Why Is It So Hard To Find Food In Lekki?


Angle Villa

1 Ogbunike St, Lekki Phase I, Lagos

01 453 6970

NOSA: Angle Villa has such a beautiful space. The architecture is frankly amazing to be honest.

FOLLY: We went at night and I want to drive by during the day time to see what it looks like. Even the interior is very tastefully done up. 

NOSA: The Igbo guy that set this up really sabi the work. Has to be an Igbo guy because only an Igbo guy will give it that name.  

Random: is this supposed to "Angle" or "Angel"?

FOLLY: Also random but I like how Lagos is embracing boutique hotels. There's Maison Fahrenheit and Scarlett Lodge that recently reopened. 

NOSA: The menu unbelievably boring, Oh God. Nothing stands out.

FOLLY: Continental fare they said, but what it is is really just a bunch of things they think people would like.

NOSA: The whole thing is just...there.

Anyway, I got the Club Sandwich without having the eggs obviously. I'm not a savage like you Nigerians.

FOLLY: And I got a pasta with vegetables and smoked chicken. The name escapes me but there are only three pasta dishes on the menu.  


NOSA: The food was just as boring as the menu too.

FOLLY: The pasta was spaghetti and stew with the chicken pulled apart.  

NOSA: It wasn't really stew tbh. More like stir fry spaghetti. 

FOLLY: Spicy like stew though.

angle villa pasta

It was way too peppery for me to enjoy it. What was ironic was that the waitress asked me if I wanted it spicy and I said 'no, not spicy at all'. The entire dish was slightly pedestrian, from the spaghetti, to the stew and pulled smoked chicken, all very amateur. 

NOSA: The fries were soggy and the sandwich was super meh. Why do people put cucumbers in sandwiches anyway? Worst idea ever. It made the sandwich tasted like a Mr Biggs burger but in a sandwich. 


NOSA: Meh. 

FOLLY: Classic Lekki restaurant, overpriced for basic food. Bruh, there's rice at home. 



Club Sandwich - N2500

Stir Fry Spaghetti - N3000