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EDL Taste Test: BBQ & Cravings Ribs vs Urban Fuxion Ribs

NOSA: Someone floated this idea to me a while back and I can't believe it's taken so long to get round to it. Actually, I can believe, I'm lazy. 

Anyway, this is something we're going to be doing with increasing frequency. We're still working on the name lol. 

FOLLY: I don't think EDL Taste Test is a bad name. Pretty boring, but it's descriptive.

NOSA: For our first "EDL Taste Test", we're comparing the ribs at BBQ & Cravings with the ones at Urban Fuxion. 



eatdrinklagos urbanfuxion-2.jpg

NOSA: At N2500, BBQ & Cravings might cost N100 more, but they give you a lot more rib per naira than Urban Fuxion. For that alone, I think they shade it as far as price goes.

FOLLY: I don't know for sure if the BBQ & Cravings ribs are actually a bigger portion than Urban Fuxion's or just look like more because they are cut into little pieces. 

Ps. BBQ & Cravings ribs are usually N3000 with two sides and a drink, while Urban Fuxion's portion is usually N2900 with one side and a drink. We specifically requested to drop the sides and drinks.



eatdrinklagos urbanfuxion-1.jpg

NOSA: This might either be a new development or I never noticed it, but BBQ & Cravings ribs have some spicy bbq thing going. Like, they were looking out for their target market. 

FOLLY: Nope, not a new development, they've always been like that. 

NOSA: That said, Urban Fuxion is the one for me.  

FOLLY: I disagree with Nosa on this. I quite liked the spicy bbq sauce on the BBQ & Cravings ribs, even licked the little bones.



eatdrinklagos urbanfuxion-3.jpg

NOSA: Urban Fuxion ribs are incredibly tender. Just like how ribs should be. 

FOLLY: Nowhere in Lagos makes ribs as tender as Urban Fuxion's. If someone does, I've never been there. 

NOSA: BBQ & Cravings ribs are nothing close to tender. Not even close.


NOSA: Urban Fuxion. Easily.

FOLLY: Urban Fuxion.


5 Takeout Restaurants that Will Help You Netflix & Chill

FOLLY: Netflix announced yesterday that they were now in Nigeria and several other countries. So, now that often talked about "Netflix and Chill" date is finally a possibility in these parts. Of course there was always the option of Hard Drive & Chill or DStv & Chill Original, no copy is always better. 

NOSA: Real life, like actual living things, do "DStv & Chill"? Ay dios mio! What do you watch, premiership highlights?

FOLLY: There's Telemundo and AfMag Yoruba. Our struggle internet may not fully allow us to enjoy Netflix streaming though.

NOSA: If mandem can watch movies on putlocker, I'm sure there's a way.

FOLLY: So what else does it take to have a successful Netflix & Chill date ? You need food young one, food. You also need to have the food come to you, this way you're not forced to go out for food when one person is hungry. 

Heels in the Kitchen

FOLLY: Her chicken wings are the truth. We ordered them once in this post. Legend has it that a guy came from Abuja for the Eat.Drink.Festival to try her Chicken Wings and because they sold out in 30 minutes he couldn’t get any.

heels in the kitchen

Urban Fuxion

NOSA: Urban Fuxion has A+ ribs and the chicken wings aren't half bad either. Just stay away from the fries. Not worth it, mate. Just get wings & ribs and convince yourself you're on a caveman diet.  

urban fuxion ribs.jpg

Unfortunately, they don't do POS for deliveries so make sure bae has cash.

Small Chops

FOLLY: Lol I don’t know how this will work but Cocktaillville & Chops and they will try and make it happen.

small chops.jpg

NOSA: 12 Baskets delivers small chops on regular, I believe. I really want to start my own small chops joint. If any of you has access to plenty money and is willing to waste it, pls email me.

BBQ & Cravings

FOLLY: The Old Country Burger or their ribs. Please don’t be a Nigerian and get rice as your side, please don’t do it. Please try the potato wedges instead.

bbq cravings.jpg

NOSA: Don't let Folly get in the way of your happiness. Order that rice, buddy.

Chicken Republic

FOLLY: Double Chickwizz and you don’t even have to have cash to pay. You can pay with your card on delivery with these guys.


Spice Route

FOLLY: If you want something a bit more proper to eat, you can order dinner from Spice Route. I don’t think many people actually know that they offer delivery



FOLLY: Please if you really must do pizza, try Debonairs instead of the other guys. The really good pizza places don’t do delivery sadly.

