The Week in Instagram Food Porn: 1 August, 2015

Happy New Month!

We need a little favor from you guys. Chef Flo, from The Lunch Club @ Miele, has 5-year-old daughter that has been diagnosed with A.D.D, Speech and other Developmental Delays. 

As of now Kamara is said to have delayed development , expressive language disorder and add. Her doctor has asked us to have an MRI and a genetic test which we will be doing. Kamara has a restricted vocabulary , she is not able to do many things for herself. We are praying for the best and know with the recommended therapy she will start hitting goals set for her.

A GoFundMe has been set up to raise £50k for her speech, occupational and cognitive therapy in England . We would love it if you could help Chef Flo in whatever way you can.

Hans & Rene is also doing a little something special for Kamara. 

At H&R, this is a cause VERY dear to our heart and we know that Her amazing parents are being so brave right now.
They want to hear their child speak and grow up normally, that help comes at a heavy cost of therapy and with that they need all the help they can get.
From today till Sunday, H&R will be serving a NEOPOLITAN GELATO(strawberry|chocolate|vanilla) all you ever wanted in ONE scoop.... More reason to buy 10.
Money from every scoop of this flavor purchased will go to the family of KAMARA.

Back to regular scheduled programming...

If you haven't filled out your #SwallowWars bracket for the quarterfinals, stop whatever you're doing and go do it now. 

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