbh. Random, I wonder all the places that serve terrible chicken in Lagos don't simply serve chicken suya. Like,, just allow the "blackened alabaster whateverthefuck" chicken you have and serve chicken suya.

FOLLY: The prawns. 

NOSA: You know how they tell you not to judge a prawn by it's cover? Well, they don't tell you that and they probably shouldn't because this prawn tasted as terrible as it looked. 

FOLLY: Well, they tasted like prawns because I don't think these got any seasoning apart from salt. 

NOSA: This has to be the Lake Bell of prawns

NOSA: The gizzards looked like livers tbh

FOLLY: The gizzards were the worst I've ever had in my life.

NOSA: Dude, samesies!

FOLLY: I always pass on the gizzard in small chops packs because it's always pretty tough and spicy. These gizzards had a weird liver texture but weren't as tender as livers when they've been boiled properly.

NOSA: What if they were burnt livers?

FOLLY: It was also at least 10 x tougher than any gizzard I'm used to, and it was also now unbelievable dry with no stew and no ororo. 

NOSA: Lol the thing was like stone, let's be honest


FOLLY: Ultimately, the bar/lounge in a barbershop is a cool idea, however,  I think that they should not offer any food that requires cooking.

NOSA:  I think they should keep the suya, but they need explicitly state you're paying for a stick on the menu.

FOLLY: In addition to cocktails, they can have bar nuts, crisps, or plantain chips just anything but food. Actually, they should do a profit split with a proper aboki and get some real suya. 

NOSA: The cocktails are actually great, you know? Well, apart from that one that'll defs give you jedi-jedi. That aside, this is still my new barbershop. The barber finessed my fade so I'm coming back here. 




Chicken - N1500

Prawns - N1500

Gizzard - N1200

Hair Cut - N2000