Searching For The Best Shawarma In Lagos: Bay Lounge

Bay Lounge

24 Admiralty Rd, Lekki Phase I, Lagos

NOSA: It’s been a while since we’ve done a shawarma post. 

FOLLY: I think I went off shawarma for a while because even when I worked across the street from Murphis Plaza all of last year, I never ordered once. 


NOSA: We checked out Bay Lounge’s shawarma on the recommendation of one our most loyal readers - @kbanasko

FOLLY: She's been going on about this place for a while. We finally decided to honor her "invitation". 

NOSA: According to the menu, Bay Lounge’s chicken shawarma comes with mozzarella and chicken sausage. Found the sausage, but the mozzarella was missing in action. Maybe that was a good thing.


FOLLY: I think the cheese would have given the shawarma some much-needed moisture. It didn't even have the ubiquitous mayo-ketchup sauce. 

NOSA: The chicken shawarma is more chicken wrap than chicken shawarma if I’m being completely honest. Mine was unbelievably dry on the inside.


FOLLY: Same here, totes dry. The beef was thinly sliced beef steak as they said it would be though so 100 points for that. 

bay lounge shawarma lekki

NOSA: It didn’t have the typical pink shawarma “sauce” you find in almost every Nigerian shawarma. Before you call me a Philistine, it didn’t have any garlic so they definitely weren’t going authentic Lebanese style.

FOLLY: They were going Bay Lounge style because this was unlike any shawarma I'd ever encountered. 

NOSA: I’ll give them a little credit, though, the girth was respectable. 


FOLLY: LOL. It was very well wrapped though cause it never fell apart.


NOSA: Props to them for using proper beef strips in their beef shawarma. 


NOSA: It's the most expensive shawarma we've encountered and it's not as good as any we've tried so it’s going to be a “no” for me on Bay Lounge shawarma. If only there was was some magical way to combine their shawarma size with the Wrap City taste. We’d be on to something. 

FOLLY: The shawarma was dry so it's also a no from me. 



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