Lazy Sunday

Heels In The Kitchen

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FOLLY: The actual laziest Sunday. We saw this post by the lovely Heels in the Kitchen on Instagram.  


Funny story when I first called to order, she had said that it would take two hours to deliver. I tried to play it off over the phone and said "wow that's pretty far and I'm really hungry, don't worry about it, I'll order some other time".  

NOSA: I wanted to fight her over the phone.

FOLLY: I had already started looking for an alternative, and then she called back in a couple of minutes that our order could be in its way in a matter of minutes, we just had to say what we wanted. I was soooooo happy. 

We quickly decided to go with the Stout Siracha and the Honey Whiskey wings with Double Potatoes and Coleslaw as sides. ICYMI Nosa hates rice. 

NOSA: Rice is "bad carbs" now. #FitFam


FOLLY: The lunch box package was the cutest part of our lunch. Only thing missing were juice boxes or Capri-Sun.

NOSA: I really felt like i was on my way to school and my mummy packed my lunch.

FOLLY: That thing you see right there friends is real coleslaw. Not Nigerian sah-lad/macaroni salad or 'coleslaw' that we Nigerians have become accustomed to. Real coleslaw is made with vinegar and so it has a bit of a tang. Personally, I've become accustomed to Nigerian coleslaw and tbh so I wasn't expecting the real deal. However, since Chef Imoteda is legit she makes proper coleslaw. 

NOSA:  I’ll be honest, I didn’t like the coleslaw. It was a little too vinegar-y for me. Nigerian coleslaw is the one for me abeg. I probably should’ve gone with the Rice Pilaf and not followed this Folly girl

I absolutely loved the potatoes. They don’t look as ghen-ghen in the pictures, but trust me, these tasted wayyyyyy better than they looked.

FOLLY: Way better, the love child of mashed and sauteed potatoes. 

On the wings, they were excellent. I preferred the stout siracha to the honey whiskey but both were really really good. The sauces were super rich and now I totally understand Nosa's grievances with the ribs at Federal Palace and why he was offended because it tasted like it came out of a bottle.

NOSA: I really couldn't decide which wings I preferred. Both were so good. One minute I loved the whiskey more, the next I loved the siracha more. I’m going to start a GoFundMe so she can open up her own Buffalo Wild Wings

Heels Wild Wings, perhaps.

FOLLY: Hahaha, or you can just get everyone to vote for her in the SLAPitch. Proper chefs will always make their own marinades, and when they don't the difference will be clear. 

NOSA: I need her to make me wings forever and ever.


NOSA: The coleslaw was a little too authentic for me, otherwise, it was excellent. I really hope she makes this a regular thing. 

FOLLY: We'll find out from her and come back to let y'all know.



Sunday Wings Special - N2500

Delivery Charge - N500