NOSA: Never, and I repeat, never order Domino's. Domino's is trash and will forever be trash.

As usual, if that doesn't work...

There's rice at home.


The Official IJGB* Guide to Lagos - 2015 Edition

*IJGB (I Just Got Back)
IJGB /eye-jay-gee-bee/ 
The official term used to denote a fresher in Lagos. One who has probably just hopped off a plane at Murtala Mohammed Airport and is ready to pioneer all possible rocks in Lagos. 

FOLLY: This blog is really more than a year old sha. Obviously I knew this, but updating this post for the 2015 holiday season this post has just reminded me again. 

NOSA: Every day I'm surprised I haven't gotten tired of this thing like usually do with most things.

FOLLY: Anyway, why do IJGBs like denying their status ? Seriously, babygirls and boys you should never apologize for your privilege. I’d be glad I didn’t have to wake up at crack of dawn to commute two hours, on a good day, for a distance that ordinarily shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

NOSA: IJGB isn't an insult anymore tbh. I get it was started by locals to condescendingly refer to returnees, but the term has pretty much been reclaimed. Just like black people and N-word, if you get my drift.

You've been away for a bit and a lot of things have changed. Folly and I, the most reliable guides to Lagos rocks, have got you covered.

FOLLY: Churrasco is still a very bad idea and Radisson Blu has finally reopened. There was an unfortunate fire at Ebaeno, LASTMA stopped working, and if Quilox is your thing you just might run into the new Governor cause much like you, he's still a baby boy in waiting. 

NOSA: Quilox, and Escape, are disgusting abeg. 



9 Eletu Ogabi Street, Victoria Island.


NOSA: Technically, RSVP shouldn't be on here because it opened last year. But it opened in December and we had already published our December guide so I guess that makes it eligible for this year's guide. 

FOLLY: We probably sound like broken records on this RSVP matter, but in my books RSVP is always a good idea. 

NOSA: RSVP is still the "IT" spot. It's still expensive, the cocktails are still amazing, and the pool, at the back, is opening just in time for IJGB season.. Oh, don't forget to make a reservation too.


Eko Hotel, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island.


FOLLY: Crossroads is Eko Hotel's newest restaurant. They  opened two this year, the other one is RED which sadly is no good, so let's focus on Crossroads. The space, just like RSVP's, is absolutely unique and is not the regular Nigerian four walled restaurant with meh chairs from Ultimate furniture or some similarly priced Chinese rubbish. 

NOSA: If you're looking for better-than-decent Tex Mex in Lagos, this is the spot. Lagos has been managing Bottles for far too long. We deserved this, fam. We deserved this.

FOLLY: Neck to neck with RSVP for my favorite restaurant in Lagos right now.  

Hans & René

Radisson Blu, Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Victoria Island.


FOLLY: These guys appeared out of nowhere and started blowing up Instagram. This is  the "agbalumo ice-cream place " all your friends told you about. Technically, it's an Agbalumo Sorbet and also, they don't sell ice-cream it's gelato. 

NOSA: Gelato dates are the new wave. Trust me, brothers. 

Lotus @ Pattaya

30 Adeola Hopewell Street, Victoria Island. 

NOSA: These guys aren't particularly new or anything. When 355 closed shop for 21 days, Lotus filled the 355-sized hole in our hearts and #LotusNights became a legit thing. If the 355 bouncers, in their infinite roid rage, decide to refuse you entry, all is not lost. Lotus is a solid pre-game alternative.

FOLLY: I don't know if they still do this deal, but the fishbowl is N5k on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Urban Fuxion

Around and about, so call them on 0703 639 6469 or 0809 850 0512


NOSA: This one is probably one of my favorite Lagos things right now. Partly because I always wanted to own my food truck. They have arguably the best ribs in Lagos. The fries usually need salt and the po boy tastes like ass, but the ribs are the one.

FOLLY: They've taken the Po boy off the menu so can you let them hear word!

Now this one is for those of you that mark attendance at SIP daily. You don't have to travel to Maroccaine to level your stomach before you go home, the Urban Fuxion food truck is usually parked a few meters away from the Sip Gate till 5am, you're welcome. 

Road Chef

Ascon Petrol Station, Admiralty Way, Lekki. 


NOSA: Lagos hasn't really had a fast food spot in that McDonald's-type space for the longest time. Mr. Biggs has fallen off, TFC doesn't quite cut it, and Tantalizers is only good as a point of reference when giving directions. Road Chef, and it's 24-hour drive thru (yes, a real drive thru and you don't pay 120k for a table either), isn't a fine dining spot so don't go in there expecting that. Think Burger King, Taco Bell, or McDonald's.

