We Checked Out Majik Juice in Lekki

Majik Juice

12E, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

0818 647 4855

FOLLY: This is going to sound really corny but the name of this place reminds me of B.o.B's song, Magic. Random: I was quite fond of B.o.B, saw him perform once too, shame he fell off. Anyway, that's not why we're here. 

We found out about this place through a reader email.

NOSA: The location isn't the best. In fact, it's pretty terrible. It's in that dodgy shopping complex just before the Admiralty roundabout. Right across from RoadChef/Ascon. You probably drive past it every day if you live in Lekki. 


FOLLY: Majik Juice has this really neat option which allows you to have your salad as a wrap. This was totally dope because, on this particular day, I had zero interest in chowing grass.

Nosa had the Mediterranean Caesar Salad as a wrap, while I had the Pepper-Soy Chicken Salad, also as a wrap.  

NOSA: My wrap had walnuts in it and if I'm being completely honest, I thought it would suck. I ordered it for science. To my surprise, it actually worked. The walnut gave my wrap an interesting crunch. Absolutely loved it.  

FOLLY: Ingredient list on my Pepper-Soy Chicken Salad was Lettuce/Grilled Chicken/Bell Peppers/Spring Onion/Cucumber/Grapes and Sliced Almonds. I'm happy to report that all but the bell peppers and spring onions showed up.


FOLLY: I was expecting the dressing to be like an Asian style sesame oil/soy based because of the name of the salad, instead I got a very watery off-white juice flowing throughout my wrap - I didn't really like that. 

majik juice wrap.jpg

FOLLY: What I did like were the almonds and the grapes. The almonds gave the entire thing a nice crunch and the grapes were a pleasant surprise whenever I bit into one.

NOSA: Our trip to Majik Juice would've been a waste if we didn't try their smoothies. I mean, that's their thing, no? I got the Berry Fest while Folly got the Forever Young

FOLLY: I found my smoothie to be quite bitter, to be honest. Nosa kept asking me why I wasn't drinking it. I think it was bitter for two reasons, the pineapple wasn't sweet enough and it needed a sweetener like honey. 

NOSA: Weird you mention it because I got offered a choice of honey or stevia on mine.

FOLLY: Yeah, maybe they forgot to ask me which sweetener if any, I wanted. 


NOSA: My smoothie wasn't as thick as I like it. I probably should've told the girl at the counter to add extra ice, but for some reason I always assume it's a no brainer and smoothies should be thick by default. But nope, not in Lagos. It's always super "watery". The thing can double as fruit juice in fact. Majik Juice was no different in that regard and that was a bit disappointing.

As far as taste goes, it tasted like something I'd make. I'm great at a lot of things, but making smoothies is not my strongest forte.  


FOLLY: I didn't mind Majik juice but it's the kind of place I only want to order from and never actually step into their physical location. It doesn't look dirty but it has a faint smell to it and that distracted me all throughout my meal.

NOSA: On the whole, I actually like Majik Juice. I thought the wrap was excellent, but the smoothie was a bit of a letdown and the location isn't the best. Majik Juice will definitely work as a #WorkLunch thing. 




Pepper-Soy Chicken Salad - N1200

Mediterranean Caesar Salad - N1200

Berry Fest Smoothie - N1500

Forever Young Smoothie - N1500