Swallow Wars Final

We started with 16 and now we're down to two. Almost everyone called it that Pounded Yam would make it to the final.

Pounded Yam vs Eba (Yellow)

So, I guess what we were just looking for over the past week and a half was its opponent. 

Amala (Plantain) vs Semovita

If this were a bible story, Pounded Yam would be called Goliath, and Plantain Amala would be David. 

We never really got to discuss swallow & soup pairings earlier on, and we've been wondering.

What are you favorite swallow and soup pairings ? Let us know in the comments!


The Final: Pounded Yam vs Amala (Plantain)

Pounded Yam is your #SwallowWars champion!