NOK for Lunch

NOK by Alara

12 Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos , 0908 561 4815

NOSA: When NOK opened up last year, they were a strictly dinner spot. In the last month or so, however, they’ve extended the opening times and added a lunch menu. Obviously, we had to check it out.

NOSA: To start, we got the Guinea Fowl Spring Roll

FOLLY: The spring rolls were a ridiculously tiny portion. It was two spring rolls artisanally sliced to appear like four. On the taste, the guinea fowl was definitely novel, but it wasn't spectacular. 

NOSA: Unlike Folly, I really liked this. We had something similar at our Mansilla Lunch Club. What I really liked was that you could actually taste the Guinea Fowl in this. When you get chicken spring roll at Chinese restaurants or wherever, the chicken is a complete afterthought.  If you've ever been gastronomically defrauded you'll appreciate the fact that NOK isn't stingy with the Guinea Fowl at all. 

FOLLY: Mocktails cost the same as cocktails here but I was having brain touch so I ordered some overpriced juice. I can’t actually say if there was actually passion fruit juice in it, though, the orange was there for sure.

NOSA: I couldn't decide which sandwich I wanted so I split the Fried Chicken Sandwich and the Oxtail Melt with our third wheel.

FOLLY: For my main, I wasn’t feeling the sandwiches and I also wanted a substantial meal, so I opted for the Red Red. The menu described it as Red beans with steamed plantain. The veggies that came with it were a welcome surprise.

NOSA: The Oxtail Melt took me by surprise. I was expecting it to come in some artisanal toast, but as you can see, it didn't. That’s not a slight or anything. Just an interesting surprise. 

NOSA: The oxtail melt is basically oxtail quesadilla with feta. The feta might be overwhelming if you aren’t a fan, but I am so I liked it. 

FOLLY: For mine, I was expecting beans porridge but these were just plain and lightly salted. In fact, very lightly salted and if not for the presence of the NOK ketchup which lent itself as a nice stew base, it'll have been bland. 

NOSA: The Nok ketchup is absolutely delicious

FOLLY: Steamed plantain, however, is a major KEY. You avoid the mushiness of boiled plantain as well as the oiliness of fried plantain. You should try this one at home.

NOSA: The Fried Chicken Sandwich was my highlight. If you like Chick-Fil-A’s chicken sandwich, you’ll absolutely love this.

The chicken is slathered in shito mayo, which surprisingly has a nutty kick to it. The bun was so soft and the chicken was excellent. A proper fried chicken sandwich, which is a rarity in Lagos. I won't go out and say this is the best thing ever like I do with stuff I like, but If you're in NOK for lunch, give this a shot. 

 It also came with Yam Chips, by the way. 3 sticks, but that's not why we are here.

The Yam Chips are an interesting take on the Yamarita. No ODing on the crust like TFC. Would be perfect if they increased the serving size just a little bit. Like, 3 more sticks.


FOLLY: It was my second time at NOK and I still didn't try the Agege bread french toast as dessert, I just want to ask myself "wyd babes".

NOSA: NOK is one of my favorite restaurants in Lagos. Opinions on NOK tend to be split down the middle, but as a blog, we're huge fans.



 Passion Sunflower - N3500

Braised Guinea Fowl Spring Rolls - N2000

Red Red - N3000

Oxtail Melt - N3500

Fried Chicken Sandwich - N3000




Alara has a number of spots right in front.  In addition to that they've reserved a lot of the street parking for Alara customers only so you'll be fine.