No Ram, No Problem: 5 Places To Get Sallah Lunch Today

NOSA: We wish all our Muslim readers a wonderful Eid al-Adha. 

FOLLY: Every sallah I miss my grandmother. We'd get to her house very early to watch the animals being slaughtered, if you've never seen a man struggle to inflate a large cow (using his mouth), and then pour hot water on it and skin it, you haven't really lived. 

NOSA: That's kinda gross.

Anyway, if you're shit outta luck and have no lunch plans for today (of all days), here are 5 pork-free options you can check out. 

Syrian Club

FOLLY: Syrian Club shares its space with a mosque, so there's absolutely nothing haram on their menu. No alcohol too, if you come here be prepared to drink Ribena or "minerals". If you also really want to be childish like I was when last we visited, you can get candy floss on your way out.

NOSA: Get the mixed grill and it’ll be your own little party away from home. Add some falafel and it’s definitely lit. 


NOSA: The Persian guys that own this place know how to work the grill to perfection. If meat is what you’re after, then why not. Just don’t get the pasta though. That’s a bad idea. 

Urban Fuxion

NOSA: In a bid to make the truck a little more Muslim-friendly, Urban Fuxion has added Spicy BBQ Glazed Lamb Chops to the menu. We haven’t tried them yet, but you can try them and let us know how good they are. 

FOLLY: I can't wait to try these. Urban Fuxion's ribs are the most tender I've had in Lagos, so I expect nothing less from these - fingers crossed. 

NOSA: Oh, don’t forget to carry your own salt shaker btw. Just in case you get their fries.

Ocean Basket

FOLLY: Maybe you're a pescetarian. Their jollof rice is amazing, tastes like legit party rice.  

NOSA: Ocean Basket is really the wildcard pick here. It’s not the first thing that jumps to mind when you think Sallah rocks, but when is a plate of different types of calamari ever a bad idea?

Yeah, I thought so too.

Find you a Muslim friend

NOSA: If all else fails, you can always dial a buddy and go scoop a plate. What are friends for if not for food. 

Or you can check out Ram Locator.

Bonus: Ram Suya @ Bukka Hut

NOSA: How could we forget this one? If the ram cravings are unbearable, drive down to Bukka Hut and get the ram suya.