Mainland Eats: 3 Mainland Restaurants to Check Out Right Now

We get lots of criticism for being very "island-centric" because the bulk of our reviews are of spots on the Island.

"You people only go the Island"
"Eat.Drink.Lagos? More like Eat.Drink.Island, amirite?

Not today tho. Here are 3 mainland restaurants you should check out right now. 

Golden Tulip

200 1st Avenue, Festac, Lagos

FOLLY: I had to go to Festac for work so that’s how I ended up in Festac. I was quite early for the meeting so I wandered into the restaurant.


FOLLY: It’s N4500 per head and they have a waffle bar so obviously it had to happen.  The waffle itself was very average as it was crepe batter they used – it was a waffle/crepe bar.  


They had all the standard breakfast buffet and Nigeria options too, there was also this barbeque chicken thing that I particularly liked.



Orchid Bistro

Green Village, 58A Isaac John St., GRA, Ikeja

FOLLY: It’s been a while since we were last at Orchid Bistro. However, whenever we’ve received a question from someone asking specifically for somewhere on the mainland to go and we opened it up to our readers to suggest places, the resounding answer is always Orchid Bistro.

NOSA: There are bunch of restaurants on that Isaac John strip and Orchid Bistro is arguably the best of the lot. I mean, there's Jevenik but there's also rice and stew at home. So yeah, Orchid Bistro is the move.

FOLLY: For dessert, definitely get the Apple Crumble or the Red Cherry Cheesecake or both.

Zen Garden

60 Isaac John Street. Ikeja, Lagos

NOSA: Home to the best spring rolls I've had in Lagos. After some exploring, it's probably one of the better Chinese spots in Lagos. Not like you're spoilt for choice or anything. What that thing they say about beggars and choosers again?

The space is ginormous so it's definitely great for big parties and this place might the only Chinese spot in Lagos an extensive starter selection.