FOLLY: Pro-tip, skip the chicken burger and the chicken strips too cause they are both flavorless. They have a breakfast wrap and a breakfast muffin too, both are pretty good and are as close as you'll get to a McDonald's breakfast in Lagos (in case you find yourself craving it). 

NOSA: Oh, they have American-style sweet potato fries btw.


There's only one place you should be on December 20th, our Food Festival! The goal of the festival is to create an unmatched culinary experience with the city's best food and drink vendors. "Online Restaurants" don't get a restaurant week so this is like that...kinda. 

Look, if you've been to any of our Lunch Clubs you'll know the most important thing to us will always be the food so this should be fun. Check out the festival website for more information, updates and the vendor line up. 

No Ram, No Problem: 5 Places To Get Sallah Lunch Today

NOSA: We wish all our Muslim readers a wonderful Eid al-Adha. 

FOLLY: Every sallah I miss my grandmother. We'd get to her house very early to watch the animals being slaughtered, if you've never seen a man struggle to inflate a large cow (using his mouth), and then pour hot water on it and skin it, you haven't really lived. 

NOSA: That's kinda gross.

Anyway, if you're shit outta luck and have no lunch plans for today (of all days), here are 5 pork-free options you can check out. 

Syrian Club

FOLLY: Syrian Club shares its space with a mosque, so there's absolutely nothing haram on their menu. No alcohol too, if you come here be prepared to drink Ribena or "minerals". If you also really want to be childish like I was when last we visited, you can get candy floss on your way out.

NOSA: Get the mixed grill and it’ll be your own little party away from home. Add some falafel and it’s definitely lit. 


NOSA: The Persian guys that own this place know how to work the grill to perfection. If meat is what you’re after, then why not. Just don’t get the pasta though. That’s a bad idea. 

Urban Fuxion

NOSA: In a bid to make the truck a little more Muslim-friendly, Urban Fuxion has added Spicy BBQ Glazed Lamb Chops to the menu. We haven’t tried them yet, but you can try them and let us know how good they are. 

FOLLY: I can't wait to try these. Urban Fuxion's ribs are the most tender I've had in Lagos, so I expect nothing less from these - fingers crossed. 

NOSA: Oh, don’t forget to carry your own salt shaker btw. Just in case you get their fries.

Ocean Basket

FOLLY: Maybe you're a pescetarian. Their jollof rice is amazing, tastes like legit party rice.  

NOSA: Ocean Basket is really the wildcard pick here. It’s not the first thing that jumps to mind when you think Sallah rocks, but when is a plate of different types of calamari ever a bad idea?

Yeah, I thought so too.

Find you a Muslim friend

NOSA: If all else fails, you can always dial a buddy and go scoop a plate. What are friends for if not for food. 

Or you can check out Ram Locator.

Bonus: Ram Suya @ Bukka Hut

NOSA: How could we forget this one? If the ram cravings are unbearable, drive down to Bukka Hut and get the ram suya. 

An Actual Food Truck Is Coming To Lagos

NOSA: You can file this one under "Nosa's Idea Stolen Again". No, seriously, I'm convinced people mine my tweets for business ideas. I'm so sure I inspired Gidi Up. I don't have any proof so you guys just have to believe me. Lekki Wives too.

Anyway, another one of my genius ideas is coming to life. Someone is bringing an actual food truck to Lagos. You have no clue how excited I am. 

FOLLY: Yeah, and I'm sure Windows 7 must have been your idea too. 

Urban Fuxion is straight up American fare and the goal is to bring the real New York City food truck experience to Lagos.

NOSA: I can get behind that.

FOLLY: The menu is pretty varied from Texan style barbeque wings to chicken wings to even salads (#fitfam) and everything in between. They also have maragaritas and frappucinos. 

From the menu we saw,  Urban Fuxion looks pretty affordable. Their signature item is the build your own burger, which allows you to build your own burger from a list of toppings as you please. 

NOSA:  The truck will "officially" be out tonight from 10 pm on Adeola Odeku (Opposite the Chicken Republic). They'll be in and around Lekki Phase One during the week and will update their Twitter and Instagram as they move around. If you can't get to them, they can come to you cause they deliver.

NOSA: We got a chance to get a little "sneak peak" at the truck and the ribs we had were pretty fantastic. Can't wait to check out the full menu and do a proper review.

FOLLY: The mix of the strawberry and mango margaritas is so lit!